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Chapter 110 - You Are Not A Demon

06 Jul 2016

Very soon, a portion of exceptionally pure earth attributed Spirit Power appeared in the Desolate Valley; this pure fifth earth True Qi quickly gave rise to the attention of all cultivators training within the Desolate Valley. The most unfortunate thing was that this fifth earth True Qi could only be refined by using some special methods, which left a lot of cultivators disappointed, but this news had already begun to spread frantically.

During this time, a large number of earth attributed cultivators of the Five Phases Sect had rushed into the Desolate Valley, including many high level experts. After appraising this pure earth attributed Spirit Power, the conclusion they reached was that this was unexpectedly fifth earth True Qi.

This news spread wildly through the cultivation world. On the day the Five Phases Sect received this information, they immediately proclaimed that this fifth earth True Qi belonged to the Five Phases Sect, other sects were not to try to dip their fingers! Simultaneously the disciples of the Five Phases Sect began to seal off other locations.

Several years of their work, intended to collect and refine this fifth earth True Qi under the noses of the Five Phases Sect without letting them notice, had suddenly been wasted, how could the Greatest Heaven Sect be willing to accept this? Before the Five Phases Sect had become active, they had quickly occupied some regions where the fifth earth True Qi was releasing. But there were a large number of such regions, it was also impossible for them to forcefully seize all of them.

Fighting over territory with the people of the Five Phases Sect within their own domain? This was just a tight slap on the face of the Five Phases Sect, but at this point it didn’t matter much anymore. Originally the Greatest Heaven sect had prepared to collect the fifth earth True Qi, after the preparations had been completely adequate, they had begun to collect the fifth earth True Qi forcefully at some places.

Although they didn’t have any suitable cultivation method for refining it at this moment, it could first be collected in a proper vessel and be refined afterwards, when they had a suitable cultivation method. Because the Five Phases Sect had been unprepared for this incident, the Greatest Heaven Sect had already crazily collected fifth earth True Qi from at least four places. But by the time they were done, they discovered that the experts of the Five Phases Sect had already encircled the surroundings, there was a strong chance of a fight breaking out immediately.

The Five Phases Sect had directly dispatched six YuanYing stage experts, including two people who were occupying two sites and the additional four to surround the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

The other loose cultivators at the Desolate Valley had already realized that this matter, which included two great sects, was not something which they could participate in, all of them had cleverly hid themselves to watch from afar. There had been no major event in the cultivation world in the past hundred years, the confrontation between these two sects would absolutely be a unique and great show.

The upper echelons of the two big sects quickly began to negotiate: this fifth earth True Qi had been found in the territory of the Five Phases Sect and although they had not attached a lot of importance to this region before, currently, after this kind of treasure had appeared, they were naturally not willing to back down even an inch. Even the fifth earth True Qi which had been collected by the Greatest Heaven Sect had to be completely returned.

How could the Greatest Heaven Sect agree? Several hundred years of their work, of which they could have reaped the harvest after just a few more decades, but suddenly this kind of matter had occurred, how could they be willing to agree? Naturally they had to contend for it strongly!

But the situation was already like this and the Greatest Heaven Sect knew that they couldn’t secretly monopolize the benefits, maybe they would only receive a small portion of these benefits, after all this was the territory of the Five Phases Sect and both of these sects were top notch Great Sects. If the fire rose, wouldn’t the whole country rebel? Both sides did not want such a powerful enemy and could only sit down to negotiate.

Soon both sides reached a compromise, everyone mutually took a step back, but at the time of the compromise, a Spell Diagram suddenly appeared, due to which the harmonious atmosphere instantly vanished.

This was indeed a centuries old Spell Diagram, on top of which were the complete Spirit Power distribution of the Desolate Valley, together with the complete map of a huge spell, arranged by using the natural terrain. This Spell Diagram had been obtained by some disciples of Five Phases Sect by some lucky coincidence, it was seemingly lost due to carelessness of some individual and by lucky coincidence it was obtained by them.

When the sect leader of the Five Phases received this Spell Diagram, he immediately convened the elders and within one day, they determined the validity of this Spell Diagram, and with the power of the Five Phases Sect, they quickly inspected it and immediately authenticated the existence of this huge spell. If it were not for that the terrain had been modified due to some recent lucky coincidences, this huge spell wouldn’t have been revealed.

Arranging this kind of huge spell in their own backyard was already not giving any face to the Five Phases Sect, instead it was like drawing their blood silently. Once they thought about how their own things were being stolen for several hundred years like this, the chests of everyone in the Five Phases Sect, from top to bottom, were filled with rage.

It was actually very easy to guess which sect had deployed this huge spell. In these past several hundred years, which sect had entered with the largest number of disciples into the Desolate Valley? This sect was of course not some random sect, it was precisely the Greatest Heaven Sect, which had been fighting for the fifth earth True Qi with the Five Phases Sect recently.

Enough was enough. Both of them were big sects, normally they would assist one another in different matters, but to go as far as to steal the things from their own backyard and still deploy such a large spell sneakily, if it were not for the recent events which revealed the fifth earth True Qi, then wouldn’t the Five Phases Sect be unable to even obtain one strand of this fifth earth True Qi after few more decades?

The Five Phases Sect immediately called off the negotiations and all disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect in the Desolate Valley were detained; no one was allowed to leave. The situation was just on the verge of turning into a battle, both sides were at their final last control juncture, but nobody wanted to be the first one to throw a punch. Under this kind of circumstances, only a spark was needed to turn the situation into a full fledged war.

The upper echelons of the Greatest Heaven Sect were hard pressed, originally they were the only sect which had grasped the secret, but suddenly everyone knew about their secret and they had also offended the Five Phases Sect, which had always assisted them in the past. Originally their property, which didn’t have any master, had suddenly turned into the property of someone else, stealing the property of an allied sect so brazenly, this was the greatest sin in the cultivation world.

This time, the reputation of the Greatest Heaven Sect had taken a large hit. Other sects even began to investigate if disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect visited frequently, if they had to be concerned about anything within their sect. Some sects had even issued a diplomatic letter to the Greatest Heaven Sect, asking if the Greatest Heaven Sect fancied something within their territory and if there was, then they had to state it clearly, so as to avoid ruining the relationship between both sects.

The only one to blame was the position of Desolate Valley, which was located at the edge of the Five Phases Sect, this was the reason of the dispute. If it was a region without any master, then nobody would have said anything. It was unfortunate that such a thing had happened, from heroes, they had transformed into villains.

Now there were only two paths in front of the sect leader of the Greatest Heaven Sect, one was to offer an apology and hand over the complete fifth earth True Qi to the Five Phases Sect, but this not only meant that their hard work of several years would go to waste, they would also have to admit their mistakes, so from then on their heads would always be lowered when meeting with the Five Phases Sect. Another path was not handing it over, regardless of anything. Both sides would go to war and suffer terribly, this path did not have any logic, and it also gave showed them being rude and unreasonable to all the other sects.

On one side were the benefits and on the other was their face; a truly difficult choice.

As for the one who had single handedly directed this show, Yang Chen, at that moment, he simply did not pay any attention to the matters happening around him. He was residing at the boundary shared between the territory of the Sand Scorpion and the Meadow Viper, cultivating the True Fifth Earth Secrets without the disturbance of anyone and refining the fifth earth True Qi.

This region was ideal, the territory over which two YuanYing stage demon beasts were fighting in for countless years, ordinary cultivators with a weaker cultivation would not even dare to approach there. In addition to that, two powerful sects were confronting each other at this moment, so who could also manage to pay attention to this region?

Of course, the most important thing was the fifth earth True Qi escaping there was not as dense as other regions, under Yang Chen’s refining, the people on the outside could not sense anything here, allowing him to cultivate without any disturbance.

The True Fifth Earth Secrets was a cultivation method within his Great Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, it was the most powerful fifth earth cultivation method among all the ones Yang Chen had heard about and the conditions required for cultivating it were harsh: the first requirement was this fifth earth True Qi, without having this fifth earth attributed origin Spirit Power, it could basically not be cultivated.

A postnatal full earth Spirit Root, the complete cultivation secrets as well as a sufficient amount of fifth earth True Qi, Yang Chen already satisfied all of these conditions. Yet he still had to face many difficulties when he started cultivating the True Fifth Earth secrets.

After all, in his previous life, Yang Chen was a fire attributed cultivator and did not have a thorough understanding about the cultivation methods of other attributes. He had spent almost an entire month only that he could cross over the required threshold.

Yang Chen refined and absorbed one thin trace of fifth earth True Qi and assimilated it with his body. This fifth earth True Qi was indeed worthy to be known as the fifth earth attributed origin Spirit Power: once it entered his meridians, it immediately began to replace the entire fifth earth Spirit Power in his body. Like a flame, it was quickly assimilating the original fifth earth Spirit Power.

Speaking of assimilating, this trace of fifth earth True Qi had still not equally displaced the original fifth earth attributed Spirit Power. But this dilution was accompanied by some slight transformation in the fifth earth True Qi.

The fifth earth Spirit Power which Yang Chen had, was already refined with the Reverse Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets when he had reached the Foundation stage, but the sudden assimilation of fifth earth True Qi was as if soft topsoil had been tightly pressed with enormous strength and thus turned into a rock; within a moment, the originally abundant fifth earth Spirit Power had directly been compressed to one tenth of its original amount, not even able to fill the meridians.

But this was still not the purest fifth earth True Qi, after all only a few months had passed after modifying the Spell Formation, the fifth earth True Qi distributed in the Desolate Valley, when condensed did not only contain fifth earth True Qi, but also ordinary earth attributed Spirit Power. But even like this, it was enough to increase the quality of Yang Chen’s fifth earth Spirit Power by several times.

The following step was simple, after crossing this threshold, Yang Chen only had to continue absorbing sufficient amounts of fifth earth Spirit Power; after there was a sufficient qualitative change, Yang Chen’s fifth earth Spirit Power would completely transform to fifth earth True Qi.

There was no time for cultivation, while Yang Chen was fully concentrated on cultivating these True Fifth Earth secrets, he couldn’t even feel the passage of time until the moment when a sufficient amount of fifth earth True Qi had been absorbed by him and rapid transformations began to occur.


Yang Chen’s consciousness entered his Spirit Sea once again. Huge transformations began to occur within the Spirit Sea. On both sides of the long, blood colored river, many layers of solid land covered the entire Spirit Sea.

The Spirit Sea had clearly divided into layers, with the blood colored river and the fifth earth as reference, it had been completely separated from top to bottom. The Geocentric Flame and the Real Sun Fire residing at the bottom and the top separately. The PengLai Divine Wood which initially connected the heaven and earth, had also finally taken roots at this moment. A thick and solid network of roots was extending into this fifth earth soil, thriving vigorously.

This time, although the Spirit Sea had not expanded again, it had become more firm. With this fifth earth soil acting as the foundation, regardless of whether it was the blood colored river or other things, all had a solid base. This was more than comparable with expanding the Spirit Sea. With this one step, Yang Chen could say that his Spirit Sea was at the point of transforming his JinDan into ying, perhaps with some opportunity or with the continued cultivation of the Three Purities Secrets, Yang Chen’s Spiritual Awareness was already at the YuanYing stage while he was only at the Foundation stage.

Finally among the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, one had changed into origin Spirit Power. When Yang Chen managed to become clear headed and examined himself, he immediately found that his strength had been increased by several times. The one hundred and eight threads of fifth earth Spirit Power had entirely switched to fifth earth True Qi, increasing his power by several times.

One relaxed punch in the underground space on Yang Chen’s location, created a sound as if a huge bomb had gone off, the entire space was squeezed into a spherical shape because of the suddenly released fifth earth True Qi, with Yang Chen’s fist as center, spreading everywhere. The size of the space had expanded by several times.

“Such ferociousness?”

After having been together for so many days, the Sand Scorpion and the Meadow Viper were basically clear about Yang Chen’s strength and felt that compared to them he was really very weak. But sensing this punch, both demon beasts jumped excitedly at the same time. This had also increased their expectations towards the fifth earth True Qi.

Yang Chen had already told them that he didn’t plan to use all of it alone, the two demon beasts were both earth attributed and could instinctively sense the fifth earth True Qi, but because of their previous discussions they had agreed to be Yang Chen’s protectors and were resisting the temptation of the fifth earth True Qi with great difficulty. But currently Yang Chen had already finished and both of the demon beasts had the opportunity to sense the ferociousness of the fifth earth True Qi.

The bodies of demons had a lot of diversity compared to humans. Yang Chen had to use the True Fifth Earth secrets to be able to absorb and refine the fifth earth True Qi, but it had directly burst into the bodies of the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion and began to frantically strengthen their bodies and transform the Spirit Power inside of their bodies. The two demon beasts only had to go into hibernation and wait for their bodies to be cleansed by the fifth earth True Qi, even Yang Chen envied their exceptionally advantageous conditions.

But this strengthened Yang Chen’s resolve to pull these two demon beasts into the Pure Yang Palace even more. Two YuanYing stage beasts with their bodies conceiving fifth earth True Qi, they could certainly strengthen the Pure Yang Palace by several times.

Their absorption lasted for two months, only then did both demon beasts wake up from hibernation. After being cleansed by the fifth earth True Qi, their strength had been increased to another level, they even became able to use the Appearance Transformation Secrets to transform into human shape for some time, but it was not completely stable yet, and after a moment they were transformed into their original forms again.

“You are not a demon, nor are you a cyan ox!”

After waking from hibernation, the first thing Meadow Viper did was to transform into human shape and ask Yang Chen, using shaky words:

“You are a human cultivator, aren’t you?”

When the Meadow Viper was asking this question, on the other side, the Sand Scorpion had also woken up and transformed into a middle aged man wearing gray coloured armour. He was looking towards Yang Chen will killing intent filling his eyes.

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