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Chapter 114 - The Palace Master's And Great Master's Shock


Not to mention other places, Yang Chen had killed at least seven to eight people just at the Desolate Valley: a few at the place of the earth attributed beast, another two JieDan stage experts, one was Chu Heng, all of this was not unknown to the demon beasts.

Hearing Yang Chen’s reply and thinking about Yang Chen’s actions, the two demon beasts apparently realized everything and didn’t nag much about the question of killing people. Regarding the matter of killing people, Yang Chen had certainly not said any false words.

But Yang Chen’s last words made them think about this carefully. As demon beasts who had lived for a long time at the Desolate Valley, they knew better than most people about how demon beasts were looked at by human cultivators. If it was not that they were determined as targets, so that the disciples could temper themselves and given a fixed territory, in all likelihood, they would have been killed already.

So after entering a sect, they completely wouldn’t have to worry about those things anymore. Yang Chen had clearly explained this point. The two demon beasts also began to consider entering the sect because of this explanation.

Naturally, the recent occurrences in the Desolate Valley had also left a profound impression on them. Due to the the conflict between the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Phases Sect, the whole advantage of being in a sect was revealed to them, regardless of whatever the people in the front had done, the people in the rear would support them without saying anything, this kind of thing was never seen among demon beasts.

Demon beasts liked to cultivate alone, therefore they became the target of cultivators very easily. Only in those regions where people generally didn’t appear, they had a chance to become formidable. This was also the major sorrow of demon beasts: in the world of demon beasts, the notion of cooperation appeared very rarely. Even the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion, had strived for territory all along. If they had not met Yang Chen, the two demon beasts basically wouldn’t have such friendly relations.

“Apparently the strength of the Pure Yang Palace can’t compare to sects like the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Phases Sect?”

The Sand Scorpion suddenly said:

“Should we not look for a stronger sect to rely on?”

“Against my expectations you are very clever!”

Yang Chen was not very polite with the demon beasts, although the two demon beasts were higher than Yang Chen by a lot, whether in terms of age or cultivation, Yang Chen had never had an attitude of being very respectful and he absolutely did what he wanted.

Only after praising him, did Yang Chen shake his head and say:

“You can go take a look and see if the Five Phases Sect or the Greatest Heaven Sect will accept you!”

Even without being told by Yang Chen, the two demon beasts could clearly see the answer from the treatment they have received from cultivators at the Desolate Valley.

“Then how are you so sure that the Pure Yang Palace will accept us?”

The Meadow Viper immediately asked, completely coherent.

“I also cannot guarantee.”

Yang Chen hadn’t told them any lies regarding this question, but he immediately followed up with an explanation:

“But you have met me, this should be more than simple coincidence, don’t you think so? You can always choose to go to try and enter another sect, you will immediately be attacked by powerful elders who want to get rid of you!”

“Does the Pure Yang Palace have cultivation methods for the demon race?”

The Meadow VIper asked again. He was very envious towards human cultivators for having all sorts of cultivation methods, and these demon beasts could only bitterly watch as their cultivation was mostly based on instinct, which was time consuming and required them to do a lot of hard work. Perhaps, this was another important reason why the Meadow Viper wanted to enter a sect.

“For the time being, no!”

Yang Chen directly shook his head:

“But as far as I know, some things like Spell Formations and Refining tools can be used by everyone to gain enlightenment, you can also try concocting pills. The Appearance Transforming Techniques that demon beasts possess are also more powerful compared to humans by many times. If you enter and adding onto that the things that I know, maybe you can create an unprecedented cultivation method for demon beasts.

The Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion were both emotionally moved, they did not doubt Yang Chen’s words even a little. After all, in so many years, the only one who had connected with them was Yang Chen and he had not captured them and forcefully broke their will after connecting to them using some inferior beast controlling secrets, this already clearly explained that Yang Chen had good things on him.

“Reputation or other things, we don’t really care.”

The Meadow Viper suddenly cut in between to explain his aim:

“I am only interested in those refining tools and other things that you have mentioned, I just want to test whether I have gained luck by following you!”

The Sand Scorpion didn’t say anything, but also didn’t leave. This already explained everything clearly. All of this had happened two days after they had left the Desolate Valley and on the flying sword. After spending a short time of just ten days, they had returned to the Pure Yang Palace.

Around this time, news of the Desolate Valley had already reached the Pure Yang Palace, because of Chu Heng’s execution. No matter who had done it, the traitor had finally been executed. Moreover, the Greatest Heaven Sect had already admitted their mistake and the entire Pure Yang Palace felt as if they had vented their anger and again would not have to continue to feel humiliation when they went out.

When Yang Chen returned to the the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, he just happened to come at a time when his master Gao Yue had come out of seclusion. Seeing Yang Chen, Gao Yue was joyous. Because of Yang Chen’s questions disguised as ”seeking guidance”, Gao Yue had once again gained an enlightenment regarding her cultivation, and was in seclusion since that day, still trying to improve until this date.

But Yang Chen was not very happy at this kind of progress. Gao Yue had a postnatal water attributed full Spirit Root, but Yang Chen had not gotten the opportunity or the justification to convince her of his words. She had a very high level in fire attributed cultivation, that implied that in the future, when she would cultivate a water attributed cultivation method, she would be required to overcome even more difficult problems.

But as it turned out, Yang Chen could only look helplessly at Gao Yue increasing her cultivation, even more so because of his influence. This kind of cognitive dissonance made Yang Chen not know what to do. Perhaps he could only allow her to increase her cultivation even higher first, this would at least give her some more security.

“How did things go at the Desolate Valley? I heard that place was very lively!”

When he met Gao Yue, after performing his salutations, Gao Yue asked Yang Chen about the circumstances at the Desolate Valley. Because the matter regarding Chu Heng had been settled, Gao Yue was also happy for Yang Chen and also for the Pure Yang Palace. Only for some reason, she had heard it was not settled by Yang Chen himself, so she felt some slight regret. This regret she had concealed very deeply, but it was seen through by Yang Chen in a glance.


Yang Chen did not want to repeat this affair several times, therefore he made a request to Gao Yue:

“Can you invite the Palace Master and the Great Master? This disciple will recount all the matters of the Desolate Valley!”

“Is this necessary?”

Gao Yue was very confused, why did Yang Chen want to do this with such fanfare, even wanting to invite the Palace Master, but then she remembered when Yang Chen had told her about the matter of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, so according to her instinct, something big must have happened this time again.

“You must only notify the Palace Master and the Great Master, other people must not be allowed to know anything!”

Yang Chen did not want to warn Gao Yue again and again.

Seeing Yang Chen so serious about this matter, Gao Yue didn’t say anything about this again and immediately went to invite Wang Yong and the Palace Master, according to Yang Chen’s request.

“What is this?”

Looking at Yang Chen place some items on the table, the Palace Master and Wang Yong asked, wrinkling their brows, Gao Yue was also confused when looking at the three flying swords. They suspiciously looked at Yang Chen.

“I’m making a report to Palace Master and Great Master!”

Yang Chen replied very respectfully:

“This is the flying sword of the sects traitor: Chu Heng; and these are are the flying swords of the two JieDan experts who had been killed by the senior of the Five Phases Sect on the scene, as well as some marked things and their qiankun pouches!”

Those marked things were a few jade slips Yang Chen had acquired from the unlucky JieDan experts, some of them had the cultivation method of the Greatest Heaven Sect, still some were about what they had learned by themselves during cultivation.

Once they heard this reply, both the Palace Master and Wang Yong were gobsmacked and almost stood up at the same time. Without thinking much, Wang Yong directly put up some restrictions outside the room, disconnecting everything that was being spoken in this room from the outside world, after which he carefully confirmed that there was no place in the room which could leak anything, only then did he sit down again.

The Palace Master made a gesture with his hand and the three flying swords flew directly into his hand and he began to inspect them. After inspecting them for a long time, he gave them to Wang Yong and returned to his own seat, but endless astonishment was flashing through his eyes. Those few jade slips were inspected by him and he immediately confirmed whether they were genuine or fake.

“This is a technique of the Greatest Heaven Sect and this sword really has the mark of Liang Shao Meng’s technique.”

Wang Yong also nodded after inspecting the flying sword. After looking at the jade slips Yang Chen had given them, there was no more room for doubt.

Gao Yue was standing on one side with her mouth hanging open, not daring to believe that this was true. In reality, other than Gao Yue, even the Palace Master and Wang Yong were shaken, but they hadn’t expressed that as clearly as Gao Yue.

The news about the Desolate Valley had already reached Pure Yang Palace, the YuanYing stage ancestor of the Five Phases Sect had already taken care of Chu Heng and two JieDan stage experts from the Greatest Heaven Sect, this matter was not hidden, but the question was, why did Yang Chen have all these things?

“What’s going on here?”

The Palace Master asked while tapping his finger on the armrest of the chair. Three pairs of eyes concentrated on Yang Chen waiting for him to answer.

While standing in front of these three, Yang Chen began to report about the matters of the Desolate Valley. The part where he discovered the Spell Diagram, was falsified however, to make it seem as if it had been found by the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion. The events after discovering the Spell Diagram were very rational and clearly structured, after modifying the Spell Diagram and with the assistance of the two YuanYing stage demon beasts, he got rid of the JieDan experts, killed Chu Heng and shifted all of the blame on the Greatest Heaven Sect. The three people hearing this were all extremely shocked.

Who could have thought that Yang Chen, a Foundation stage disciple, had been so brazen, easily manipulating two big sects and messing with them? Who could have thought, that Yang Chen could accomplish what more than a hundred people of the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciple had been unable to accomplish?

“This! This! This!”

After hearing that his capable grand disciple was so capable, Wang Yong was so shocked that he could not even say anything other than these three words.

Gao Yue only now understood why he had only called for the Palace Master and Wang Yong. This kind of matter, if disclosed to other people, for instance someone like Liang Shao Meng, who had good relations with the Greatest Heaven Sect, he would certainly disclose this information to the Greatest Heaven Sect. Who knew whether he had something to do with Chu Heng getting the information that the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall are coming for him or not?

But Yang Chen’s experience was really extremely mysterious and extremely adventurous. If it were not for the things on the table as proof, who would dare to believe that whatever he said was actually true?


The Palace Master looked at Yang Chen, but with another attitude. This kind of brave and scheming and also being able to find the solution at the most crucial point; such a disciple was worthy of receiving proper praise.

This act of Yang Chen’s had not only given Chu Heng the punishment he deserved, but it also made the Greatest Heaven Sect, which had shielded Chu Heng, pay a hefty price and at the same time taken the revenge for the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples and wiped the shame off the face of Pure Yang Palace, allowing the sect to vent their anger. Originally the entire Pure Yang Palace was somewhat vexed, their own matters had been settled with the assistance of Five Phases Sect, but currently it seemed that their own disciple also had some contribution in this, how could the Palace Master not be content?

The Palace Master’s attitude also affected Wang Yong. Originally he had believed that the Palace Master would punish Yang Chen for being so daring, but hearing the praise from the Palace Master, there was no need to worry about this, so he also burst out laughing. His own grand disciple’s hard work and determination would clearly increase his own face!

Gao Yue was also happy, a disciple’s actions were his master’s face. She completely hadn’t anticipated that, after showing that sort of anger in front of her, he had gone out and surprisingly accomplished such a feat. Once she thought that Yang Chen had chopped Chu Heng’s head off with his own hands and taken the revenge for the insults Chu Heng had launched at her, Gao Yue was unable to stop that kind of happiness born from the bottom of her heart.

“When you took these things, didn’t the people of the Five Phases Sect and Greatest Heaven Sect discover anything?”

Under the extensive joy, Gao Yue suddenly discovered something troublesome and hastily asked.

“For one strike of a YuanYing stage senior to destroy some flying swords and a few other things, isn’t that normal?”

When Yang Chen had taken these things, he had already thought of an escape route, so he carelessly said:

“Moreover, even if they hadn’t been destroyed, at that time there were many people there, who would have dared to investigate who had taken some low grade flying swords?”

“Then how come your attack didn’t allow the YuanYing stage senior to sense anything?”

Gao Yue immediately asked. The Palace Master and Wang Yong had already thought of these doubts, but it was most suitable for Gao Yue to ask about these.

After killing them, I arranged everything on the scene properly and afterwards I asked the two demon beast seniors to launch the attack.”

Yang Chen smilingly explained:

“Their ability to conceal their presence is exceptional, even the YuanYing stage senior could not discover them. As soon as the Spell Formation was broken due to his attack, they escaped, taking advantage of the confusion. No one had any way to catch them!”

Yang Chen clearly had to explain these doubtful points, otherwise he would not get the deserved praise from the Palace Master and his Great Master, Wang Yong, and they would also continue to remain doubtful. Yang Chen was certain about this, therefore he clearly explained it to them.

Everything within this seemed to have worked because of the presence of the two YuanYing stage demon beasts. Therefore, there was only one doubt remaining, about which Gao Yue asked:

“How did you make two YuanYing stage demon beasts agree to cooperate with you?”

“This disciple has incidentally obtained a copy of a cultivation method for demon beasts, the Appearance Transforming Method, within the Immortal Falling Well.”

Yang Chen smiled again, showing off his heaven defying luck in the face of these elders:

“This is the copy of the cultivation method, which I exchanged with the demon beast seniors in return for their cooperation. They not only helped me in this matter, but also followed me on my return, wishing to enter the Pure Yang Palace and become disciples!”

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