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Chapter 111 - To Find You

06 Jul 2016

The Meadow Viper also transformed into a middle aged man, but he had a somewhat tender appearance, compared to the Sand Scorpion he seemed a little bit young. On his body was an armour made up of his scales, creating an impression of being much gentler than the Sand Scorpion.

The look in the eyes of the Meadow Viper was not very good and the Sand Scorpion was the same, the two demon beasts seemed to be dissatisfied over being cheated by Yang Chen. Previously they can’t see, but the manner of absorbing the fifth earth true qi of Yang Chen was completely different from them, this made them realize.

“Yes, I am a human cultivator!”

In this situation, Yang Chen did not hide anything about himself

“I am Yang Chen, inner disciple of Pure Yang Palace! Here I once again greet you two seniors!”

“Why do you have the breath of my demon race?”

The Sand Scorpion which had transformed into a huge person asked while glaring at him like a tiger watching its prey. His entire outer carapace had transformed into an armour, covering his entire body, which completely fitted him, even his tail had disappeared, completely giving him the appearance of a human.

“Naturally I have some relation with a demon beast!”

Yang Chen smiled and gave a simple reply, he could not just reveal everything clearly.

The demon beasts had no doubts about this, the breath of a Cyan Ox on Yang Chen could not be faked and he even had a demon soul, but he was a human, this completely puzzled these two demon beasts. The reason why they were interrogating him like this, was also because they were still resentful towards him for hiding his identity before.

But although the demon beasts looked at him angrily, they hadn’t raised their killing intent, as in front of Yang Chen, nobody could hide their killing intent. He did not need to be worried about the two demon beasts attacking him, if they had wanted to attack, they would have already done it while he was refining the fifth earth True Qi, why wait until now? Moreover, during their association in these days, everyone was extremely delighted, the two demon beasts had also seen many things they had never seen before and also obtained fifth earth True Qi, so they wouldn’t just attack Yang Chen.

“You two seniors, surely you would like to take a look at this big world, why not follow the younger generation to leave?”

Yang Chen invited them, seizing this opportunity.

“My Pure Yang Palace will surely welcome the arrival of two seniors!”

“A sect of human cultivators will receive us two demon beasts?”

The Meadow Viper wrinkled his brows, the Sand Scorpion was also completely confused. Although Yang Chen’s words were very tempting, the deep rooted notion that humans and demon beasts were enemies made both demon beasts unable to accept it immediately.

“I don’t dare to speak for any other sects, but my Pure Yang Palace can give it a try.”

Yang Chen was not being arrogant and conceited, but in reality most big sects’ sect mountains are guarded by such guardian spirit beasts. With the strength of the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion, the Pure Yang Palace would also not degrade under the protection of these guardian spirit beasts. As long as they would abide by the rules, and with Yang Chen’s efforts, they would certainly be allowed to possess a place at the Pure Yang Palace.

The Meadow Viper and Sand Scorpion looked at each other as if trying to come to an agreement. But still they hadn’t come to any agreement, they only looked at Yang Chen and gave an ambiguous reply:

“We will first go take a look, perhaps if we have the chance we may give a try!”

Yang Chen knew that this was not a matter where success could be achieved overnight, but there was no need to be anxious. Since they had promised to give it a try, when the time came there would be no lack of opportunities. The two demon beasts had already agreed to go, so he just had to take them with him.

Naturally, the two demon beasts could not just leave without attracting some attention, so under Yang Chen’s suggestion, a huge pretend-war broke out between the two demon beasts, alarming all people in the Desolate Valley. Soon afterwards both demon beasts appeared to have suffered losses and disappeared without any trace, so after that event, people guessed that they must have found some fifth earth True Qi at the edge of their territories, which must have lead to the war, but these were all guesses, in reality both beasts had vanished from then on, without leaving any trace.

But before leaving, Yang Chen still had to take care of one more matter, the traitor of the sect, Chu Heng hadn’t been executed until now. Since Yang Chen knew that he was still in the Desolate Valley, he would naturally not let him slip by.

Yang Chen had taken four months to refine the fifth earth True Qi, the two demon beasts had spent two more months, during this time Yang Chen was unaware of the situation going on outside. The two great sects were in a state of mutual hostility, the atmosphere in the Desolate Valley was bad, if they hastily rushed out, maybe it could lead to some unexpected disaster.

Luckily, apart from these two sects, there were also many other sects coming to gather information, numerous loose cultivators also had intended to wait and watch, in order to see if they could have a part of the action, so Yang Chen’s appearance was not that eye-catching. Most of all, Yang Chen had still come here under the pretense of killing Chu Heng, as long as he did not plan to obtain fifth earth True Qi, nobody would care about this Foundation stage youngster.

Finally the Five Phases Sect and Greatest Heaven Sect made their moves, three months ago, a few juniors of both sects had run into each other and while talking they happened to have some disagreement, and it goes without saying, both sides could not cope up with it and finally the fight burst out. The casualties of their talented juniors had lead to the detonation of the accumulated resentment on both sides. After several YuanYing experts entered the fight, the situation really got out of hand.

The sect leader of the Greatest Heaven Sect finally paid the price for his hesitation, originally he had wanted to delay for the time being, at least until they could collect some more fifth earth True Qi under the noses of the Five Phases Sect and hand over a part afterwards, which would satisfy everyone and end this matter.

Although his plan was very good, this plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. Because of the disharmony, in the end it smashed his chickens before they ever hatched. Within the brief period of two months, a YuanYing expert of the Five Phases Sect was seriously injured and two were lightly wounded, on the Greatest Heaven Sect’s side, a YuanYing stage expert had died and two had escaped with some slight injuries, as for the low level disciples, they were a complete mess. At this stage, losing a YuanYing stage ancestor made the Greatest Heaven Sect feel regret to death.

The affair of these two great sects was not only their affair at this moment, if the war expanded to wanton massacre, maybe the void would give a chance for the Devil Sects to enter and at that time people certainly would be in a terrible situation. Therefore, some great sects quickly combined together and tried to mediate between the two sects to reconcile.

Although the Greatest Heaven Sect was very overbearing, it still couldn’t ignore the combined pressure of the other sects, moreover in this case it was clearly the fault of the Greatest Heaven Sect, by trying to steal stuff from the territory of the Five Phases Sect, so it was not exactly a glorious matter for them. At this stage, the Greatest Heaven Sect could only swallow the blood and could not speak of their grievances and accept the mediation of the other great sects.

As for the ownership over the fifth earth True Qi, which was a focal point of the dispute between both sects, it would belong to the Five Phases Sect and in order to compensate both sides for their losses, they still had to show consideration to all sides at the same time. This time the Greatest Heaven Sect estimated that, apart from bowing their head and admitting their mistake, they would also have to pay a hefty compensation. ‘Trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice’, perfectly described the situation.

Yang Chen had appeared at the time of a ceasefire between both parties, although the hostility between the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Phases Sect had completely moderated, nobody easily dared to start a conflict. At least when Yang Chen had appeared at the small town again, those disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t have the drive to ridicule Yang Chen anymore.

“Where should we go to find that guy you were talking about?”

The Sand Scorpion and Meadow Viper currently hadn’t stabilized their transformation into humans, so they were still in their original shape, allowing Yang Chen to carry them as before.

Their method of hiding their presence was very exceptional, even when they were right next to others, people could not discover their strength, at most they thought that these were two small demon beasts captured by Yang Chen at the Desolate Valley.

“The Greatest Heaven Sect’s minor disciples all knew that he was hiding in the Desolate Valley, most likely the people above them know where Chu Heng is concealed.”

Yang Chen smiled, proud of his evil schemes to get achieve his goal.

But both demon beast’s eyes contained another sort of light, as they remembered the promise to take care of three requests by Yang Chen. Until now only the Meadow Viper had taken one request, so apparently this mission would also fall on their heads.

“Don’t worry, as long as you can capture the man, the task of extracting a confession is mine! I believe that a JieDan stage expert has to know about it!”

Yang Chen still had that meaningful smile on his face, hardly caring to conceal it. He had already calculated all of this long ago.

“But until we get the whereabouts of Chu Heng, this can be considered as another request!”

Two demon beasts who were at the YuanYing stage in the Desolate Valley, a region where the earth attribute was dominant, cooperating to capture a JieDan stage expert. This was as easy as taking candy from a toddler. According to Yang Chen’s plan, they secretly took away a single JieDan expert of the Greatest Heaven Sect without any real trouble. Who would expect that, at a time when the other great sects were mediating, someone would attack a JieDan expert of the Greatest Heaven Sect?

Creating a hidden base underground was not a problem for Yang Chen or the two YuanYing stage beasts. For convenience, Yang Chen had also laid down a minor Spell Formation to conceal their presence, so that other people would not discover him and interfere while he was extracting the confession.

The two demon beasts were carrying the unlucky JieDan expert into the hidden cave. Being seized by these two, that pitiful person lost all strength to resist and alarm spread across his face. How could he have expected that peacefully patrolling this region would lead to such a situation?

When he saw the mark of Pure Yang Palace on Yang Chen, this JieDan expert apparently realized something, but with his powers sealed, he was unable to do anything, even when facing a trifling Foundation stage cultivator like Yang Chen.

“You are Yang Chen of the Pure Yang Palace!”

There was only one disciple of the Pure Yang Palace at the Desolate Valley, the JieDan expert immediately discovered Yang Chen’s identity. After vigorously struggling for a few moments, he suddenly started abusing Yang Chen:

“So the Pure Yang Palace has been colluding with demon beasts from the start, you really are the dregs of a Devil Sect!’

“Whether or not we are the remnants of a Devil Sect, that has no relation to you!”

Yang Chen smiled and without caring about him he walked forward and placed his own head on the forehead of that person, who was unable to dodge.

“What are you trying to do? My Greatest Heaven Sect will not let you go!”

Even the soul of the JieDan expert trembled, Yang Chen had surprisingly colluded with demon beasts, maybe he had some kind of underhanded method. When he thought that such a trick would be used on him, even though he was already at the JieDan stage, he could not help but be afraid.

“Whether the Greatest Heaven Sect will let me get away or not, I don’t know”

Yang Chen’s fingers were already pressed onto that person’s BaiHui acupoint. He faintly smiled and continued:

“But you can trust me, I will absolutely not let the Greatest Heaven Sect get away!”

After speaking, he initiated his soul stunning technique.

This time, the soul stunning technique was also mixed with the full strength of the blood river within his Spirit Sea, and directly rushed into into the expert’s Spirit Sea through the BaiHui acupoint.

Not wanting for Yang Chen to use this method again, a flash of alarm went through the eyes of that person. The expression on his face was as if he had seen the most frightening thing, his mouth only making sounds of agreement and soon his head went askew, both eyes opened widely and he became breathless.

“Hey, hey!”

Yang Chen was completely surprised by this, he hastily slapped the cheeks of this unlucky expert, but discovered that he had completely stopped breathing. Unexpectedly, he had been scared to death by the attack of the blood river.

The Meadow Viper and Sand Scorpion hadn’t directly confronted Yang Chen’s soul stunning technique, but seeing these circumstances, the two demon beasts glanced at each other and a slight sense of danger was apparent within their eyes. Even if they could easily capture the JieDan expert, they could still not scare the JieDan expert to death just by using their Spiritual Awareness.

“Sorry, my behaviour wasn’t appropriate, it seems I will have to trouble you to make one more trip!”

Yang Chen spread his hands, acting completely innocent:

“How am I to know that this JieDan expert could not even endure just this small amount!”

The two demon beasts did not say anything and just turned around and walked away to look for another unlucky person. Seeing the disappearing figures of the two demon beasts, a smile made its way on Yang Chen’s face. Some things have to be instilled through underhanded manipulation, they will certainly not escape their fate of joining the Pure Yang Palace.

When the second unlucky person appeared in front of Yang Chen, this time, Yang Chen had learnt his lesson from last time and only used a little bit of the blood river, which made the JieDan stage expert lose his mind. Yang Chen asked and he replied, without hiding anything.

All along Chu Heng had been helped by the Greatest Heaven Sect, even when the disciples of Pure Yang Palace’s Law Enforcement Hall had come to look for him, the Greatest Heaven Sect had already assisted Chu Heng in getting rid of them.

Last time, the region where the four disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall were injured by Chu Heng, there was a small Spell Formation within the huge spell arranged by the Greatest Heaven Sect, which was used to assist a person occupying some special region in dealing with enemies. Chu Heng had only defeated the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall with the support of this, otherwise, how could he, who was water attributed, resist all four together within the Desolate Valley.

Currently Chu Heng was hiding within this Spell Formation, cultivating and thinking of a solution to this problem. Hiding for a lifetime was not a good solution, the Greatest Heaven Sect had apparently wanted to make some changes to his face and let him enter the Greatest Heaven Sect, although the result could work, the preparations were not complete, that’s why it had been dragging on until now.

Naturally, the current time was not suitable, the Greatest Heaven Sect did not even have the time to settle its own affairs, how could they spare any efforts for him. Without the protection of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he did not dare to go anywhere and obediently hid within this Spell Formation, waiting for the situation outside to settle, so that he could enter the Greatest Heaven Sect.

“A good plan indeed, completely changing the face and entering another sect.”

Yang Chen sneered, his voice made even the Meadow Viper and Sand Scorpion to tremble. Completely changing him… Chu Heng and Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to make the Pure Yang Palace lower their heads for all eternity, the maliciousness of their plan was plainly obvious from this.

“Daring to insult my master, I must take your head!”

While speaking, Yang Chen broke the neck of the JieDan expert who was under his control.

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