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Chapter 115 - Hall of Eccentrics

11 Jul 2016

This small piece of information gave rise to shock on the side of the Palace Master and his Great Master, Wang Yong. These continuous few bits of information were already something that they were not able to believe. Just a moment ago, they were feeling happy that their own disciple had prevailed over everything, but this matter about the two demon beasts wanting to enter the sect, could the Heavens really drop such a meat pie into their laps?

“If demon beasts enter my sect, won’t the people think that my Pure Yang Palace has some relations with demon beasts?”

Wang Yong was experienced and knowledgeable, he immediately called this into question. But his tone was not going against Yang Chen, rather wanting Yang Chen to overcome some barriers, or possibly wanting Yang Chen to justify these things.

The Palace Master also creased his brows, this question, if not settled properly, would be a huge annoyance. Although he and Wang Yong did not care if Yang Chen had relied on these two YuanYing demon beasts to resolve this matter, in case people became aware that Pure Yang Palace was colluding with demon beasts, it would give rise to a great controversy. Let alone other people, the Greatest Heaven Sect would not let go of this opportunity and would try to retrieve some honour from the Pure Yang Palace.

“Palace Master, my Pure Yang Palace also doesn’t have any guardian spirit beasts for defending the sect mountain. They also are at the YuanYing stage, what could outsiders say?”

Yang Chen had already thought of a solution to this problem.

It was not like only the Pure Yang Palace had guardian spirit beasts for defending the sect mountain. Other sects also had them, moreover in order to illustrate the might of the sect most of them would raise some formidable demon beasts to keep up appearances. But demon beasts were demon beasts in the end, only if they were raised from childhood, could they be raised to be powerful, otherwise, if they were captured halfway, they would absolutely not allow the demon beasts to become very formidable.

Yang Chen’s statement, directly increased the chances of the demon beasts entering the sect. Guardian Spirit Beasts with a high cultivation entering the sect, wasn’t that a good thing? If it was possible that other people still dared to take pry into Pure Yang Palace’s internal matters, then shouldn’t the guardian spirit beasts attack and get rid of them to protect the sect’s honor? Speaking of the Pure Yang Palace, even if it was a minor sect, other people would not do anything regarding this kind of matter, at most others would be envious of their luck.

The Palace Master’s eyes shone, if two YuanYing stage demon beast experts were raised, wouldn’t it be a major event at any sect? Since they had this kind of method to settle the problem, then wasn’t it taking good advantage of the current situation?

“Senior disciple, if the demon beasts enter our sect, then which hall would be most fitting for them?”

The Palace Master turned towards Wang Yong and consulted him.

Because of Yang Chen’s actions or maybe because of some other reason, Wang Yong’s whole self showed formidable confidence, related to this, even his cultivation had greatly increased within these ten years, originally he was just a common elder, but in the last ten years he had entered the top three most powerful elders. His power and prestige had greatly increased, the Palace Master also consulted with Wang Yong many times, whenever there was some matter.

Apart from Gao Yue and Yang Chen, nobody else knew the reason for such a transformation in Wang Yong. In fact, Yang Chen had all along believed firmly that one’s confidence was the most important thing during cultivation. Regardless of whether it was the Heart’s Devil or confusion, it would always affect the cultivator’s mentality, making them unable to clearly see the road ahead, which would give rise to sufferings and even could influence their cultivation.

Currently Wang Yong absolutely didn’t have this kind of obstruction, he possessed the Heaven Seizing Pill, which meant his ascension was just around the corner, that powerful confidence he had allowed him to have a formidable cultivation determination and so his power had increased by leaps and bounds, precisely because of this reason.

Wang Yong began to consider the question the Palace Master had raised. Demon beasts were after all demon beasts, regardless of whichever hall they were placed in, it would probably cause annoyance. After much deliberation, he couldn’t settle on any arrangements for them, so while hesitating, he looked at Yang Chen standing in front of him and quickly asked him:

“Yang Chen, what do you suggest?”

“Reporting to Palace Master and Great Master!”

Yang Chen respectfully replied:

“This disciple believes that no matter which hall they enter, it will be unsuitable. It would be better to allow them to establish an independent hall by themselves, to be called as the Hall of Eccentrics, using the Appearance Transforming Technique, some refining tools, pill concocting techniques, Spell Formations and cultivation methods as their foundation. This will also not give rise to the ire of other halls and will attract many more talented people to enter the sect!”

“Appearance Transformation Secrets? Hall of Eccentrics?”

The Palace Master was not the Palace Master for no reason, he immediately discovered an opportunity within the subject of using the Appearance Transforming Secrets’ cultivation method and having demon beasts entering the Pure Yang Palace.

They were two YuanYing stage demon beasts, but still wanted the Appearance Transforming Secrets, this meant that the Appearance Transforming Secrets held an incredibly attractive force towards other demon beast experts. Then if the Pure Yang Palace used the Appearance Transforming Secrets, wouldn’t it be able to attract an even larger number of demon beast experts?

“They’re not our race, humans won’t accept them!”

While the Palace Master was thinking about it, Wang Yong shook him out of his dreams, apparently many things had to be taken care off. Only when all parties were satisfied could it happen.

“In case other sects are dissatisfied about this, then what should we do?”

“The guardian spirit beasts of the sect mountain would have to defend the mountain faithfully for a thousand years and have at last earned their reward, so the sect will show their gratitude to the outside world and bestow them titles as disciples of the sect, in this way it will be completely reasonable and completely fair. Who could say that this is not right?”

Facing the question by his Great Master Wang Yong, Yang Chen spoke with complete confidence, as if he had already practiced:

“Moreover, the Hall of Eccentrics also will also scrupulously abide by the rules of the sect and display utter loyalty and responsibility. So what could outsiders complain about?”

“But these guardian spirit beasts of the sect, let alone outsiders, even many people within the sect have not seen them, how can we stop the multitude of running mouths?”

The Palace Master had thought about it in great detail and asked a new question again.

“This disciple also hasn’t seen, but only heard about the secret pavilion of the sect, which is very heavily defended. Apart from Palace Master, no other person knows its location, or what kind of defence it has.”

Facing the Palace Master’s question, he happily replied:

“Wouldn’t it be possible that these two seniors were protecting the secret pavilion?”

“If we establish the Hall of Eccentrics, won’t it slowly absorb other unusual people, so how come my secret pavilion has so many guardian spirit beasts?”

The Palace Master also smiled when hearing Yang Chen’s reply and continued with another question.

“Since the two seniors had laboured very hard to establish the Hall of Eccentrics, naturally they must have looked for other guardian spirit beasts. So why can’t there be many eccentrics?”

Yang Chen was fooling around without even caring that the Palace Master and his own Great Master were sitting in front of him.

“Other sects certainly also have guardian spirit beasts, then why isn’t their cultivation as profound as the ones of my sect?”

The Palace Master asked again, looking at Yang Chen who had a smile all across his face, as if this question was a joke.

“The Sect Master of my sect has a method to increase the cultivation of demon beasts, which can only be used by guardian spirit beast who had guarded my sect for a necessary amount of time, to honor their hard work. Even if other people know about this, what can they say?”

Yang Chen again jokingly replied:

“This is my sect’s classified secret, other than people forcefully taking it, how would it be possible that anyone knows?”

“If a sect rule is violated by the eccentrics of the Hall of Eccentrics then wouldn’t the other sects not let it go?”

Wang Yong asked supportingly from the side.

Perhaps this was the question that had made these people anxious all along, after all these were demon beasts, moreover with a high cultivation. If they really violated a sect rule, then it would indeed be a great annoyance. The Palace Master was also hesitating because of this question, only he hadn’t asked it yet.

“The situation of the demon beasts is very difficult, even loose cultivators are comparatively better off.”

Yang Chen knew that this question didn’t have a reasonable solution, this affair was also very difficult to manage, putting away the smiling face, he replied with great seriousness:

“The benefits of entering the sect are many and we aren’t compelling them, they must think about the consequences of betraying the sect themselves.”

“Additionally, the demon beasts also have great oaths on their Heart’s Devil, as well as others. Then, when entering the sect, they can be restricted by some great oath, based on a time limit or cultivation limit.”

Yang Chen had first clearly analysed the merits and demerits, continuing on he offered a method of restriction and finally he said:

“Moreover, even if there are still some traitor disciples, so what?”

“How can you speak these words?”

The Palace Master immediately questioned. Shouldn’t this be another huge worry?

“Which sect doesn’t have a few cultivators who betrayed the sect?”

Yang Chen again replied with a smile:

“Whoever comes to ask this, first ask him if he didn’t have some traitor in his own sect before!”

Since things like sect rules existed, surely the people who violated these rules also existed, otherwise there was basically no significance to sect rules. Just as Yang Chen said, which sect didn’t have a few traitors? Even if the Hall of Eccentrics of the Pure Yang Palace had some traitors, that was still a very ordinary matter. Whoever came to blame them, shouldn’t he first check if they have their own skeletons in their closets?

This act was shameless, but it was reasonable, and had no loopholes. As it turned out, although the Pure Yang Palace was not regarded as a big sect as weighty as Mt.Tai, it was still considered as a sect worthy of mention. As long as they had proper reasons, other people would not be able to use these reasons to attack the Pure Yang Palace.

Increasing the number of YuanYing stage cultivators would also increase the strength of Pure Yang Palace, to the Palace Master it seemed that this was a worthwhile matter. Moreover, as long as they set this precedent, they would have two eccentric existences later, and using these two powerful eccentrics, they would also be able to rope in even more YuanYing stage demon beasts. As for those JieDan stage demon beasts willing to be the guardian spirit beasts of the Pure Yang Palace, they would be endless.

Currently there was a huge opportunity in front of the Palace Master, but at the same time also a great challenge. If they were able to cross over it, then within a few short decades, the strength of the Pure Yang Palace would take a huge leap. If they were not able to cross it, then it would certainly be a huge loss for them.

“Elder brother!”

The Palace Master turned towards Wang Yong and consulted him:

“Should we also invite the other elders to discuss about this?”

Wang Yong didn’t say anything and only nodded, but his gaze still was on Yang Chen. Seeing that Yang Chen still wanted to say something, he raised his chin, hinting him to speak.

“Palace Master, Great Master!”

Yang Chen cautiously said:

“Regarding the exact details of the Appearance Transformation Secrets, as well as the exact detail of the two eccentrics, they still have to be kept secret. Within the sect, there is no lack of people serving the interest of outsiders, this Appearance Transformation Secrets can only be passed from mouth to mouth. The best is that Palace Master and Great Master also not know it, allowing the two eccentrics to control it!”

Yang Chen words contained an impolite message, going as far as to say that the Palace Master also should not learn about the exact details of the Appearance Transformation Secrets; how could the Palace Master endure this? But after thinking about this properly, he had to agree that Yang Chen’s words had some reason. If everyone was able to learn about the Appearance Transforming Secrets and then somebody leaked it, wouldn’t that mean that the big sects would become even stronger?”

Naturally, the identity of the demon beasts would also have to be kept as a secret, this was a huge matter involving the war between the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Phases Sect. If people knew that the main culprit was Yang Chen and the two demon beasts, then Pure Yang Palace would certainly have to take the consequences.

Since it was already like this, then they also require a reasonable argument for the fifth earth True Qi in the body of the two demon beasts. The best method would be that the Palace Master stepped in personally and exchanged some fifth earth True Qi from the Five Phases Sect. After this, everything would seem to make perfect sense.

“Naturally, they are currently still guarding the secret pavilion!”

The Palace Master thought clearly about this and immediately made a decision. But immediately following that he asked Yang Chen with a smile:

“Yang Chen, can you let us meet with these two future eccentrics of the sect?”

Yang Chen smilingly accepted and soon after that, he turned around to walk. Wang Yong removed the restrictions one by one and Yang Chen rapidly ran off outside of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. After a short while, he returned, and the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion entered Gao Yue’s room.

After being refined by the fifth earth True Qi, the two demon beasts, now two eccentrics could already maintain their human appearance for some time. After entering the room, they immediately assumed their human shapes and towards the Palace Master and Wang Yong they immediately introduced themselves:

“Disciple, She Kui(Xie Sha), pays his respects to the Palace Master and the Elder!”

She Kui and Xie Sha were the human names chosen by the two, but these names made Yang Chen very irritated. They had merely switched around a few characters in Meadow Viper and Sand Scorpion, really they have no imagination.

The two demon beasts changing their appearances into humans gave a scare to the Palace Master and Wang Yong. Surprisingly, even with their level of cultivation, nobody could sense their presence, at most it would seem that they were an ordinary Meadow Viper and Sand Scorpion, even taking them for demon beasts was out of the question. No wonder they were able to easily play tricks under the nose of the YuanYing stage ancestor of the Five Phases Sect, since they had this kind of method all along.

This would solve a lot of problems, at least at a time they were hidden, nobody would be able to discover anything about them and at most believe them to be two ordinary people.

“So, you two should follow after me, to act as guardian spirit beasts for the time being!”

The Palace Master had wanted to understand the behaviour of the two demon beasts, so after giving a meaningful signal to Wang Yong, he instructed them.

“Yes, Palace Master!”

Yang Chen had already explained many rules to them during the journey, this was the first time the two of them had actually tried to act decently. After replying, they even immediately took the oath that, before they reached the Da Cheng stage, they would absolutely not violate rules of the Pure Yang Palace nor do anything against the interests of Pure Yang Palace. This kind of approach made their true intentions clear, which made the Palace Master feel very satisfied.

“Yang Chen, you have done all of this, what kind of reward do you want?”

After finding a place for the two eccentrics, the Palace Master evaluated the merits to bestow his reward:

“This time, you were in the wrong, so you cannot be publicly praised and can only be rewarded secretly, if there’s anything you want, don’t hesitate to ask!”

While Yang Chen still hadn’t said anything, a purple colored light direct flew towards the Palace Master from the gate of the sect. The purple colored light was a signal to mark the arrival of an important guest, so Wang Yong immediately removed the restrictions and allowed the light to enter, which then flew towards the Palace Master’s hand.

After sweeping the light with his Spiritual Awareness, the Palace Master immediately showed an astonished expression and suddenly issued a command to the entire Pure Yang Palace:

“An important visitor has arrived, all disciples get in formation for a welcome!”

After issuing this command, he turned towards Yang Chen and slowly said:

“Elder Wu has visited the mountain!’

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