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Chapter 140 - Since He Didn't Die... What Now?

06 Sep 2016

The people watching in the surroundings didn’t know and even Gao Yue and Shi ShanShan, who were standing nearby didn’t know, whom Li Yunyu had shouted those words to.

Yang Chen was currently in the winning position as his slash was very fierce and powerful. But Li QingChen had also unleashed a high level armour, and was moreover holding a silver ball, which was some kind of unknown magic weapon, supposedly his means to strike back. So even among them, they were unable to determine whom these words were said to.

But Guan Yueying knew that Li Yunyu’s shout was meant for Yang Chen. The might of that one slash, although other people couldn’t see it, she and Li Yunyu, the two YuanYing stage experts were able of determining it properly.

Not to mention that Li QingChen had hurriedly unleashed that body and soul protecting armor, even if he had his flying sword and had used its full strength, he may not necessarily be able to resist that strike from Yang Chen. That one chop from Yang Chen just a moment ago on that flying sword had clearly illustrated the terrifying might of the Immortal Beheading Blade, but Li QingChen hadn’t admitted to this point.

Hearing Li Yunyu’s yell, Li QingChen instinctively believed that this was to stop him from utilising that ball in his hand. It had to be known that this was eighth metal god thunder, refined personally by Li Yunyu. As long as he used it, not to mention a Foundation stage junior, even if it was a YuanYing stage expert, if he didn’t die, he would only barely survive.

But Li QingChen immediately understood the meaning behind Li Yunyu’s shout. He was too close to Yang Chen, if he used the eighth metal god thunder there, it could only end in the mutual destruction of both of them. Thinking this, Li Qing Chen immediately hesitated for a moment.

But this one moment decided who would remain alive and who would die. Yang Chen’s Immortal Beheading Blade, ruthlessly chopped at the center of Li QingChen’s head.

The illusory armor noiselessly shattered like glass. Yang Chen’s strike chopped directly from the top of Li QingChen’s head to the soles of his feet. He was divided in one strike. When Yang Chen snatched the silver ball from Li QingChen’s hand, the left and right parts of Li QingChen’s corpse separated and fell on either side.

“Youngster, you dare!”

Li Yunyu didn’t dare to believe everything that she had seen. She had already shouted to stop this, but Yang Chen had surprisingly still killed him. This was simply not giving her, a YuanYing stage expert, any face. In her anger, she immediately took out her flying sword.

“Junior apprentice sister!”

From one side, Guan Yueying shouted loudly, creasing her brows. Her voice contained traces of oscillating spiritual awareness, which immediately woke up the berserk Li Yunyu. The oscillating spiritual awareness was something Guan Yueying was very proud of. The last time she had used this was on Yang Chen, which had injured him. Only this time she had used it on Li Yunyu.

Guan Yueying’s loud shout immediately made Li Yunyu clear headed, only then did she realize what she was trying to do. Yang Chen and Li QingChen were in the middle of a life and death duel, so how could Yang Chen stop his hand just because of Li Yunyu’s shout?

But although she thought this, Li Yunyu still absolutely couldn’t accept that Li QingChen, whom she had trained for several years had been killed in just two strikes. She also couldn’t believe that the flying sword which she had personally refined had been broken in one strike by Yang Chen’s blade and furthermore, the body protecting armor she had prepared for Li QingChen shattering in one strike.

What was most unacceptable for her was that her own clan junior had been chopped in half in front of her. The fierce anger almost made her lose reason and directly go and kill Yang Chen on the scene.

Guan Yueying had promptly obstructed her from going berserk as she could not tolerate what Li Yunyu was going to do. There were many people watching in the surroundings. If Li Yunyu had really went through with it, there was no other option than killing all people there.

But one thing Guan Yueying was completely certain about, was that even if Li Yunyu had tried to kill Yang Chen, she certainly wouldn’t have succeeded. Although Yang Chen may be unable to defeat Li Yunyu, if he decided to flee, even ten Li Yunyu’s would not have been able to chase after him. Guan Yueying had experienced this personally. What’s more, Guan Yueying was not sure if Li Yunyun would even be Yang Chen’s opponent if he was completely serious.

Seeing the strange pattern which Yang Chen had exposed, if Li Yunyu had really attacked him by going against rules, then maybe the Green Jade Immortal Islands would have to face extermination. Although she was not sure, Guan Yueying felt that there was certainly a connection between Yang Chen and the anomaly with the spirit power of the Green Jade Immortal Islands recently. After all, the timing of Yang Chen appearing and the event occurring was a great coincidence.

After he had chopped Li QingChen, disregarding how others thought of him, Yang Chen stepped forward and first grabbed Li QingChen’s pouch, throwing it into his belt. The advantages had always been his first priority and there also had been no rules prohibiting him from collecting his spoils after the life and death duel. While he did not let go of the silver ball in his hand, his spiritual awareness was constantly fixed on Li Yunyu.

Once he had touched the ball, he immediately knew what it was, so he was not putting the ball away, precisely because of the fear that Li Yunyu would go berserk. Only after looking at Guan Yueying dominate her, his heart eased a little bit.

The spectators were very excited, the life and death duel between a peak foundation stage and an initial foundation stage cultivator had surprisingly been so simple, but the result had been so unexpected, which had made all of them unable to believe what they had seen.

“Have my eyes gone blind just a moment ago?”

“How could this happen?”

“What kind of spiritual weapon does he have?”

“Fellow Daoist Li couldn’t even stand a blow?”

Countless gasps, guesses, doubts, puzzled voices were rising continuously. Nobody could accept this result. Obviously, a peak Foundation stage expert had a higher cultivation, so how could he die in the hands of an initial Foundation stage cultivator? In such conditions, what kind of meaning did their cultivation even have? The higher realm was unable to defeat a lower realm?

Furthermore, some people who had relations with the Greatest Heaven Sect started shouting another version.

“He must have used some kind of devil technique, otherwise how is this possible?

“You cheat, what method did you use?”

Within this unnecessary racket, everyone discovered one thing: the JieDan expert who had accompanied Li QingChen surprisingly did not say a single word. And while everyone was commenting, under everyone’s astonished gazes, he silently collected Li QingChen’s corpse.

Everyone quieted down when they saw that the JieDan expert went and sat down not too far from Yang Chen, apparently he had to speak to him to keep up appearances, so nobody dared to open their mouths for the fear of disturbing them.

“This life and death duel is the loss of my Greatest Heaven Sect’s disciple.”

The JieDan expert calmly cupped his hands:

“This is a personal grudge between you two which didn’t have any relation with either sect. My Greatest Heaven Sect will not bear grudges towards you for this reason. Fellow Daoist Yang, congratulations!”

“For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor. A life and death duel can’t be blamed on anyone.”

Yang Chen also cupped his hands:

“The Greatest Heaven Sect really has the charisma of a big sect, assuming responsibility, I really admire you!”

Flattery was also necessary sometimes. Speaking like this gave the Greatest Heaven Sect a way out, so Yang Chen would also not mind speaking these few words. Since there was a variable like Li Yunyu present, he still didn’t know what would happen.

Right now the person who was most embarrassed was none other than Shi ShanShan. In her opinion, there was no doubt that Yang Chen would die this time. Leaving aside the matter of cultivation, Li QingChen also had magical weapons specially prepared by Li Yunyu, which were not something Yang Chen could compare with. But who could have known that the result would be this?

Because of Guan Yueying’s guidance, Shi ShanShan had realized the error in the method she had used to deal with Li QingChen, so she felt extremely guilty towards Yang Chen.

Initially Shi ShanShan had intended to continue with the opportunity of the confrontation, so that Yang Chen could restore his name and at the same time, adding her apology and some compensation should be enough to make Yang Chen understand.

But who could have known that such a small matter would spread so widely in the cultivation world, and she herself didn’t know the reason. Li QingChen was a family member of Li Yunyu, therefore the Green Jade Immortal Islands had decided to hide a lot of information from Li Yunyu and the same was the case with Guan Yueying. So it was even more impossible for Shi ShanShan to know.

Li QingChen had a guilty conscience, so he did not agree to the confrontation and instead initiated a challenge. What was most out of Shi ShanShan’s expectations was that Yang Chen would actually ask for a life and duel with Li QingChen. This made her blame herself even more. While constantly thinking Yang Chen would die, she decided to become his widow under the guilt.

The problem was that Yang Chen was perfectly well and alive now, so Shi ShanShan did not have the opportunity to become a widow. But these words were indeed greatly dubious, ordinary people used it for their husband and fiance and cultivators use it for their dao companions, so how should Shi ShanShan deal with this?

Just while she was thinking about how to deal with embarrassment, Yang Chen turned towards her, which made Shi ShanShan feel even more ashamed and resentful at the same time. The more she looked at Yang Chen coming near her, the more annoying her heartbeat became. She was thinking of saying something, but she could not open her mouth and was extremely anxious.

“Fairy Shi, you must joke like that again!”

Yang Chen smiled towards Shi ShanShan and didn’t forcibly seize the opportunity, only cupping his hands:

“Still in the future, this Yang would be grateful if you did not involve me in these kinds of affairs in the future!”

After he had finished speaking, without waiting for Shi ShanShan’s response, Yang Chen immediately turned and started walking in his master’s direction.

The color on Shi ShanShan’s face alternated between red and white for a good moment, looking at Yang Chen already walking towards Gao Yue, she didn’t know why she was feeling uneasy, suddenly she yelled:

“Although Shi ShanShan is an ordinary woman, I will still do as promised! This affair has happened because of me, so I cannot avoid taking responsibility, I will certainly not take back the words I have said!”

After she had shouted this, without caring for the two YuanYing stage cultivators nearby, Shi ShanShan immediately called out her flying sword and flew towards her island. Leaving behind a large group of people looking at each other in dismay, not knowing what the matter was.

Yang Chen nearly stumbled. What did Shi ShanShan mean by these words? Was she admitting that she was his dao companion?

Other people hadn’t heard Shi ShanShan’s words but Guan Yueying, Li Yunyu, Gao Yue, Yang Chen as well as the JieDan stage expert from the Greatest Heaven Sect had clearly heard them. Seeing Shi ShanShan going like this, the JieDan expert from Greatest Heaven Sect had an expression of Schadenfreude and cupped his hands towards Yang Chen:

“Fairy Shi is incomparably beautiful and elegant, Fellow Daoist Yang, congratulations!”

After he had congratulated Yang Chen, that JieDan expert bid his farewell to Gao Yue, Guan Yueying and Li Yunyu and quickly departed. The crowd was also not as lively as before and were quietly discussing the amazing fight that had happened just a moment ago while departing. Only the master and disciple, Gao Yue and Yang Chen, as well as the two YuanYing stage experts, Guan Yueying and Li Yunyu were left behind.

“Senior Guan!”

Yang Chen knew that the matter had still not been resolved, and would bring him even more troubles in the future so he could only cup his hands to greet Guan Yueying, whom he was familiar with:

“You need not take Fairy Shi’s words seriously, if senior could persuade her on my behalf.”

Just after saying that, Yang Chen was cut off by Guan Yueying:

“Words spoken are like a loose arrow, a disciple of my Green Jade Immortal Islands has never said something like this before so many people and later not admitted it. Fellow Daoist Yang, you have a future full of promises, will ShanShan disgrace you?”

In front of Yang Chen, Guan Yueying did not exaggerate his strength and only said that his future had boundless prospects.

Although she had used the excuse that a disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Islands would not break her word, Guan Yueying also had some selfish motives. If this matter raised some improper opinion of Yang Chen against the Green Jade Immortal Islands then that would be a great inconvenience. On the contrary, with Shi ShanShan’s accidental promise, maybe she could play matchmaker.

If that happened, with Shi ShanShan’s previous words, nobody would force her to become their dao companion in the future, which would resolve a great inconvenience. Also, if Yang Chen truly was the sort of person which she had guessed and he also had the boundless prospects he seemed to have, then there would only be benefits and no disadvantages for the Green Jade Immortal Islands and Shi ShanShan.

As for Yang Chen, Shi ShanShan had a reputation of being beautiful and alluring throughout the whole world, otherwise people would not start calling her ‘cold plum fairy’ in the future. Her sect’s junior, regardless if it was cultivation talent or beauty, everything was far above average, and she was furthermore from a prestigious sect, so she was absolutely capable of mating with Yang Chen.


Yang Chen hadn’t anticipated that Guan Yueying would say this. Other than a surprised yell, he was completely speechless.

“Since fellow daoist Gao is Yang Chen’s master, then why doesn’t fellow daoist Gao try to convince him?”

Guan Yueying turned towards Gao Yue’s side:

“We should both report this to our sect masters so that they can set a date to betroth Yang Chen and Shi ShanShan, what do you think?”


Gao Yue was baffled thinking about how this matter could have developed so fast. She had to decide so suddenly, but she was also somewhat amazed.

“Fellow daoist Gao doesn’t have to feel awkward about this matter.”

Guan Yueying knew that they first had to have Yang Chen’s approval and continued speaking:

“But my Green Jade Immortal Islands’ disciple will never eat her words. Cultivators attach most importance to the law of karma. Yang Chen, if you are not willing, then we can not force you, but ShanShan will also n0t look for another companion and will live this life alone. You should do your best!”

After she finished speaking, not waiting for Yang Chen to reply, she took a long sigh:

“Alas, poor ShanShan!”

Immediately afterwards, she pulled Li Yunyu, who was staring at Yang Chen with incessant hatred, and disappeared.

What the hell? Yang Chen’s brows almost linked together, forming a line. How could it be that the Cold Plum Fairy didn’t have any suitors? If she called out once, then the line of people would extend from the Green Jade Immortal Islands to the Pure Yang Palace! Why did they decide it to be him?

Only two people, Yang Chen and his master were left on the island, so Yang Chen turned around to look at Gao Yue. Just at that time, Gao Yue also looked at Yang Chen, the master and disciple looked at each other with dismay in their eyes.

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