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Chapter 117 - Both Happy And Scared


Once these words came out of Yang Chen’s mouth, it immediately gave rise to nervousness on the part of the three other people. How could he speak with Elder Wu in this kind of tone? Elder Wu had agreed to hear him, that was already heaven defying luck, but still going so far as to haggle over the price? Even if everyone in the entire Pure Yang Palace was counted, nobody would have any doubt that Elder Wu was extremely clear about what he wanted!

Elder Wu’s complexion was formal, his gaze as cold as ice, glaring at Yang Chen. A noiseless pressure appeared and shrouded Yang Chen.

Even though it did not spread to the other people, the Palace Master, Wang Yong and Gao Yue still felt a chill. The pressure exerted by a peak Da Cheng stage expert, even if it was them, they would still be frightened stiff.

“Senior, please be lenient!”

Gao Yue herself did not know what she was thinking, surprisingly daring to yell at this critical moment, but even she could not understand her own voice, as her voice had already started trembling.

Although the Palace Master and Wang Yong heard it, they could also only helplessly worry but could do nothing, anxiety clearly visible on their faces. Facing Elder Wu’s formidable pressure regardless of their identities, they didn’t say anything. If really they had said something at this moment, especially the Palace Master, that would mean that the dust had settled and that there would be no other option than becoming hostile.

What made everyone astonished was that the person bearing this pressure directly, Yang Chen, seemed as if he hadn’t sensed anything and still had the same mischievous smile as before, not even sweat had broken out on his face or body, as for trembling, such a thing never happened. Elder Wu, who was sitting in front of him, releasing his pressure, was apparently just a guardian of his in Yang Chen’s eyes, so he could act shamelessly and moreover he had to act shamelessly in front of him.

“Senior, even if you can’t give a reward, there is also no need to be angry!”

With this sentence, he woke up everyone from their stupor, but at the same time he made the three people from his sect feel gloomy within their hearts.

“Good! I want to listen to you first, and see if your version is worthy of reward!”

Elder Wu smiled, throwing away the angry aura, and then burst out laughing. Towards the Palace Master, Wang Yong and Gao Yue, he nodded his head:

“Can you three please step back a little, I must see what he has to say!”

“Senior, Yang Chen is only a little mischievous and naughty……”

After seeing that Elder Wu still had some traces of that anger, Gao Yue immediately got panicky in her head, unable to deal with the fear, she opened her mouth again to make a plea for leniency.

“Don’t worry, this old man knows how to act properly, I will not bother much with a junior!”

Elder Wu waved his big hand and after that, the three people were unable to utter even half a letter and their bodies involuntarily, as if being pulled by an invisible arm, were dragged out through the door at lightning speed.

The door was closed from the inside and soon afterwards, powerful restrictions had sealed off Yang Chen’s room. The Palace Master, Wang Yong and Gao Yue looked at each other in dismay, feeling extremely anxious within their hearts. Just now Elder Wu had dismissed them with a wave of his hand and these three people didn’t even have the strength to protest. This kind of might made the three of them feel despair.

“Good, there isn’t anyone here now, if you want to say anything, speak freely!” After laying down the restrictions, Elder Wu had again become amiable and was not as imposing as earlier. He had just received some hint from Yang Chen’s words, so he could only put up such an arrangement.

But Elder Wu was still slightly astonished that Yang Chen was able to endure his pressure. In the mortal world, even if it was a YuanYing stage elder, facing Elder Wu’s pressure with full strength, they would also not be able to remain nonchalant like this, but just a moment ago, Yang Chen had surprisingly played down the gradually increasing pressure of Elder Wu and dismissed it very skillfully, how could Elder Wu not be amazed?

“Your master is not bad, wanting to save her disciple at such a crucial time, you have good taste!”

Even in great astonishment, Elder Wu did not forget to praise Gao Yue. Although Gao Yue had also faced the same pressure just a moment ago, she hadn’t thought about abandoning her disciple, which was indeed rare.

“Of course, whose master do you think she is?”

Yang Chen immediately became filled with pride, puffing up his chest.

“Tell me about that matter now!”

Elder Wu could not bear to see Yang Chen proud like this and directly interrupted his arrogance and had him immediately get to the point.

“Elder brother, your ascension is just around the corner, I have some words for you!”

Yang Chen nodded his head and directly went to the seat on his left hand side to sit down and started explaining:

“From the beginning we were talking like strangers, so it is not good to start talking but now if we do not speak, in the future we will no longer have an opportunity.”

“You speak, I will listen!”

Elder Wu faintly nodded his head. Although he had hit it off with Yang Chen, it was just a friendship based on the refining of a Heaven Seizing Pill from the beginning. But actually, after parting with Yang Chen, he was able to comprehend many things from the discussions he had with Yang Chen, this only increased the value of Yang Chen in his mind.

“Elder brother, after ascending, if you encounter people with this mark; if you can avoid offending them, then you must not offend them; if you can make friends with them, then you must do it, it will have many advantages!”

While speaking, the Achievement Ring on Yang Chen’s hand shone brightly. In reality, at this moment the Achievement Ring was just a tattoo on Yang Chen’s finger and did not have the appearance of a ring, only its design was quite unique.

“What is this?”

Elder Wu’s eyes opened widely, he attentively stared at the design that had appeared on Yang Chen’s hand and within his heart he couldn’t help but be astonished. From where did this design appear? He surprisingly couldn’t sense anything. With his cultivation, even if Yang Chen took out something from his qiankun pouch, he would still be able to discover it, yet he was unable to see how the Achievement Ring had emerged.

“This is the mark of the people I have mentioned.”

Yang Chen could not tell him everything, he only gave him some slight awareness. In any case, Elder Wu’s ascension was imminent, so those people would surely have prepared for all of this and would be waiting for him with a commander and a few servants, so Yang Chen did not have worry about it and he did not care much about letting him know.

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Elder Wu complexion was overwhelmed with shock, he could not help but extend his hands towards the sky:



Yang Chen nodded, although in a tacit understanding he hadn’t told him any names, but had admitted to Elder Wu’s guess.

Again when he looked at Yang Chen, Elder Wu’s gaze was filled with shock and simultaneously also filled with some sudden understanding, no wonder Yang Chen did not care about his pressure, no wonder Yang Chen knew how to handle the last step of the Heaven Seizing Pill, no wonder Yang Chen could do such earth shattering acts, he surprisingly had such an exalted status.

“But you also must maintain your distance, it may possibly cause some unnecessary troubles.”

Yang Chen again warned him, he feared that if Elder Wu walked too close with them, then at the time when he had to set about on his task, it would not be good if Elder Wu was pressed from both sides.

Elder Wu only nodded, but his face was filled with expectation, to be able to know about things of Spiritual World before ascending, this was just an opportunity which could only be found by luck and not by looking, if he passed up on this opportunity, then he would not be Elder Wu.

“I got it!”

Elder Wu replied like a child listening to an elder.

“Knowing too much about the matters of the next realm is also not good.”

Yang Chen naturally knew that Elder Wu wanted to know more, but he would not say much, lightly warning him was enough:

“Only, when you have just ascended, don’t be too arrogant, remain a little low key, you should act and do things as a youngster, so that you don’t lose face!”

Elder Wu only nodded, he had been mentally prepared for this fact, all people went to the Spiritual World after ascending, those people who had ascended first were definitely seniors. Although he had been accustomed to acting as an elder in the Mortal World, at the Spiritual World he was not even worth a sneer, he was bound to remain low key for a period of time.

Naturally, it’s not like he didn’t have the confidence that, with his powerful strength, after passing the calamity he would be able to spread his name in the next realm, but apparently such a thing was clearly not that easy. With Yang Chen’s formal words like this and with Yang Chen’s identity, Elder Wu also didn’t dare to have any big ideas.

“Your Heaven Fleeing Shuttle must also be fused with a suitable immortal cave only then can it be upgraded by another level, I just happen to have such a suitable region.”

Yang Chen had also previously spoken about the flaws of the Heaven Fleeing Shuttle, but wishing to fuse the Heaven Fleeing Shuttle together with some Immortal Cave, the resources it would take up were basically unimaginable, it could only be accomplished in the Spiritual World.

Within Yang Chen’s mind, there were many immortal caves left behind by people which were sufficient for him. With the friendship he had with Elder Wu, he could easily gift one to him. Moreover, after being grateful for his kindness, Elder Wu could also be considered as Yang Chen’s forerunner in the Spiritual World, then when the time would come, he would have a place to rely on. This kind of investment in the future, no other person would be more proficient in it than Yang Chen.

“The directions to the immortal cave are…”

After telling the directions to Elder Wu, which he properly remembered, he clapped his hands:

“When you ascend, first fuse with this Immortal Cave, afterwards you will have some assets to get out of a predicament. If you want to cultivate, you can have a place to cultivate, if you want to flee, you can have a magic tool to flee, then being a little arrogant is also not a problem.

“Younger brother, you……….”

Elder Wu’s words seem to be stuck in this throat, not knowing anything proper to say. He wanted to know Yang Chen’s identity, opening his mouth he could only say younger brother, but after that could not even utter a word.

“As for my identity, after you ascend, perhaps you will be able to guess.”

Yang Chen smiled while waving his hand, but he didn’t explain anything to Elder Wu. This kind of matter, in any case he would obtain a lot of information, but Yang Chen did not want to reveal everything to Elder Wu right then.

“A great favour cannot be thanked by words, younger brother, I request to pay my respects to you!”

Elder Wu, a person who meets gains or losses with composure, also no longer questioned him closely; standing up towards Yang Chen, he cupped his hands in submission.

Yang Chen hastily tried to evade, but was unable to resist against Elder Wu’s strength, so he received the ceremony. He understood Elder Wu’s gratitude. Many little pieces of information could be life saving at the right time.

“Why are you looking at me, do you still want me to reward you?”

After paying his respects, Elder Wu again resumed the attitude of an elder, doing what he wanted. His ascension was already imminent, his nature was magnanimous, so he basically did not care about some false friendships and also did not care much about saving face among seniors and juniors, doing what he wanted.

“This youngster wants your cultivation experience!”

Yang Chen actually was not even a little modest, directly extending his hand towards Elder Wu he said:

“I require some things to quell the pressure from my sect, elder brother, you must not also be too attached to things!”

“Hold this then!”

Elder Wu directly fished out more than ten jade slips from his qiankun pouch, but he had prepared this long ago. Elder Wu was a loose cultivator, he cultivated very diligently, but he had failed to take in a disciple, let alone a successor disciple. These things were originally set aside for people who had been brought together by fate, but since Yang Chen had asked for them, how could Elder Wu deny him?

“Now I will have a good explanation for the sect.”

Yang Chen raised his brows in delight, seeing the jade slips within his hand, he was rejoicing and tossing it up and down. Although Yang Chen’s experiences were not very different compared to Elder Wu, Elder Wu provided him with a very good pretense, so when the time came, many of his cultivation gifts could be blamed on Elder Wu.

By this time, the private conversation between them had already finished under the eyes of the Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master, Wang Yong and Gao Yue who were outside, waiting to enter. If Yang Chen had some ideas, he could just claim it came from Elder Wu. Having a source like this, who would get suspicious?

For these reasons, Yang Chen had even deliberately extended his meeting with Elder Wu. While inside of the room, he was just drinking tea on one hand, while on other hand he was chatting about Elder Wu’s path of cultivation. Elder Wu was a well known person in the Spiritual World, but he had taken a detour on his path of cultivation, Yang Chen had just wanted to tell him about the proper path earlier, believing that, with Elder Wu’s support, he would quickly be able to rise above others in the Spiritual World.

Listening to Yang Chen, Elder Wu was just feeling as if he had met a heavenly being. Many things which he hadn’t thought off or probably couldn’t even figure out were mentioned in a few sentences by Yang Chen and often gave him a sudden insight. His happiness couldn’t be described in words. Even if Elder Wu’s ascension was imminent and he was already past showing expressions on his face, he could still not help but show his excitement with a smile.

Time passed at lightning speed, two people were feeling happy while chatting, but on the outside four long hours had already passed. Thinking about the time, Yang Chen opened the room to the three people waiting outside.

While Elder Wu and Yang Chen were chatting, outside, the Palace Master was restlessly waiting with Wang Yong and Gao Yue, afraid that Yang Chen’s sentence had provoked Elder Wu’s ire and the Pure Yang Palace had drawn the misfortune of sect extermination. But they didn’t know what was happening inside, surprisingly there hadn’t been any sound of people from the inside, but they also did not dare to attack the restrictions and could only bitterly wait on the outside.

When Yang Chen opened the door, the smile on Elder Wu’s face entered the eyes of the three people. Looking at Elder Wu’s smile, the three people finally heaved a sigh, Yang Chen had seemingly settled the dispute.

Originally they still wanted some benefits from Elder Wu, but Elder Wu no longer intended to help everyone, he burst out laughing and walked away from the sect, and raising his thumb he began to praise Gao Yue:

“Good, young lass, you dared to protect your disciple in front of me, very good!”

After he finished praising Gao Yue, Elder Wu greeted the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace:

“Sorry for the inconvenience today, and many thanks for your troubles. This Wu is going to ascend soon, so I will return now!”

After he finished speaking, regardless of what other people thought, he took out his Heaven Fleeing Shuttle, which the disappeared in a flash with a ‘Xiu’ sound.

The three people looked at each other in dismay, then Palace Master looked at Elder Wu’s figure until he disappeared. Only then did everyone shout towards Yang Chen’s room. Soon after that they immediately set out on the task of cutting down the restrictions, then they asked Yang Chen:

“What did you and Elder Wu discuss?”

“Elder Wu thought disciple was worth cultivating, so he had given disciples some pointers regarding cultivation.”

Yang Chen did not hold back even a little bit in flaunting himself as a disciple worth cultivating, and he was also not afraid that Elder Wu would deny this in someone’s presence.

Seeing the three elders still have lingering fears because of the trauma, Yang Chen smiled and produced the jade slips:

“Before leaving, Elder Wu had given this disciple some cultivation insights, disciple did not dare to use them without authority, so I ask Palace Master to make a decision!”

Once these words came out, the three people’s eyes shone brightly, with their gazes fixed on those jade slips.

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