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Chapter 124 - Let's See Who Is Faster

31 Jul 2016

Yang Chen was so angry that he wanted to leave immediately, but he had forgotten that this was the territory of the Green Jade Immortal Islands. The killing intent he had released without any restraint just a moment ago had alarmed the experts of the Green Jade Immortal Islands.

Because of the anomaly last time regarding the Spirit Veins, the Green Jade Immortal Islands had arranged for elders to guard even the inside of the sect. The killing intent which had suddenly been released by Yang Chen had made the elder, Guan Yueying, who was overseeing the gate of the sect angry.

“Who dares to behave so atrociously at Green Jade Immortal Islands?!”

Her loud voice resounded over the entire island.

Just as Yang Chen had used flown to the seaside, that voice resounded in his ears. Not only the voice, even the formidable Spiritual Awareness contained within the voice exploded within his ear.


Yang Chen’s Spirit Sea suddenly erupted and clashed with the formidable Spiritual Awareness, but in the end, Yang Chen’s cultivation was still too shallow. Even though he had formed his Spirit Sea, it was also only at the level of a peak JieDan stage expert, how could it compare to the Spiritual Awareness of that other person, who had cultivated for several centuries? Just merely clashing with the Spiritual Awareness immediately made a shock pass through his mind, as if his consciousness was hit by a huge hammer, and he directly fell off the flying sword.

While his body was still in the air, Yang Chen could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Nevertheless, in his ear, a faint gasp of surprise resounded.

Yang Chen did not dare to be careless and just before he was going to fall into the water, he had stopped the chaos in his spirit sea from increasing with great difficulty and tried to ease up the acute pain rampaging in his body; calling back his flying sword, he wrapped himself in his Flying Shuttle. The Flying Shuttle formed a perfect parabola and rapidly advanced into the sea surface headlong.

“Where are you going!?”

A loud sound resounded within his ears again, but this time it was not an attack through Spiritual Awareness, but rather elder Guan Yueying personally chasing behind him on her flying sword. In the clash just moments ago, she had already left behind a Spiritual Awareness imprint on Yang Chen’s body. How could she tolerate a youngster escaping in front of her eyes?

Although it was true that the Green Jade Immortal Islands was passing through troubled times, it was still not so bad that a junior could behave atrociously at the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Yang Chen had gone too far releasing his killing intent. Who did he think he was? Most excessive was that, after committing the act, he had still thought of running away, as if it was such an easy matter.

In Guan Yueying’s eyes, if they allowed Yang Chen to depart just like that, then it would certainly be a slap on Green Jade Immortal Islands’ face. No matter why Yang Chen had come, no matter which sect Yang Chen belonged to, since he had dared to provoke the Green Jade Immortal Islands, he had to receive his punishment!

Initially she had believed that just the loud shout containing his Spiritual Awareness would be enough to make Yang Chen lose consciousness and then he would be easily captured and dealt with. But she hadn’t expected that Yang Chen surprisingly would clash his Spiritual Awareness with her and even more surprisingly, that the blow would be able to distract her.

Over these past years, her words had been of enormous weight in the Green Jade Immortal Islands, she had already forgotten the last time someone had dared to ignore her commands, but currently Yang Chen wanted to flee in spite of everything, which was extremely ludicrous to her.

With her command, her flying sword flew out chasing after Yang Chen within the sea. Elder Guan Yueying was water attributed, but surprisingly Yang Chen still thought that he could flee from her within the sea, truly laughable.

Guan Yueying did not want to kill Yang Chen immediately, she had only thought of teaching him a lesson. With her control over her flying sword, she absolutely did not have to worry about Yang Chen’s life. But just a moment after she had urged on to chase after Yang Chen, she surprisingly discovered that Yang Chen’s speed was quicker than hers.

Within the sea, the Flying Shuttle hadn’t lost even a bit of its speed. And moreover, since Yang Chen had already put in a top grade spirit stone, even if he couldn’t use even a trace of spirit power at this moment and was seriously injured, it was still capable of fleeing at high speed according to Yang Chen’s thoughts.

Yang Chen had still not lost consciousness and although Elder Guan Yueying’s Spiritual Awareness was formidable, Yang Chen’s spirit sea had erupted with unfathomable strength and had firmly blocked the attack of the peak YuanYing stage elder and he had only spat out a mouthful of blood, but still without losing consciousness.

So long as Yang Chen was awake, he was capable of using the highest possible speed. This time he had no other alternative than rushing towards the direction with the most open area. Desperately rushing the flying shuttle onward, he did not even dare to turn around.

Yang Chen knew how bad the contact between the Spiritual Awareness’ was just a moment ago. Not to mention the Green Jade Immortal Islands, even at the Pure Yang Palace, such a capable person would certainly be considered carefully. At that time, he was so angry that he forgot to restrain his breath, the consequence of which was the current situation.

The anger of a YuanYing stage expert was absolutely not something which Yang Chen could endure. Apart from desperately running away, he had no other option. Fortunately, as long as Yang Chen himself could control the flying shuttle without using spirit power, he would get enough time to heal.

Yang Chen knew who the person chasing him was. Elder Guan Yueying was famous for her fiery temper, if Yang Chen had not run away at that time, he would first have his cultivation crippled, everything else would be left for later. Apart from fleeing with all of his might, he had no other way.

The collision between the Spiritual Awareness’ had turned his spirit sea into an earth shattering mess. Although Yang Chen had tried to resist with great difficulty, it was still out of sorts. First he swallowed a healing medicine, slowly restoring the injuries in his body, then he sat down in the posture of Five Hearts Towards The Heavens and began to cultivate the Three Purities Secrets. In this realm, what could be a better way to nurse his Spiritual Awareness than the Three Purities Secrets?

While Guan Yueying pursued him with all her might, Yang Chen began to silently treat his injuries within the Flying Shuttle. In any case, the Flying Shuttle had already been set in a definite direction. Covering several thousands of miles would take at least several days, even with the high speed of the flying shuttle. Until Yang Chen controlled the flying shuttle and stopped it, the Flying Shuttle could only rush forward.

Currently Yang Chen had discovered that although Guan Yueying’s speed was not quicker than him, Guan Yueying had left an imprint of Spiritual Awareness on him. Before his Spiritual Awareness hadn’t recovered completely, he could not throw Guan Yueying off his trail, so he might as well just heal calmly.

The more Guan Yueying chased, the angrier she grew. She was a peak YuanYing stage expert, an elder whose words had enormous weight at the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Even within the entire cultivation world, let alone the ‘righteous path alliance’, if someone among the devil disciples of the devil path confronted her, they would also be considered extremely foolish even among their brethren.

But right now, she had been thoroughly infuriated because of Yang Chen. Other than behaving atrociously at the gate of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, he was surprisingly still daring to flee under her nose? If Yang Chen was allowed to escape, how would the Green Jade Immortal Islands raise their head among sects of the same path again?

The quicker Yang Chen’s flying shuttle fled, the angrier Guan Yueying became. She had even used some cultivation secrets to increase her speed and had exchanged the ordinary flying sword under her feet and began to chase in the direction in which Yang Chen was fleeing. On the sea surface, she left behind a long, white mark, as if a sharp blade had streaked across it.

With one heavenly circulation of spirit power, the extreme chaos within Yang Chen’s spirit sea eased up by a lot. Swallowing a second grade healing pill, Yang Chen began to analyze the circumstances.

The damage caused to the spirit sea by Guan Yueying’s first attack made Yang Chen admire the strength of these old timers, but he himself had also not done too bad. For a person who had just reached the Foundation stage not too long ago, to be able to resist the attack of a YuanYing stage expert and merely sustaining a few injuries and even being able to escape, this was not any humiliation, instead it was an achievement!

Once he thought of other party’s chase, Yang Chen could not help but turn around to take a look. The Flying Sword was at the seabed and the darkness around him made him unable to see anything. Guan Yueying had left a trace on Yang Chen’s body and was not worried about losing him, even if he escaped to the ends of the world. She was flying above the surface of the sea without any intention of entering.

Although Yang Chen could not see the force chasing after him, he was clearly aware of the approaching danger. This kind of faint sensation was constantly on his mind, making Yang Chen feel nervous and uneasy at all times.

Even Guan Yueying hadn’t anticipated that Yang Chen would be capable of sensing how near she was. Yang Chen’s spirit sea was formidable and Gao Yueying was chasing Yang Chen from the trace of spiritual awareness she left on his body. But from the trace, Yang Chen could also sense her proximity, even though Yang Chen’s spirit sea was still rummaging about.

This was completely out of his expectations. All along he had believed that apart from releasing killing intent and imitating demon beasts, his spirit sea only had a formidable strength, but he hadn’t anticipated this kind of pleasant surprise.

Although the condition of the spirit sea had become better, Yang Chen was not able to suppress the anger within his heart. Shi ShanShan this woman, how highly did she think of herself? ‘I, Yang Chen, need to use your name to handle my affairs?’

Clearly Shi Shanshan did not know how to conduct herself. Though she herself had not investigated this matter, she surprisingly wanted Yang Chen to have a confrontation with the instigator, Li QingChen. Could there be anyone more foolish in the world?

Demanding a confrontation with Li QingChen clearly explained that, after Li QingChen had ‘informed’ her, she had betrayed him. After anyone heard about that, who would dare to be at ease and tell her anything?

In addition to that, demanding a confrontation in someone’s presence was a mistake within mistakes. Leaving aside the question whether Li QingChen would agree or not. At that time, if Shi ShanShan was unable to gather them successfully, that would certainly cause great damage to her reputation. Even if she was able to gather them successfully, from where would Li QingChen gather evidence of Yang Chen using her name to handle his affairs?

In case this happened, Shi ShanShan’s criticism towards Yang Chen would be completely fruitless and she would moreover leave behind an impression an egomaniac who heard what she wanted to hear. The Green Jade Immortal Islands certainly did not educate its disciples properly, if this kind of talented disciple did not know how to handle even this simple kind of matter.

Another person who made Yang Chen angry was the elder Guan Yueying who was pursuing him relentlessly. She did not go to ask the disciple of her sect about the matter and instead stubbornly chased behind Yang Chen to maintain the face of her Green Jade Immortal Islands. Yang Chen was also not someone who would go down without a fight.

Only because of a trifling matter like this, she had left all major affairs she was responsible for as an elder and was still pursuing him relentlessly. Whether for good or bad, Yang Chen still possessed his memories as a Great Principal Golden Immortal. This was the first time in this life that someone had put him in such a sorry state.

The more he was forced, the more stubborn Yang Chen became. ‘Do you want to chase me? I will allow you to chase me! In any case, since you can’t even catch me within the sea, how could you even hope to do so in the sky?’

Guan Yueying’s cultivation base of the peak YuanYing stage couldn’t make Yang Chen bow down, instead evoking his fighting spirit. He had enough top grade spirit stones to insert into the flying shuttle for several years. If one piece was not sufficient, he still had eight more. If Guan Yueying, a peak YuanYing stage expert was ready to chase after a Foundation stage expert for nine years, then she should bring it on!

On the surface of the sea, a marvelous scene could be seen: Green Jade Immortal Islands’ elder Guan was controlling her flying sword and could be seen flying towards the East China Sea. Elder Guan was fuming with rage, which could seen on her face, and nobody knew the person who was responsible for provoking her to this extent.

Guan Yueying also couldn’t help her anger. She had already been chasing after Yang Chen for a full twenty hours and not only had she not caught him, she had also chased him for a long distance. Normally, a Foundation stage junior flying with all of his strength, being able to maintain this speed for such a long time under the pressure of a peak YuanYing stage expert was already an extraordinary achievement, but not only had Yang Chen persisted for such a long time, he wasn’t showing any intention of stopping, which made Guan Yueying even angrier.

When had a trifling Foundation stage cultivator forced a peak YuanYing stage expert to chase with all her speed for such a long time? Moreover this was also when Yang Chen was injured and had already spat out blood, if this matter came out, what would remain of Elder Guan’s face? What would remain of the Green Jade Immortal Islands’ reputation?

Both of them were extremely stubborn, none willing to bow first. Moreover in Yang Chen’s case, he had no other choice. If he stopped, he would be immediately captured by Guan Yueying, which would mean that at least his cultivation would be abolished, to maintain Green Jade Immortal Islands’ reputation. How could Yang Chen be ready to become another sect’s stepping stone? Most of all the sect of a haughty person like Shi ShanShan.

After this chase had lasted for three days, in the Flying Shuttle: Yang Chen’s injuries had already stabilized and his spirit sea was also not that chaotic anymore, having begun to restore to its original state.

Because of this time’s damage to the spirit sea, Yang Chen had made a pleasant discovery, the long blood river within his spirit sea and the fifth earth soil, together with PengLai Divine Wood had formed a strong framework. Regardless of how many injuries the spirit sea received, all of them would be supported completely and it would not collapse because of them. This was certainly a nice surprise for him. If it were not for the injuries this time, he would also not have discovered that his spirit sea was so formidable.

The alleviation of the spirit sea’s injuries allowed Yang Chen to have an even greater ease in fleeing. Very quickly after he had finished the cultivation of the Three Purities Secrets, he discovered a dot of light within his spirit sea.

That was precisely the trace of Spiritual Awareness which Guan Yueying had left within his spirit sea. Above this dot of light, an extremely thin thread could be seen, barely connecting the rear of the Flying Shuttle with some other region. Yang Chen knew that this was Guan Yueying’s spiritual awareness pursuing him.

The extremely small trace of spiritual awareness had raised great interest in Yang Chen. Under the effect of the Three Purities Secrets, the spirit sea hadn’t suffered any critical injuries and had almost healed. Currently, Yang Chen could already use about eighty percent strength of his spirit sea and he could begin to deal with this spiritual awareness mark.

What gave Yang Chen some headache was if he should completely refine this mark, which would make Guan Yueying lose his trail or if he should seize the opportunity and make Guan Yueying suffer something of which she could never speak of?

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