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Chapter 109 - Setting The Stage For A Good Show


For the Meadow Viper, this was not a difficult task, it had already transformed its body to the size of a young Meadow Viper and concealed its entire breath. It could crawl to the inside, but nobody was able to discover him. Previously when Yang Chen had been silently surrounded by the Meadow Viper, he also wasn’t able to discover it.

After entering the small town, Yang Chen immediately found a place to stay and started training in it. He currently already knew the arrangements of the enemy, so what was left, was to think of a way to handle it.

“Tell me, which is better: should we go and fight over what the enemy has guarded for several years, or is it better to steal it secretly?”

Sitting upright, Yang Chen consulted the Sand Scorpion crawling over his body. He had never treated these YuanYing stage demon beasts as idiots and his current inquiry was still honest and sincere.

“What goal will you achieve by doing that?”

The Sand Scorpion transmitted back.

“Do you only want to obtain something, or do you want to obtain those things while giving the enemy so much pain that they wish to die?”

“First of all, seizing it will make the enemy suffer the greatest amount of pain.”

Yang Chen hadn’t anticipated that the Sand Scorpion would have such ideas, but seeing this he was delighted and immediately continued communicating with him.

“Although fighting over things can really be pleasurable for you for a while, to vent out all of your anger, it can lead to many inconveniences.”

The Sand Scorpion’s words made Yang Chen view the demon race in a new light.

“But if you can steal it and run away secretly, without the people guarding it knowing the reason why and who had stolen it, then they will have to suffer from the pain of losing something while also being infinitely confused, that is the most painful.”

Sensing the thoughts of the Sand Scorpion, a scene flashed within Yang Chen’s mind all of a sudden: the entire Greatest Heaven Sect looking for the fifth earth True Qi, which had disappeared without any trace in an unfathomably mysterious way. Their hard work of several years, destroyed without any reasonable explanation, the spell, which had used up a great deal of the sect’s natural resources: turned into dust. It may even give rise to internal strife and doubts among themselves, this kind of conclusion made Yang Chen feel even happier.

If the traitor of the Pure Yang Palace, Chu Heng, could make the reputation of the Pure Yang Palace reach rock bottom so easily, then what if some of the Greatest Heaven Sects YuanYing experts started quarrelling because of this matter? What kind of situation would occur?

Since the Greatest Heaven Sect had already made the first move regarding Chu Heng, Yang Chen also did not mind making the last one. What was most surprising to Yang Chen was that Yang Xi, who had been the cause of misfortunes in his previous life, surprisingly had not made his appearance. Could it be that this guy still had to stand out in the Greatest Heaven Sect?

For the time being, he decided to put Yang Xi’s matter to the back of his mind, currently Yang Chen needed to observe two people, first was one, who knew the arrangements of the surroundings perfectly and then another one, who knew the location of Chu Heng. Because of the consideration shown by the Greatest Heaven Sect, Chu Heng had concealed himself extremely well at the Desolate Valley, so finding him would still require help from the enemy.

“In addition, even if you want to snatch it, how will you do that?”

The Sand Scorpion transmitted the thought, meaning to mock him.

“The Meadow Viper can sneak in secretly but your current strength is a little bit lacking.”

The Sand Scorpion had judged Yang Chen’s strength based on his Spiritual Awareness, but since Yang Chen’s current level of Spiritual Awareness was only at the peak JieDan stage, the Sand Scorpion did not think that Yang Chen could be the opponent of an expert comparable to it.

This was a blow to Yang Chen, but he did not tangle with this problem for a long time. In fact, Yang Chen had already picked the path of stealing it sneakily. Seeing the difference in strength, he knew that forcefully snatching it was not possible.

The Meadow Viper’s speed was very quick, and within the short period of three days, it had completely investigated the surroundings of the spell’s core noiselessly. When it returned to Yang Chen, a detailed map of the spell’s core appeared within Yang Chen’s mind.

The spell’s core was very valuable to the Greatest Heaven Sect and had at least three YuanYing stage experts keeping watch over it. But most of the time, they were cultivating in the centermost region and were disturbed very rarely. The surroundings also had several JieDan stage experts as well as batches of Foundation stage disciples, thus this region looked like a town.

The defence was very strict, but it seemed like nothing was out of ordinary, only one thing was different, this was a small town exclusive to the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Apart from disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect, other people couldn’t enter. Yang Chen had wanted to enter sneakily, but there was absolutely no possibility of him being able to do so.

“We two together can take care of at most three experts, as for the rest, you are not their opponent!”

The judgement of the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion was completely identical, completely not giving any face to Yang Chen.

“They will not go easy on us, as we are demon beasts, so you must not recklessly enter!”

According to the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion, Yang Chen was just a Cyan Ox which had transformed into a human, his strength was not really formidable and they had been lenient with him for a long time.

“Certainly, I haven’t the required qualifications to break in!”

Confronting the worries of the Meadow Viper, Yang Chen smiled innocently. The main aim of the great spell arranged several hundred years ago was precisely to guide the fifth earth True Qi in the Desolate Valley to the spell’s core, so that someone from the Greatest Heaven Sect could refine it later.

The reason why they had to spend so much effort to manipulate the fifth earth True Qi was that it was very difficult to guide around. Even after several hundred years, the fifth earth True Qi hadn’t completely converged according to the wishes of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s people, who had deployed the spell.

According to the distribution of Spirit Power which Yang Chen had obtained from the demon beasts, he could even figure out the current condition of the earth attributed True Qi’s distribution. Sure enough, the fifth earth True Qi was being canalized towards the center of the spell’s core, but even after several hundred years, it hadn’t converged, but was only on the path of convergence.

This gave Yang Chen an opportunity, since the fifth earth True Qi still hadn’t converged, then those people foolishly defending at the core of the spell, aren’t they just waiting for the True Qi to be intercepted along the way?

Even though the two demon beasts had lived here for several years, they still couldn’t detect the fifth earth True Qi, after all their knowledge was limited. Let alone these two demon beasts, even after some unknown expert had given the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect some advice about the fifth earth True Qi being here, they still hadn’t been able to cover up the Desolate Valley spreading over a radius of just a thousand miles and find those thin as silk strands of fifth earth True Qi, and could only rely on the this kind of spell formation to gather it.

But Yang Chen was not the same, he had the experience of a Great Principal Golden Immortal, adding onto that he also had a description of the True Fifth Earth Secrets, so he could easily detect the things he needed.

His only apprehension was that the time required to collect the fifth earth True Qi was not small. Yang Chen had to collect all of the fifth earth True Qi before the eyes of these people, yet he should not be discovered by them, this was precisely the greatest problem.

“When a tiger does not show it’s might, you all take it as a sick cat! I will allow you to increase your knowledge about what a spell formation really is!”

Yang Chen had the intention of subduing them after hearing their continuous scornful assessment, even if he could not defeat them, he had to prove that their knowledge in other fields was insufficient, this was very beneficial regarding roping in the two beasts to enter the Pure Yang Palace.

The huge spell of the Greatest Heaven Sect was very large and it was also arranged according to the natural terrain, an extremely skillful work. But this was not a problem in Yang Chen’s eyes, he only required the detailed distribution of Spirit Power to be able to calculate the direction of the Spell Formation to where the fifth earth True Qi was flowing.

After all, the Greatest Heaven Sect had arranged it sneakily and did not dare to brazenly make their claim on the fifth earth True Qi. Frankly speaking, this Desolate Valley was indeed not in the range of Greatest Heaven Sect’s influence, but rather belonged to another big sect, the Five Phases Sect. But because the earth attributed Spirit Power here was strong, the Five Phases Sect had generously allowed other fellow cultivators to train here, but this also did not meant that the Greatest Heaven Sect could forcefully seize the fifth earth True Qi there.

Thinking about it like this, the Greatest Heaven Sect was also stealing, but it was doing it with a little obscurity. Yang Chen was sure that the Greatest Heaven Sect would not dare to publicize it, so he had a possibility of cheating them with ease.

This was a Spell Formation relying on the natural terrain, other than people who had thoroughly researched Spell Formations, nobody would know about it. Yang Chen doubted that in this realm, apart from the Spell Formation experts of the Greatest Heaven Sect, there were any other people who could comprehend it.

Perhaps, the Greatest Heaven Sect had thought it to be absolutely safe, but this Spell Formation had a fatal flaw: because the Spell Formation was arranged using the natural terrain, modifying it was not a difficult matter, especially not in the eyes of Yang Chen, a former Great Principal Golden Immortal.

“You want to modify this Spell Formation?”

Since the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion naturally knew about the existence of this Spell Formation, Yang Chen did not hide it from them. When they heard that Yang Chen could still modify the Spell Formation, the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion could not help but be shocked.

All demon beasts are born by receiving the spiritual influence of heaven and earth. Absorbing the essence of sun and moon and spiritual influence of Heaven and Earth to grow more powerful. Their cultivation was just based on instinct. But this ‘cyan ox’, Yang Chen, surprisingly not only knew about the Spell Formation, but also knew how to modify it, and moreover he had things like the Appearance Transforming Secrets, all of this made Yang Chen’s origins even more mysterious.

Yang Chen precisely wanted this result, he had to make the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion curious towards him being able to use Spell Formations, refine tools and concoct pills, so that he could pull these two powerful beasts into the Pure Yang Palace afterwards. In any case, Yang Chen still knew many cultivation methods for demon cultivation in this realm, at least the Beast Controlling Secrets could make demon beasts unable to stop themselves, as long as he could find a powerful mount, his strength would immediately double.

“When the Greatest Heaven Sect arranged the spell, they had explored this region for at least several hundreds of years, in order to sense the direction of Spirit Power.”

Yang Chen smiled and explained the objective that he wanted to accomplish:

“As long as I can modify the direction of Spirit Power at many crucial points, it will expose the fifth earth True Qi, at that time, the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Phases Sect will provide us with a good show, then we will slowly wait and see!”

Implicating people, this kind of thing; although the Meadow Viper and Sand Scorpion had also done it before, they had never done it at such a large scale, implicating whole sects. The two demon beasts were even more excited than Yang Chen, all of these years people had been treating them as targets for training, when would they ever get a chance like this, to vent their anger, again? Furthermore, they would make these people destroy each other, without being involved in it, so the two demon beasts were urging Yang Chen to begin his modifications.

Naturally, altering such an enormous spell was not an easy matter. Even with Yang Chen’s current knowledge of Spell Formations, he still had to shut himself in his room for a full two months to be able to find a way.

The Sand Scorpion and the Meadow Viper were certainly tyrants among tyrants, not to mention anything else, at least within their huge territories they could find the crucial points even with closed eyes. Yang Chen had given them directions for their assignment within their respective domains, and in less than twenty days, under the forceful interference by the formidable magic of these two YuanYing stage demon beasts, the direction of the underground veins was forcibly altered.

Although it had only slanted for ten or so meters, it was fatal for the Spell Formation arranged by the Greatest Heaven Sect. Just finding the region where the Spell Formation had become disordered, would make them go crazy.

The two demon beasts were very intelligent, they had not only transformed the underground veins within their territory, but also many outside of their territory, covering the entire Desolate Valley. Following Yang Chen’s plan, these underground veins would have been broken in regions over which fights to acquire them frequently happened between both demon beasts, so they had been broken due to the explosions. Some regions had been nearly exhausted by the medicine garden’s bottle and there were still more regions where, by his plan, some disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect, who did not know about the Spell Formation, would discover the benefits by some opportunity and afterwards everyone would swarm around it. In some regions they would lay Spell Formations or use magic weapons to sever the flow of Spirit Power in the region. In short, there were far too many patterns.

Following this was Yang Chen’s task, to go to some region and by means of the original materials used to lay the Spell Formation, slightly modify it and thereby moving the original core of the spell, where the fifth earth True Qi was converging, ten miles away so that the fifth earth True Qi starts converging at another place.

Destruction was always easier than creation, especially in the case of such a spell. The less they wanted other people to know, the more traces they should hide.

Yang Chen basically did not care about anyone knowing: as long as he was able to refine a part of the fifth earth True Qi, combine it with the True Fifth Earth Secrets afterwards and cultivate it, the fifth earth True Qi would become a lot stronger, it would basically will not require him to cover it up. Yang Chen also knew that other people would not recognize it, so he had to leak the information of the fifth earth True Qi after refining it.

Then at that time, the Greatest Heaven Sect which had made efforts for several hundred years, would not easily give it up. But the Five Phases Sect also had earth attributed cultivators, so it would also not spare any effort for contesting over the treasure found in its domain and at that time, Yang Chen could enjoy a wonderful battle between two giants.

Certainly, this was the result of guiding the fifth earth True Qi for several hundred years, but they were careful enough not to reveal any traces of deploying such a spell. Yang Chen on the other hand did not care about them at all, he simply moved the Spell Formation using all of his strength as far as he could. In the brief period of one month, an extremely pure earth attributed Spirit Power began to erupt from various regions, which quickly gave rise to the attention of many people.

During this time, Yang Chen was safely sitting in a proper underground location and began to prepare for refining a trace of fifth earth True Qi he gathered already.

“People cannot be too greedy, wanting to eat everything alone can lead to bad stomach!”

Yang Chen, as if trying to encourage the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion, smiled and said:

“You two, protect me while I absorb this trace of fifth earth True Qi! As soon as I have refined it, it will be your turn!”

“What about other regions?”

The Meadow Viper, clearly unwilling to share the gains of their exhausting work with other people, transmitted this thought.

“Regardless of whoever refines it, if you like them, allow them to keep it. And if you don’t, then kill them and seize it!”

Yang Chen’s words, plainly expressed his own thoughts.

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