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Chapter 123 - A Confrontation It Is Then


Yang Chen had underestimated his position within Yong Zhu’s mind, as soon as his figure emerged on the beach, he immediately heard Yong Zhu’s surprised voice.

“Grandmaster Yang! Myself has waited for you for two whole months!”

Just as Yang Chen had put away his flying sword, Yong Zhu’s voice reached his ears. Immediately looking over, Yong Zhu’s figure appeared in his view.

“Sorry for the troubles, fellow daoist Yong!”

Yang Chen smiled, this Yong Zhu had waited for him, so this much courtesy was normal. Although Yang Chen had killed a lot of people, he was still not someone who did not understand the ways of the world.

“Grandmaster, when you were not here, a lot of things happened.”

Yong Zhu lamented. At that time the Green Jade Immortal Islands had suddenly taken on a vicious temper and called all loose cultivators and fellow daoists of the same path together and imprisoned them. Every person was asked in detail why they had come to this place, as if they were some kind of thieves. This had really given them a scare.

One of the few big names in the Mortal World suddenly showing such menace made them keep quiet in fear. Nobody dared to say anything and they obediently accepted the arrangements of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, with nobody daring to rebel.

Fortunately, Yong Zhu was considered as an acquaintance, he had friendly relations with some disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, so his situation was a lot better when compared to others. Taking advantage of the opportunity that came from being investigated, Yong Zhu who had known nothing, had quietly asked about the whereabouts of Sun QingXue.

Yang Chen was astonished to find out that the Green Jade Immortal Islands didn’t have any disciple by the name of Sun QingXue. Hearing this, Yang Chen was at loss. Could it be that Shi ShanShan hadn’t taken Sun QingXue to the Green Jade Immortal Islands? Sun QingXue had a postnatal full spirit root, even though the innate spirit root was different, how could it be possible that she could not fancy the Green Jade Immortal Islands?

But regardless of what was said, the Green Jade Immortal Island didn’t have any disciple named Sun QingXue. If he wanted to find her whereabouts, Yang Chen had to look for Shi ShanShan and ask her about it clearly.

If he wanted to find Shi Shan Shan, maybe he would have to go through last time’s embarrassment again. Yang Chen wrinkled his brows, he was pondering if he was rushing in trying to establish friendly relations with Sun QingXue. Although he had sown karma with her, and the feeling from that time was moreover pretty good, but if he had to be disgraced by that female disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Islands again, then Yang Chen was not again willing to go through that.

While he was hesitating, somebody had already seen Yang Chen. She was also a female disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, responsible for receiving visitors, moreover she was also there at the time when Qi Sun Rou had embarrassed Yang Chen, only she had not interfered personally.

After Qi Sun Rou had been punished by the elder, she had her cultivation sealed and had been sent to a city to temper her nature. These female disciples didn’t dare to be neglectful, seeing Yang Chen, she hastily rushed over there and slightly bowed to him:

“Could it be fellow daoist Yang? Since Sire honored us with his presence, how may I help Sire?”

This exchange left Yang Chen puzzled, could it be that his extracting of spirit power really had an effect on them and they changed their behaviour? But since the other party had asked him, Yang Chen would also not hide. In any case, he had already said that last time, this time he didn’t need to say many things, even if he didn’t succeed, Yang Chen would remain indifferent.

“Myself is looking to meet with your sect’s Shi Fairy, to ask about someone.”

Since the other person was polite, Yang Chen would also be polite and revealed his goal.

“Let me first invite fellow daoist Yang! I will immediately notify Senior Apprentice Sister Shi!”

This female disciple responsible for receiving visitors hadn’t even led Yang Chen to the lounge and had already replied. Her reaction puzzled Yang Chen even more, not knowing how such a switch from arrogance to deference had come.

But this was also good. Since the attitude of the Green Jade Immortal Islands had suddenly changed, Yang Chen would also not let the previous incident affect the relationship between him and Sun fairy.

Yang Chen settled himself within the visitor’s residence of the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Yong Zhu didn’t care much about appearances and immediately followed after Yang Chen. He would become a joke if he missed any opportunity to become friends with a pill concocting master who could refine a second grade foundation stage pill while he had just reached the Foundation stage himself.

While waiting for Shi ShanShan, Yang Chen was thinking about her life carefully. She had been a cultivation genius all along, whether it was within her sect or after her ascension to the Spiritual World or the Immortal World, being cold and without any mate, she had obtained the nickname of snow plum fairy.

Last time when he had seen her, Shi ShanShan was already at the peak of the Foundation stage and travelling outside. This time, she should have already reached the JieDan stage.

The manner of the Green Jade Immortal Islands had been very proper, they didn’t let Yang Chen wait for long. On one side they properly settled Yang Chen, on the other side they immediately sent a summoning flying sword back to inform the sect. The disciple there immediately informed Shi ShanShan, who was in the middle of cultivation.

“Yang Chen? Pure Yang Palace?”

Shi ShanShan basically didn’t have any impression of Yang Chen. Frankly speaking, at that time at the execution grounds, meeting an ordinary executioner, although the things he had said had some impact on her, she hadn’t asked Yang Chen’s name at that time, so naturally she did not remember him.

But after it was mentioned that Yang Chen was from Pure Yang Palace, Shi ShanShan immediately recalled Yang Chen’s identity. The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Li QingChen had admired Shi ShanShan for many years and had frequently tried to get in her good graces. While talking with her, he had also mentioned some new cultivation talents and Yang Chen’s name was one among them, but the comments regarding him were not particularly good.

Moreover, when Yang Chen had climbed to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, his name had greatly resonated. Naturally it had also passed to Shi ShanShan’s ears. But she had only heard the name of Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen. As for who the specific person was, she absolutely did not think of the ordinary executioner she had met at the execution ground.

But thanks to Li QingChen, Shi ShanShan knew that Yang Chen was precisely that executioner she had met previously. When she heard that Yang Chen had wanted to meet her, Shi ShanShan was extremely baffled, but hearing that Yang Chen only wanted to know about a person’s whereabouts, Shi Shan Shan immediately realized that Yang Chen wanted to know about the whereabouts of Sun QingXue.

Shi ShanShan didn’t have a bad impression towards Yang Chen. An executioner kills people, although he had killed many, Yang Chen’s words from that time, ‘Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me!’, told that investigating the reason was not Yang Chen’s responsibility.

But, even without caring about Li QingChen’s words, Yang Chen’s reputation in her mind was not very good.

Most of all, Shi Fairy had recently heard that one of her junior apprentice sisters, Qi Yun Rou, who had yet to congeal her dan had been punished because she had been driving away Yang Chen, by an elder. Although Shi ShanShan also felt that Qi Yun Rou had to travel outside to train, Yang Chen being the fuse had caused her to loathe him.

“Just when the sect is in troubled times… Fine, I will meet him and tell him about the whereabouts of Sun QingXue and immediately ask him to beat it!”

Shi ShanShan made her decision and rapidly flew towards the visitors’ residences.

From Shi ShanShan’s cave to the sect’s visitors’ residences, it was at least several hundred miles. Shi ShanShan was a core disciple, so her cave was located within the depths of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, but apparently she had a very fast flying sword. After just one night had passed and the sky turned bright, Shi ShanShan had already arrived there while Yang Chen was chatting with Yong Zhu.

Yang Chen was chatting with Yong Zhu in full swing. Yong Zhu was fond of travelling, he knew more about some recent matters than Yang Chen, which he was ecstatically explaining to him, while making gestures with his hands and feet. On the other side, Yang Chen was also concentrated on listening and nodded in agreement from time to time.

Suddenly Yang Chen made a gesture with his hand to stop him and his gaze turned outside. Yong Zhu was also startled, then he also hastily turned his gaze to the outside and saw a white figure flash through the sky. In the next moment, Shi ShanShan’s cool and elegant face appeared in front of the two of them.

Nobody had had said anything when Shi ShanShan had already turned towards Yang Chen’s face. Only after glancing at him for few seconds did her gaze turn again, to Yong Zhu’s body this time. When looking at Yang Chen, there was nothing in her gaze, but when looking at Yong Zhu, a trace of shine flashed through her eyes.

A portion of the formless pressure of a JieDan stage expert pressed upon Yong Zhu, who was at the peak of the Foundation stage. He immediately realized that he was wedged between Shi Fairy and Yang Chen and had perhaps was causing some inconvenience.

“Ah, Myself has suddenly remembered something, I still haven’t paid a visit to a good friend of mine, that won’t do, I will immediately hurry over to meet him!”

Facing the cold as frost Shi Fairy, Yong Zhu immediately understood his wrongs and using the pretense of meeting a friend, he immediately rushed out of there, not even daring to turn his head.

Shi Shan Shan’s gaze turned to Yang Chen again, but the recent pressure which was put on Yong Zhu wasn’t removed, instead it was pressing on Yang Chen with even greater intensity.

Yang Chen did not care much about this kind of pressure, but seeing that Shi Fairy still hadn’t said anything and was pressuring him, Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel anger and said to her:

“Shi Fairy, I am an executioner, who has killed many without feeling any guilt. What I am completely unafraid of is precisely this kind of killing intent. Shi Fairy, if you have something to say, say it clearly.”

While speaking, Yang Chen was sizing up Shi Fairy’s body without even blinking.

Shi ShanShan’s appearance hadn’t changed much compared to when he had met her all those years ago. In this realm, as long as Shi Fairy did not cross half of her life expectancy, her appearance would basically remain the same. But Yang Chen was unconsciously somewhat amazed by this.

If it were not for finding Sun QingXue, Yang Chen would never have taken the initiative to provoke the cool and elegant snow plum fairy of later generations.

“Why did you want to meet with me?”

Shi ShanShan coldly asked. Seeing Yang Chen wantonly gaze at her body, Shi ShanShan became more and more convinced that Yang Chen was not a good person, but since Yang Chen had properly visited her, Shi ShanShan would also not become hostile.

“I want to know the whereabouts of Sun QingXue!”

Yang Chen did not have anything in common with Shi Fairy. If he was allowed to pick, he would rather prefer people like Yong Zhu, who were entertaining to converse with and moreover knew the ways of the world. Therefore, Yang Chen’s manner was not very good and he had directly asked his problem. As long as he received his answer, Yang Chen planned to immediately turn around and leave.

“Little Sister Sun has already been arranged to go to the Clear Sky Sect!”

Shi ShanShan hadn’t concealed any information, even after seeing such an attitude of Yang Chen. Hearing her words, the relationship between her and Sun QingXue relationship was not that shallow, since she had used ‘little sister’ to address her.

Yang Chen was startled, originally he had believed that in this life, since Sun QingXue had been taken away by Shi ShanShan, would not enter her original sect, but he hadn’t anticipated that, although the affairs of life were not constant, she had still entered the Clear Sky Sect.

What had truly happened was something Yang Chen could not know. It could only be assumed that he would find out the truth after he could find Sun QingXue. Thinking this, Yang Chen immediately stood up and cupped his hands towards Shi ShanShan:

“Many thanks, I will take my leave!”

Concise and compact, without any nonsense, he directly walked towards the gate of the visitors’ residences, intending to leave immediately.

“Yang Chen!”

Shi ShanShan hadn’t wanted to stop him. Initially she had only wanted to take a look at this person who had used her name to bully others, but at the same time, when Yang Chen brushed past her, she suddenly thought of something and called him.

“What’s the matter?”

Yang Chen was also not in a good mood, Shi ShanShan had been coldly staring at him the entire time, as if he owed her some kind of gratitude and her tone of speaking was also very rude.

“In the future, never use my name!”

Shi ShanShan threw this sentence and directly turned around, not caring whether Yang Chen had heard her or not. Now, even after the words had been said, if Yang Chen still continued to be stubborn, she wouldn’t mind teaching him a lesson.

Shi ShanShan wanted to leave, but this time Yang Chen did not ignore her. Turning around, he directly obstructed her path:

“Wait a minute, Shi Fairy, explain your words. Who said that I used your name for my affairs?”

“You should know about the matters you did yourself!”

Shi Fairy’s tone had already become cold to the point which could make people tremble. Surprisingly Yang Chen had still denied it. This person had already entered the list of names with whom she would never associate.

Li QingChen was very skilful with his words. The matter regarding Yang Chen and Chu Heng had been expressed very tactfully. Within Shi ShanShan’s mind, it was already an exception for the Pure Yang Palace to accept Yang Chen, who was an executioner, but Yang Chen had still used her name to bully his teacher. This was simply the greatest sin below the heavens.

Normally, from where would Yang Chen, an ordinary mortal, learn cultivation, if not from the Merit Transferring Disciple? But who would have thought that Yang Chen would force Chu Heng out of the Pure Yang Palace and even made him a traitor? This was simply not loyal or filial, but he still had the nerve to act puzzled.

“Explain your words!”

As if the air in Yang Chen’s lungs had exploded, the blood colored river within his Spirit Sea came out as a huge wave, a formless killing intent came out and attacked Shi ShanShan:

“Although this Yang Chen is not a great talent, I still haven’t degraded enough to use another’s name to handle my affairs!”

Suddenly the scenery before Shi ShanShan’s eyes turned dark. The huge curtain of frightening killing intent was completely submerging Shi ShanShan. Even though she was at the JieDan stage, at this moment she could not bear Yang Chen’s wrath. At this moment Shi Shan Shan was feeling as if she was within an ocean of blood, unprecedented fear was making her body shiver uncontrollably.

But Shi ShanShan was stubborn and hadn’t completely lost her persistence. Under the onslaught of Yang Chen’s killing intent, biting her teeth tightly, Shi ShanShan firmly stood her ground in front of Yang Chen’s killing intent. After facing this round, Shi Shan Shan forced herself to say:

Don’t tell me that one of the successor disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect is accusing you wrongly? Do you dare to have a confrontation with him?”

“Good! A confrontation it is! You should ask that son of a bitch to meet me in the Pure Yang Palace. I will keep him company to the end!”

Yang Chen, in his fierce anger, threw this line, then he turned around to step on his flying sword and disappeared in a flash.

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