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Chapter 122 - Can Only Look But Not Collect

25 Jul 2016

“He said this, but have you seen this with your own eyes?”

As if the elder had intended to give Qi Yun Rou a lesson for a lifetime, he asked about every detail clearly.

“No, elder!”

Qi Yun Rou knocked her head on the ground again, not daring to make any movement, only able to drop her head in response.

“Then you must have confirmed it from various sides and not just dismissed him by listening to just one side, right?”

The elder again asked.

“I haven’t, elder!”

Qi Yun Rou also did not dare to say any useless words, and replied at lightning speed.

“Then I will tell you the truth!”

The elder took a deep sigh and slowly said:

“You say Yang Chen has used shameless and despicable methods to climb to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs. At that time, Cheng Wen Cai of the Greatest Heaven Sect also had questioned this, so afterwards he gathered ten JieDan experts to initiate the Heavenly Stairs again, but Yang Chen was yet again successful in climbing the Heavenly Stairs, Cheng Wen Cai and other nine on the other hand had decided to go against the established precedents and had attacked Yang Chen and thus suffered backlash.”

“He didn’t cheat, only, before he became a cultivator, he was an executioner. He had killed many people, so the land of illusions were unable to affect him.”

The elder who clearly knew about all the details spoke quickly.

“As for you saying that he had used your Senior Apprentice Sister Shi’s name to bully the Merit Transferring Disciple…”

The Elder paused.

“Although I don’t know the exact details, but that Merit Transferring Disciple betrayed the Pure Yang Palace and became the sect’s traitor.”

“Surely you would remember the Greatest Heaven Sect’s matter at the Desolate Valley? They harboured evil intentions towards the Five Phases Sect. The reason this matter had come out was precisely because of that traitor, Chu Heng.”

The Green Jade Immortal Islands was one of the big sects which had personally stepped in to mediate between the Five Phases Sect and the Greatest Heaven Sect, therefore he was extremely clear about this matter:

“Moreover, this Chu Heng was a close friend of Li Qing Chen of the Greatest Heaven Sect. That Fellow Daoist Li you were talking about would probably be him, right?”

“Yes, elder!”

Qi Yun Rou completely hadn’t anticipated that there would be such a deep backstory. She had been painstakingly cultivating all this time, so she had paid no attention to outside matters, how could she know so many matters had occurred?

“Only relying on Li Qing Chen’s opinion, you have driven away Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen.”

The elder suddenly smiled:

“Previously, Yang Chen had come using a boat for the visit. When that Li Qing Chen had come, did he also use a boat?”

“He did not, elder!”

Qi Yun Rou was almost at the point of weeping, how could she have thought that a trifling person like Yang Chen would make her incur the elder’s rage like this?

“Since you don’t understand the ways of the world and don’t know how to distinguish between right or wrong, making a mistake is difficult to avoid.”

The elder had finally made a decision:

“Fine then, you can go to the Law Enforcement Hall yourself to receive your punishment! Seal half of your cultivation base and go to a city to temper yourself, when you start understanding the world, you will be able to open your seals and come back to the island for cultivation at that time!”

“Yes, elder!”

Qi Yun Rou did not dare to say anything more and obediently replied.

The punishment for Qi Yun Rou was merely a minor disturbance, which was quickly engulfed in the major matter of the drying up of the spirit veins. After the first two months of great chaos at the Green Jade Immortal Island, the Spirit Power of the Spirit Veins suddenly returned to normal again, as if nothing had happened in the last two months.

At this time, Yang Chen was holding the Bottle of the Medicine Garden within his hand and was laughing loudly. The bottle within his hand had been passed through the first layer of refining by the Heavenly Stars Treasure Raising Secrets. Adding onto that the nourishment by the fifth earth True Qi, its grade had risen greatly.

The size of the Medicine Garden’s space had increased by several tens of hectares, but the growth of those herbs within the garden made him even more happy. Under the nourishment of the fifth earth True Qi, although they hadn’t matured much, their quality had increased greatly, with at least a thirty percent increase in their medicinal efficacy.

Under the nourishment of the enormous amount of Spirit Power and fifth earth True Qi, the original piece of master root that had been cut off by Yang Chen had already been completely restored and all of the PengLai Divine Wood branches had grown a lot taller compared to before. Originally it was only three meters tall, now it had increased to more than six meters. The thickness of the trunk, which was only thigh thick initially, had also changed to being as thick as a waist, which made him very happy.

The bottle had been completely filled with Spirit Power, recovering its azure color. The bottle’s lid was similarly full of golden Spirit Power.

The more Yang Chen looked at it, the more delighted he became. There were numerous Spirit Veins in this ocean, all of them scattered completely, but if Yang Chen wanted to, he could find sufficient Spirit Veins for cultivation.

This was only one use of the magic tool ‘Nautical Map of the East Sea’. Actually the huge rock in which Yang Chen was concealed was a treasury left behind by the Dragon King of the East Sea.

The riches in the palace of the Dragon King were something coveted by everyone. As the Dragon King, he had no option but to carefully conceal all of the most precious items as he could not arrange them brazenly at his palace.

This was the treasury where the real treasures of the Dragon King were hidden. The items there were absolutely not as low-quality as the publicly displayed giant machete or the 3600 catties nine pronged trident, or the 7200 catties Heavenly Halberd, or the 13500 catties stick and so on, placed in the open to scare people.

Things that only rely on weight to scare people are certainly not any high grade material, not even worth looking at for Yang Chen. Those things, apart from changing shape, didn’t have any other use. They were also only suitable for people who depend only on brute force.

The Nautical Map of the East Sea was the first treasure within the treasury. Walking past this huge space which formed the Nautical Map of the East Sea, was a lofty palace. The palace was a dazzling sight, richly ornamented and had an aura of treasures soaring to the heavens. Not to mention other things, just this palace alone had surpassed any other palace in the mortal world. Even compared to the Heavenly Palace in Yang Chen’s memory of his previous life, this palace did not lose by much.

Walking to the center of the palace, he saw two huge jaden gold scallop shells, arranged on the broad throne at the center of the palace hall. The mouth of shell was widely opened and within the center of the shell an extremely bright pearl was placed. From the pearl a wave of Dragon Qi was being emitted, which could make anyone shiver. Even Yang Chen needed to release a little bit of his blood colored Spiritual Awareness to resist it.

This was a pure Dragon Pearl, the number one treasure within this palace hall. Within the entire palace hall, apart from the Dragon Throne directly facing the gate, there were still eight tables in the surroundings. On top of each was a different type of thing, every one of them was releasing a bright treasure aura, which dazzled people and stunned them, and making them feel an urge to continue even if they didn’t want to.

One picture scroll, one long rope, one bottle gourd, one pointed shuttle, two forks like a pair of antlers, one small golden ball and a cup filled with water, on top of the eight tables, these eight things were placed. All of these things seemed extremely delicate, but all of them were at most two feet in size. The difference from the Dragon Pearl was that these things weren’t emitting any sort of presence.

Before his rebirth, Yang Chen hadn’t seen even one of them. Because in his previous life, these things were too far from his reach. But in this life they would all belong to him.

Although the appearance of these eight objects was ordinary, Yang Chen knew that, since the Dragon King had concealed them there, these were absolutely great treasures which could make anyone drool. Compared to these, those things with just a lot of weight and a big and mysterious appearance were just garbage.

Completely ecstatic, Yang Chen directly rushed into the main palace hall. Naturally, bearing the brunt of his greed was that large dragon pearl. But as soon as he reached the region three meters in front of the Dragon Throne and tried to take a step forward in his excitement, a barrier of light suddenly appeared, barring his way. Regardless of whatever method he tried, Yang Chen was unable to step forward.

The Dragon King of the East Sea had once raised this point: the concealed treasures within the Palace of the Dragon King, all of them had a cultivation restriction. Only if their cultivation could support it, could people break through the Spell Formation and enter the main hall.

There was another way for this too, that was to refine the entire treasury of the palace into one’s own magic tool. But this method was even more difficult than the previous one. At least before Yang Chen reached the YuanYing stage, he could not even think about it.

Although Yang Chen could only look at these things, this did not dampen his excitement. These were the concealed treasures of the Dragon King! These tightly hidden goods were already the finest kind of magic tools in the mortal world. So many precious treasures were placed there, waiting for Yang Chen to collect them slowly.

The Dragon Pearl was clearly the core treasure of the palace hall, but Yang Chen had no way to collect it. Having no other option, Yang Chen turned to other regions. Yang Chen attempted all of the jade tables once, but apart from one, he was unable to access the others. The only one which he could access was that one pointed shuttle.

With great excitement, Yang Chen quickly went to the edge of the table and picked up the pointed shuttle and delicately sized it up.

This pointed shuttle seemed to be made of gold but was not gold, seemed to be made of jade but was not jade. For some time Yang Chen was unable to determine which material it was manufactured from. Both of its ends were pointed, as if two speed boats had been fitted together.

His Spiritual Awareness explored the pointed shuttle, inside there was no trace of the original master’s Spiritual Awareness, surely it was the Dragon King’s concealed treasure. With ease, Yang Chen’s Spiritual Awareness laid down an imprint of his own Spiritual Awareness at the core of the Pointed Shuttle. For the time being, this was enough to add the pointed shuttle to Yang Chen’s possessions.

A moment after becoming its master, Yang Chen immediately discovered the use of this pointed shuttle. This pointed shuttle was a flying tool, comparable to Elder Wu’s Heaven Fleeing Shuttle. But what made it more formidable compared to Heaven Fleeing Shuttle was that not only could it rapidly fly in the sky, it could also move at high speed within water. What surprised Yang Chen even more was that it could still move effortlessly on land, only compared to the sky and water, the speed was a little lower.

This kind of precious item was just a well timed assistance for Yang Chen. Among Yang Chen’s flying swords, there was none specialized in speed. The speed of controlled swords was pretty ordinary and he lacked a magic tool which could fly at high speeds. Who could have thought he would find it among the treasures hidden within the Dragon King’s Treasury?

This pointed shuttle didn’t have any name, so according to its properties, Yang Chen thought of an extremely simple name: Flying Shuttle. For Yang Chen, this was only a tool for flying nothing more. It wasn’t worth choosing a dominating name, like Nine Heavens Tenth Earth Magical Fleeing Shuttle or something like that, absolutely pointless.

With a thought from him, the Flying Shuttle turned into a huge sailboat. This was another form of the Flying Shuttle, which was used to float on water. The speed could be controlled by Yang Chen just by his intentions. Although it was a sailing boat, this appearance was merely an ornament, for actually moving it still required Spirit Power. Naturally, when truly exhausted, it could also make use of the natural winds, but at that time the Flying Shuttle would only be like a normal sailboat.

The Flying Shuttle had already been refined by the Dragon King, so with Yang Chen’s current level it was unthinkable for him to continue refining. Being perfectly satisfied with receiving the Flying Shuttle, Yang Chen began to move towards the backside of the palace. He had already received so many surprises in the front, what would the backside have?

At the back there was a huge group of palace halls, manufactured in accordance with the Dragon King’s palace’s style. All kinds of living facilities were available inside, everything that one could think of. Yang Chen knew that this hidden treasury was originally another palace prepared by the Dragon King for himself, though it was unknown whether it was a plan to fall back on it in times of need or just a golden house to keep his mistress. In any case, currently all of this would help Yang Chen.

These halls formed a confinement, on the inside, it had bedroom, a kitchen, a study, a drawing room and so on. All of the facilities were installed completely, and all of the things inside could dumbfound anyone. Any random item, even a teacup or a tray, if it was shown off to any imperial palace of this mortal world, it could easily make the emperor die from shame.

This was simply a natural cultivation cave and moreover an immortal cave with extremely abundant Spirit Power. Compared to Yang Chen’s Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, it was more formidable by multiple times. The only unfortunate thing was that Yang Chen could not collect it for the time being and could only hide this region, so that when his strength had sufficiently increased, he could come back again.

After walking around once through the Dragon King’s palace, the more Yang Chen saw, the more he grew fond of it. In his previous life, until he had died, he did not own a decent immortal cave, the irony being that, in this life, he could possess the best immortal cave in the mortal world after a short while.

After resting for some time in the immortal cave, Yang Chen estimated that after the chaos for two months, the Green Jade Immortal Islands would have discovered that the Spirit Veins had returned to normal again. He departed from the palace of the Dragon King and, using the Flying Shuttle, directly rushed to the entrance of the Green Jade Immortal Islands.

Within the Flying Shuttle, Yang Chen happily discovered that this Flying Shuttle was so perfectly refined, that Yang Chen did not even need to input Spirit Power, as long as he entered enough Spirit Stones, it was capable of extracting the Spirit Power from the Spirit Stones and use it for flying. Without much hesitation, Yang Chen directly put one of the top grade Spirit Stones, which he had obtained from the Mountain God’s place, into it and started enjoying the sensation of flying on the seabed.

The circumstances on the outside could be clearly seen from the inside, but currently, deep within the sea, where everything was pitch black, the surroundings could only be probed by Spiritual Awareness. In his path, every kind of sea beast started to appear, from extremely formidable to very weak. Several powerful beasts also sensed the existence of the Flying Shuttle and wanted to attack it, but in front of the extremely fast speed of the Flying Shuttle, they could only give up.

While coming there from the Green Jade Immortal Islands using his flying sword, Yang Chen had to spend several days, but using the flying shuttle, he only needed a few hours to reach the area.

Collecting the Flying Shuttle, Yang Chen rushed to the surface of the sea and once again used his flying sword to reach the beach outside of the entrance gate. He had entrusted Yong Zhu with the matter of making enquiries about Sun Qing Xue. At that time, they hadn’t agreed about the meeting place, so Yang Chen could only try his luck.

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