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Chapter 112 - The Traitor Receives Death

07 Jul 2016

Chu Heng felt that his life had a lot of twists and turns: just because of an insignificant youngster named Yang Chen he had surprisingly turned into a traitor of the sect from a person who had boundless prospects and was the successor disciple of Luminous Moon Hall’s master. He was really unable to accept this huge reversal.

Everything was because of that damned Yang Chen! If it were not for Yang Chen, how could Chu Heng have ended in the current situation? Once he recalled that repulsive face of Yang Chen, Chu Heng was unable to restrain himself from clenching his fists.

After he had turned into a traitor and the Law Enforcement Hall had come looking for him, Chu Heng did not want to be captured helplessly. If he was taken back, there was only one option for him: death. Because Yang Chen had helped Elder Wu refine the Heaven Seizing Pill, Yang Chen’s importance vastly surpassed Chu Heng at the Pure Yang Palace.

Therefore his master Liang Shao Meng had secretly notified him that he had to properly hide himself and was not to be captured by the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall. Fortunately, his friends at the Greatest Heaven Sect had been loyal to him, they had agreed to cover for him and even offered him a hideout.

His Fellow Daoist Li had even guaranteed that, as soon as the medicine for changing his appearance was successfully refined, it would immediately be given to him to use and from then on, he could enter the Greatest Heaven Sect with a new identity and finally sleep peacefully.

This had been Chu Heng’s greatest desire and was also the reason why Chu Heng had supported him all along. Unfortunately, because of the matters these past few days, the Greatest Heaven Sect had become the target of public criticism, they were too busy to look after themselves, so Chu Heng’s matter had been suspended for the time being.

Chu Heng also knew what was important and what wasn’t, therefore he didn’t dare to press the issue and could only wait. This time the Greatest Heaven Sect had clearly landed in a lot of trouble, they had even lost a YuanYing stage ancestor, so the conflict between Five Phases Sect and the Greatest Heaven Sect would surely not be resolved in a short time.

Apart from hiding within this Spell Formation, Chu Heng did not dare to go to any other place. Regardless of wherever he went, people of the Pure Yang Palace would be looking for him, because he had injured four disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall and also because of his way of delivering them back to the Pure Yang Palace. If anyone found him, he will surely die, there was no other possibility. The most unfortunate thing was, that he was a water attributed cultivator, so he couldn’t use his abilities properly in this region.

There was a sound at the entrance of the Spell Formation, but Chu Heng didn’t pay much attention to it, as he thought that it was surely a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect and he concentrated on his cultivation again. Although earth attributed Spirit Power was denser in the Desolate Valley, under his diligent training, his cultivation base was still slowly increasing and he had already reached the peak of the Foundation stage. As long as he had a suitable opportunity, maybe he would be able to congeal his dan.

This Spell Formation was the masterpiece of the Greatest Heaven Sect, although Chu Heng did not know the complete appearance of the Spell Formation, just this portion where he was possessed an extreme strength. He, a water attributed cultivator, had resisted and even defeated four enemies at the Desolate Valley. That was enough to illustrate how terrifying this Spell Formation is.

If you were not a person of the Greatest Heaven Sect and didn’t understand this Spell Formation, then you could not enter this Spell Formation. Chu Heng had also learned this after being guided properly. The entering person was someone from their side, so Chu Heng did not stop his cultivation for the time being. Greeting him later would still not be too slow.

But a gaze that made him feel thistles and thorns in his back, made him completely nervous, it was as if a butcher was attentively watching its prey. This sensation made him feel completely ill at ease.

Chu Heng hastily stopped his training and stood up, turning around to greet that person, but he met with an extremely familiar face.

This face, even in dreams, Chu Heng wanted to cut the owner of this face into a thousand pieces, to vent out his hatred. Thinking about Yang Chen always made him feel an urge to kill people.

But when Chu Heng looked at Yang Chen right now, he only felt a wave of chills spreading all over his body. This was a strategic location of the Greatest Heaven Sect, how did Yang Chen enter here?

According to common sense, Yang Chen, who had just recently reached the Foundation stage and did not have much contact with Spell Formations and other such things could certainly not enter here just by himself. The only possibility was that someone of the Greatest Heaven Sect had revealed the method for entering the Spell Formation and at the same time leaked Chu Heng’s whereabouts.

This was the reason Chu Heng had felt chills all over his body, could it be that he had already been abandoned by the Greatest Heaven Sect? In order to settle this matter, maybe the Greatest Heaven Sect had made a compromise with some small sects whom they did not put in their eyes previously. Pure Yang Palace’s strength was not weak, could it be that he had been sacrificed to obtain the support of Pure Yang Palace?

Who could have sold his whereabouts? It had to be known that only JieDan stage experts or higher knew about Chu Heng’s location, ordinary disciples did not know that a person called Chu Heng was here. Forcing a JieDan stage expert to cooperate with him, Yang Chen was just a Foundation stage expert, Chu Heng basically did not think that Yang Chen had this kind of strength.

A wave of cold sweat seeped out from his back, this time Chu Heng had realized the pain of betrayal. Most of all, the sensation of being stabbed in the back by those he called allies directly broke his heart. At this moment, Chu Heng wanted to interrogate everyone in Li Qing Chen’s family, without exception.

Could it be that it was his fate to be captured? Chu Heng took a step forward with great difficulty, his gaze sizing down everything around him, wanting to discover the people that had followed Yang Chen in. But no matter how much he looked, he could not find any people of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

But this didn’t ease Chu Heng’s mind, to the contrary: it increased his worries, since he could not sense any person, then wouldn’t this mean that those who came were at least at the JieDan stage or above?

Fortunately, after Chu Heng probed around with his Spiritual Awareness once, he was surprised to find that the Spell Formation hadn’t lost its effectiveness and was still working. Moreover his location was not that far from the core of the spell, so, as long as he could position himself above the spell, Chu Heng would not even have to mind a joint attack of many people who had the same cultivation as him.

“We have met after a very long time, Senior Disciple Chu, it seems as if you are very comfortable!”

Yang Chen was stopped on one side but did not make any movement and basically did not pay any attention to Chu Heng slowly moving slowly once and again, merely when his shyness became increasingly difficult to deal with, he opened his mouth:

“The Palace Master has issued a command. You have betrayed the sect by attacking a fellow disciple, so your cultivation base must be abolished and then you will be evicted from the sect!”

“If you want to cripple my cultivation base, then help yourself!”

Chu Heng was already one step above the core of the Spell Formation and had completely steeled his heart. The people of the Greatest Heaven Sect still hadn’t appeared, giving Chu Heng a slight hope: maybe they did not intend to appear personally and were only allowing the people of the Pure Yang Palace to settle their own dispute? If this was true, then apparently the Greatest Heaven Sect was still slightly inclined towards Chu Heng.

“That was the punishment for you given by the Palace Master, not me!”

Yang Chen sneered:

“Since you wish to kill me, then I will also not be polite anymore, Chu Heng, receive you death!”

“Just by yourself?”

Chu Heng burst into loud laughter and, pointing his finger towards Yang Chen, he sneered:

“Do you really think this is just a personal matter?”

“Cut the crap!”

Yang Chen did not pay any attention to Chu Heng’s laughter. With the Immortal Executing Blade1 in his hands, he rushed towards Chu Heng while speaking coldly:

“For every debt there is a debtor, Chu Heng, accept your fate!”

“Yang Chen, go to hell!”

Chu Heng shouted loudly and activated the Spell Formation. Suddenly, a gigantic Spirit Power wall made of earth attributed Spirit Power, pushed towards Yang Chen.

“Insignificant tricks!”

Yang Chen coldly snorted, basically not paying any attention to the Spell Formation, holding the Immortal Executing Blade in a reverse grip, his eyes stared fixedly at Chu Heng’s figure, as he rushed towards him.

Chu Heng was relying on the Spirit Power wall released by the Spirit Formation with which he had previously defeated the four disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall, but in front of Yang Chen it seemed to be nonexistent. Under Chu Heng’s astonishment, that Spirit Power wall was divided in two in front of Yang Chen, making a small gap, just enough for Yang Chen to pass by.

How was this possible? Looking at this scene, Chu Heng’s eyes were opened so widely that they almost came out. Apart from the serious fight with the four disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall, Chu Heng had still compared notes with disciples of Greatest Heaven Sect here, with a hundred tests and a hundred success, so how could this situation happen?

Yang Chen was just a few steps away from Chu Heng now, Chu Heng could not believe his eyes, but he immediately changed the alignment of his feet and substituted the formation secret in his hand and all of a sudden, an arrow of Spirit Power began to be released from beneath his foot. Following which, Chu Heng raised his finger towards Yang Chen and hundreds of Spirit Power arrows, made of earth attributed Spirit Power, flew towards Yang Chen.

But what made Chu Heng even more terrified was that these more than a hundred Spirit Power arrows all seemed to have been chopped in two as Yang Chen slashed his blade, as soon as they had started flying towards him. Since the time when Chu Heng had comprehended this Spell Formation, this kind of situation had never happened before.

Although the Spell Formation had been unable to harm Yang Chen, Chu Heng was not even a little nervous, this Spell Formation still had one more ability, that was, when he was standing at the core of the spell, it could offer Chu Heng an unending flow of Spirit Power to support him. Although it required the earth attributed Spirit Power to be changed into water attributed Spirit Power, in this huge Desolate Valley, even if more than half was lost, it was still enough for Chu Feng to use without drying up.

“A few years ago, if it was not that I had been lenient, would you still have lived until now?”

Chu Heng roared and showed a trace of regret at the same time, if he had known earlier, then he would have already taken care of Yang Chen at the Ye Xiu Manor. Why should he have to face this kind of trouble? But complaining now was too late, Chu Heng could only hope that Yang Chen’s cultivation base was not too high and he could kill him by relying on the strength of the peak Foundation stage.

“Allow me to examine you, who has assisted Elder Wu in refining a pill. How much progress have you made?”

Following Chu Heng’s words, his blue colored sword soared and rushed towards Yang Chen. Yang Chen had been attentively watching Chu Heng and without looking anywhere else, he gripped the Immortal Executing Blade tightly in his hands, raised it and slashed it fiercely.


A clear sound echoed and Yang Chen’s blade slashed at Chu Heng’s flying sword. At the same time as the flying swords struck his each other, Chu Heng suddenly sensed a shiver run through his heart, surprisingly he had suffered some pain. In great shock, he hastily tried to recall his flying sword. Once the flying sword returned to him, Chu Heng immediately discovered that his flying sword, with which he had overcome all difficulties, surprisingly had many small nicks.

Unexpectedly the flying sword had been ruined by Yang Chen in one slash. Chu Heng felt both regret and dread at the same time. The Pure Yang Palace had gone as far as to be willing to part with a lot of their hard earned savings, otherwise how could they have allocated such a high grade flying sword to Yang Chen, who was just a Foundation stage disciple?

After just a few attacks like this, Yang Chen had advanced forward and was not too far from Chu Heng. He rushed towards Chu Heng while coldly smiling:

“I thought you would be much more difficult to deal with, but you had relied on this Spell Formation to defeat those four fellow disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall all along, no wonder! Be careful of the blade!”

The raised the Immortal Executing Blade and chopped down towards the nearby Chu Heng.

Dang! A loud sound echoed once again and Chu Heng had once more wielded his flying sword to to parry Yang Chen’s slash. But parrying was parrying, his fated flying sword, which had been linked with Chu Heng’s thoughts after passing through innumerable refinings, had surprisingly broken into two under Yang Chen’s slash.


Chu Heng issued a blood curdling sound as blood started spraying from his mouth. His fated flying sword had been destroyed, so Chu Heng felt an incomparable pain within his mind, which took away his ability to remain standing. How could he have expected that a single slash of Yang Chen could actually be this fierce and would surprisingly break his flying sword instantly?

Despair shrouded Chu Heng. How could he have imagined that in front of Yang Chen, he wouldn’t even be able to resist one slash. But Chu Heng could absolutely not resign himself to death, he manipulated the Spirit Power in his body and launched a fist towards Yang Chen.

“Be assured, I will make you welcome death!”

In an instant Yang Chen shifted the Immortal Executing Blade to his left hand and also launched a punch towards Chu Heng.

Yang Chen himself had renounced his advantageous position, he surprisingly had launched a punch towards him. Chu Heng sneered in his heart, the Spirit Power of the Spell Formation, together with his own Spirit Power, charged towards Yang Chen with a loud rumble.


The fists of these two people collided at the same place and the nasty grin on Chu Heng’s face still hadn’t dispersed as an enormous Spirit Power without equal rushed towards Chu Heng’s fist. This proved that Chu Heng’s Spirit Power was very weak in front of Yang Chen, Chu Heng’s Spirit Power had become completely disordered.

Yang Chen was not moved from his original position, but Chu Heng had been thrown backwards by at least ten meters. The fist he used in this attack had broken into pieces and that powerful strength still followed along Chu Heng’s arm, rushing towards his shoulder. His arm also issued a wave of fracturing sounds and the acute pain informed Chu Heng that his arm had been completely wasted.

Chu Heng simply couldn’t believe that he had encountered all of this. Yang Chen was clearly at the initial Foundation stage, how could one punch be so destructive? But unfortunately, the severe pain in his arm reminded him that it was not a dream. He, a peak Foundation stage disciple, had his arm completely destroyed by Yang Chen, a youngster at the initial Foundation stage.

What alarmed Chu Heng even more was that he suddenly realized that he could not put up even the slightest amount of resistance against Yang Chen. Looking at Yang Chen standing in front of him, brandishing his Immortal Executing Blade, Chu Heng fell down onto the ground while shouting:

“You cannot kill me, this place belongs to the Greatest Heaven Sect! If you kill me, the Greatest Heaven Sect will surely not let you get away with it and dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!”

“You think that the Greatest Heaven Sect still has time to look after you at this time?”

Yang Chen revealed a trace of a disdainful smile on his face, looking at Chu Heng, who had fallen to the ground and was even unable to move, mercilessly.

“Who was the one who betrayed me!”

Chu Heng didn’t know who had betrayed his trust, so after struggling for a long time, he said:

“Allow me to die peacefully!”

“No one betrayed you!”

Yang Chen said while brandishing his Executioner’s Blade with one hand. With the other hand he took out two qiankun pouches with the mark of the Greatest Heaven Sect on them:

“They just started their journey one step faster than you! Chu Heng, be on your way!”

Suddenly seeing the qiankun pouches of two JieDan experts he had met before, Chu Heng was astonished, but Yang Chen did not give him any more time. Raising his arm, he slashed down.

Chu Heng only felt that he was suddenly flying very high and the world seemed to become more and more distant, more and more dark.

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