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Chapter 116 - I Don't Think They Are Feeling Good Now

Everyone knew who Elder Wu was looking for. Apart from Yang Chen, the entire Pure Yang Palace didn’t have anyone who had caught the eyes of Elder Wu.

Seeing this, there was no need to ask, this was surely a courtesy visit before ascending. Originally the status of the Pure Yang Palace was not sufficient for Elder Wu to show his appreciation, but because of Yang Chen, everything was different.

The main gate of the Pure Yang Palace was opened widely and all inner disciples were in formation. An extremely long greeting line was formed from the main gate extending all the way to the main hall.

The Palace Master and a group of elders also came out to welcome him. After the younger generation’s ceremony to pay their respects to Elder Wu, they lead him to the main hall of the Pure Yang Palace very respectfully and invited him to take the seat of honor.

Although Elder Wu was a rogue cultivator, he had an extremely seniority, and as for his cultivation, his ascension was just around the corner, so he was considered one of the most powerful men in the mortal world. Adding onto that the fact that he had been the overseer of the Immortal Falling Well for many years, the disciples of almost all sects and schools looked up to him. Within the mortal world, his prestige had already reached the limit.

For the Pure Yang Palace to be able to be graced with Elder Wu’s presence was like bringing light to their humble dwelling. Just this one visit from Elder Wu was sufficient to increase the Pure Yang Palace’s level by a grade, from a second tier sect to a first tier sect.

From top to bottom, the entire Pure Yang Palace knew the reason for Elder Wu’s visit, but this did not stop the disciples from throwing gazes filled with incomparable respect at Elder Wu. At the same time they couldn’t help themselves but enviously stare at Yang Chen.

Naturally, Yang Chen’s current status was not high enough to enter the main hall of the Pure Yang Palace and he could only look at it from a distance while following Gao Yue, but Yang Chen also knew that Elder Wu would surely meet him alone, so there was no need to be anxious.

His master Gao Yue on the contrary, let her face reveal nervousness on one hand, while on the other it also showed excitement, as if she was going to meet her idol, completely different from that sort of calm which Yang Chen remembered. Perhaps it was because she currently still hadn’t taken responsibility or maybe because she still hadn’t experienced the painful process of maturing.

Yang Chen would rather prefer his master like this, pure and not having to think about any darkness in this world. All her responsibilities, Yang Chen would carry them together with her. But Yang Chen was also was aware that this was not reality, if she did not gain these experiences, she would forever be unable learn from these experiences and thus would be unable to increase her cultivation. Yang Chen could only do one thing, that was to reduce the dangers she would have to face as much as he could.

Just as expected, after some sort of high class discussions, Elder Wu inevitably raised the request to meet with Yang Chen.

The entire Pure Yang Palace was well aware of the situation, everyone knew who had brought this honor of Elder Wu’s visit just before his ascension, so how would anyone try to obstruct this? Who would have the guts to try to offend not only Elder Wu but also the Palace Master and the group of elders?

Originally this was supposed to be a private meeting between Yang Chen and Elder Wu, but Yang Chen also wanted to allow his master to face some of the scene, the result was that in the meeting between Elder Wu and Yang Chen, the number of attendees had increased by three. These three people were naturally the Palace Master, his Great Master Wang Yong, as well as Gao Yue, who had been in Gao Yue’s room earlier, discussing about the events in the Desolate Valley, only the stage had then been changed by Yang Chen to the room for receiving visitors of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

“Are the two waiting on the outside your friends?”

Against expectations, immediately after entering the room and sitting in front of Yang Chen, Elder Wu asked this question.

The two waiting on the outside were naturally She Kui and Xie Sha. Even if they could hide their presence and to the Palace Master and Wang Yong appear as an ordinary Meadow Viper and Sand Scorpion, Elder Wu could make out their true strength with just one glance. His ascension was imminent, and he had already experienced the wind tribulations, so Elder Wu’s eyesight exceeded ordinary cultivators by far.

Elder Wu had said this very lightly, seemingly he did not find anything strange at Yang Chen being able to make friends with YuanYing stage demon beasts. All this time, Elder Wu had properly understood the ways of the world and even he himself had benefitted from conversing with Yang Chen, therefore he did not find it even a little strange. Since Yang Chen was able to make good friends with him, a Da Cheng stage expert, then making friends with two demon beasts was really just a normal thing.

“Precisely, they are recent friends which this junior has made.”

Yang Chen did not hide anything from Elder Wu, even in front of the Palace Master and Wang Yong, he did not hide the plan of the Pure Yang Palace to establish a Hall of Eccentrics, wishing to hear Elder Wu’s opinion.

“What can happen in the worst case?”

After hearing all the merits and demerits, Elder Wu waved his big hand:

“To be able to restrict these demon beast experts, this is something many people are looking for, who would oppose it? I am in support!”

Hearing these words from Elder Wu, the Palace Master and Wang Yong were even more determined, originally they had thought through this approach properly, but after gaining Elder Wu’s support, there wasn’t any problem.

Following which, Yang Chen also introduced his master, Gao Yue and his Great Master, Wang Yong to Elder Wu. Elder Wu was very earnest towards both of them and didn’t have the slightest amount of contempt for their cultivation, most of all towards Gao Yue, he was incomparably respectful.

“Good fortune, Fellow Daoist Gao!”

Elder Wu even directly said these words to Gao Yue:

“But accepting younger brother Yang as disciple, Fellow Daoist Gao will also need to take care of many things.”

These sort of words, complimenting while also jesting, made Gao Yue so happy that she almost started jumping. It took a long time and a lot of willpower to control herself so that she wouldn’t lose self control.

“As for He LianYun, I have found him the Real Moon Fire, which is the counterpart of his previous flame, so it would surely take him around a hundred or so years to absorb it.”

Facing Yang Chen again, Elder Wu told him this news. This was presumably a warning for Yang Chen about the counterattack from He LianYun after he recovered.

Yang Chen did not care much about it; He LianYun wanting to absorb and refine the complete opposite of the Real Sun Fire, the Real Moon Fire was absolutely not possible. Yang Chen understood what was going on with He LianYun’s cultivation: his control over the flame and his comprehension was finite, so a hundred years was a very valuable time for him.

“This time, I just happened to be caught up with the trouble between the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Phases Sect, this old man also was a mediator of sorts.”

After speaking about the matter of He LianYun, he changed the topic to the events at the Desolate Valley:

“They had gifted me with a bottle of fifth earth True Qi, then I remembered that the Spirit Power of the five phases in your body is not weak, so I intended to gift it to you, but looking at you now, it seems that wasn’t necessary!”

Elder Wu’s eyesight was really penetrating, in just a moment that he had spent with Yang Chen, he had immediately discovered the transformation in Yang Chen’s body. Under the propulsion of the Real Fifth Earth Secrets, the fifth earth True Qi had already transformed to the most pure and most natural Spirit Power among the five phases in Yang Chen’s body, Elder Wu determined all of this at a glance.


Yang Chen had been anxious about where to get fifth earth True Qi so that She Kui and Xie Sha could openly appear in front of all people, but Elder Wu currently had one bottle, how could he miss this kind of opportunity? He hastily extended his hand:

“Useful! Useful! It is extremely useful!”

“Since you want it, then younger brother Yang, shouldn’t you explain about the matter of Desolate Valley clearly?”

Beaming with smiles, Elder Wu reached within his clothing to take out the jade bottle of fifth earth True Qi and threw it towards him.

If other people did not know, then they would certainly think that what Elder Wu threw was a bottle of something useless. Looking at him casually throwing it away, as well as subsequently staring at Yang Chen and demanding him to speak, the Palace Master, Wang Yong as well as Gao Yue all had their hearts in their throats.

Seeing Yang Chen and Elder Wu surprisingly speak in this way, made the three spectators extremely scared. The three people were very nervous that Yang Chen had angered Elder Wu because of this. This kind of cheekiness, nobody knew when it could offend people.

But they hadn’t expected that Elder Wu didn’t care about it, and was instead staring at Yang Chen, beaming with smiles, after giving him that jade bottle sealed by a Spell Formation, only then did he say:

“Tell me, wasn’t this your crafty plot?”

These words, made the hairs on the bodies of the three people stand up. Unexpectedly Elder Wu had seen through Yang Chen’s mischief, didn’t this mean that they had to suffer extermination now?

“It’s not a big deal, the Greatest Heaven Sect had secretly shielded a traitor of my Pure Yang Palace, Chu Heng. This Chu Heng wanted to kill me all along, naturally I would not let them have an easy time!”

Yang Chen causally replied, without caring about the horrified expressions of the three people on the side, calmly added:

“I think they should not be well now!”

“That’s why you had caused such a huge loss of people?”

Elder Wu did not express any opinion, only asked while frowning.

“Shielding Chu Heng, seriously injuring four Law Enforcement Disciples of my sect and furthermore returning them to the sect with great publicity, he humiliated my Pure Yang Palace, naturally I will also have to repay the favour.”

Yang Chen did not care much, he was convinced that Elder Wu was not someone who would betray his friends to earn glory, and what kind of favour could he want at that moment?

“They tried to suppress my Pure Yang Palace and so I made several years of their work go to waste! They had injured four disciples of my sect, so I made them lose one YuanYing stage expert and two JieDan stage experts, while also killing the sect’s traitor!”

While saying this, a smile had already made its way up Yang Chen’s face, looking at Elder Wu he asked:

“They made the first strike, I made the last, isn’t it justified?”

After Yang Chen had finished speaking, the scene was shrouded in deathly silence. The Palace Master, Wang Yong and Gao Yue did not dare to make a sound, but Elder Wu was firmly staring at Yang Chen, as if trying to see the truth within his words.

“You are indeed quite fierce, youngster!”

After a long silence, Elder Wu suddenly smiled and extended his thumb towards Yang Chen:

“No wonder, you are enjoying so much prosperity and success, when this old man was your age, I didn’t have your courage and fierce strength.”

After hearing Elder Wu, the three people sitting on the side, loosened a breath, only then did they discover, that their legs had surprisingly become soft. Even though the Palace Master and Wang Yong were YuanYing stage experts, they had also broken out in cold sweat because of Yang Chen’s daring act just a moment ago. If Elder Wu, who had the strength of peak the Da Cheng stage, had acted violently, then it would have absolutely been a nightmare for the Pure Yang Palace.

“Can you tell me in detail about what you have done?”

Seeing the situation while he was mediating, he had already somewhat realized what was going on, but he had no way to confirm the details. With great difficulty he had caught the main culprit, Yang Chen, so he naturally had to ask him, to know about this matter clearly.

“Elder Wu, even you haven’t understood it clearly?”

Yang Chen suddenly turned his eyes towards him, and asked with a smile:

“If this junior tells you, then how will he benefit?”

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