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Chapter 108 - Assembling The Map

01 Jul 2016

This master of this territory was a Sand Scorpion, which had a cultivation similar to Meadow Viper and was at the YuanYing stage, the difference in their strengths was not very large. Hearing the Meadow Viper provoke the Sand Scorpion like this, Yang Chen found it very ridiculous.

Since the body of the Meadow Viper had become smaller, Yang Chen could take it along on his flying sword and travel faster. Throughout the whole journey, the Meadow Viper kept on with its arrogant provocations, as if fearing that the Sand Scorpion would not know that it had come. This kind of unbridled provocation made Yang Chen wish to stop the Meadow Viper by force.

After two hours, Yang Chen was flying on his flying sword, when he suddenly sensed a berserk pressure, crazily rushing towards his location. It didn’t need an introduction, this could only be the Sand Scorpion, infuriated by the Meadow Viper, it rushed over to compare its strength with the Meadow Viper. As a response, Yang Chen immediately stopped his flying sword and landed on the ground.

Yang Chen felt that he was very unlucky, why did he bring along this kind of guy who loved to stir up trouble? Clearly he just wanted ask for directions, why was the Meadow Viper continuously provoking it? The furious Sand Scorpion, which was also at the YuanYing Stage, could get rid of Yang Chen immediately, as long as it wished. Earlier, the Meadow Viper was roaring loudly by itself, but now the furious Sand Scorpion had also joined in.

Just as he was hesitating whether or not he should leave, the choice had already been taken away from him. In a flash, the pressure of the Sand Scorpion was already in the vicinity. Although he couldn’t even see its shadow, Yang Chen was sure that the Sand Scorpion had stopped in his surroundings and was observing him secretly.


Suddenly, from behind his body, a huge mouth opened widely and a string of black pearls rushed out from within the ground with the sound of an explosion. All of a sudden a black light flashed and fiercely tried to pierce Yang Chen. This was actually no string of black pearls, this was the Sand Scorpion’s tail.

Without much hesitation, Yang Chen grabbed the Meadow Viper and dodged the tail of the Sand Scorpion stinging towards him, while at the same time passing on a message with his Spiritual Awareness:

“This is your own problem, settle it yourself!”

The Meadow Viper hadn’t thought of using Yang Chen as free labour, it flew into the sky, but had already restored its original shape. Its huge body directly coiled around the tail of the sand scorpion and soon after that, more than half of the hidden Sand Scorpion’s body was pulled out.

A thousand meter long Meadow Viper and a several hundred meter large Sand Scorpion, these two huge monsters were battling in the sand, twisting and turning to kill each other. A stabbing tail, fangs, large claws raising here and there, huge bodies smashing here and there, the fierceness was incomparable, leaving deep prints in the desert, with sand filling the entire sky.

Regardless of whether it was the Sand Scorpion or the Meadow Viper, both of them were earth attributed, so they felt just like fish in a pond, in the Desert Valley. Sometimes both of them used some magic techniques, their bodies were appearing and disappearing within the Desolate Valley. If it were not for Yang Chen using his Spiritual Awareness to follow after them closely, he would have already lost track of them.

Yang Chen had already risen into the sky. He could not bear to stay on the ground, while several miles of the desert had been overturned by these demon beasts. Their immense roars could be easily heard in a radius of a thousand miles. If it were not that the regions of these demon beasts were considered as dangerous regions, maybe countless people would have rushed over to take a look.

Apparently the two demon beasts had already fought with each other many times, as their fight was quite methodical and all of their attacks were aimed at the other’s weak points, there was a clear pattern within their attack and defense. In addition to that, no strike was critical. Yang Chen had already been observing it for more than two hours and as before, the sounds of fight were coming through and the battlefield had already shifted to hundreds of miles away from the original location.

If it still continued until then, when would it be over? And if after such a big fight, neither side won and they both ended up getting injured, that would be quite annoying for Yang Chen, so he had no other option, but to use the Beast Controlling Secrets again and try to communicate with the two beasts in battle.

“I have only come to ask for directions, I had not thought that it would turn into a life or death battle like this, can you stop?”

Not only did Yang Chen shout loudly, he also transmitted his Spiritual Awareness using the Beast Controlling Secrets.

“Ask for directions? Which roads are even here to ask about?”

Once Yang Chen opened his mouth, the two demon beasts, which were coiled around each other, forming a ball stopped and soon after that the Sand Scorpion unexpectedly asked this. Suddenly he realized a change in the Meadow Viper, following which he began roaring at the Meadow Viper, while the Meadow Viper also began to issue hissing sound at him.

Yang Chen was very far and he hadn’t entered the interaction between the two demon beasts, but seeing the Meadow Viper turning big one moment and then turn small again, using this ability to scuttle and jump, he could immediately tell that it was flaunting the recently obtained Appearance Transforming Secrets.

The Sand Scorpion in front of the Meadow Viper was also astonished at this change. While it was motionlessly observing it, from time to time, its thick carapace was sprouting fog, no one knew whether it was due to anger or envy.

After the two demon beasts had communicated for some time, the Sand Scorpion turned towards Yang Chen and transmitted its intentions to Yang Chen through Spiritual Awareness:

“Can you pass on your Appearance Transforming Secrets to me for the same conditions?”

Was this a good thing? Yang Chen subconsciously nodded, but while he still hadn’t thought about it properly, the Sand Scorpion had already delivered its demon soul, leaving the white halo hanging in front of Yang Chen.

After he had reached an agreement with the Sand Scorpion in a daze, Yang Chen suddenly realized that the demon beasts were no longer the idiots he used to think they were in past, who acted only on their instincts. These decisive actions of the Sand Scorpion and the Meadow Viper, together with the actions of the earth attributed beast, like establishing a reputation as harmless, had toppled his beliefs.

After he had exchanged a trace of the demon soul with the Sand Scorpion and had given it a jade slip containing the Appearance Transforming Secrets, the Sand Scorpion’s body also disappeared within a wave of fog and changed its dimensions to a few meters.

As for Yang Chen, he had already gathered two powerful helpers by now. It seemed that his future matters could be accomplished properly and safely.

A large chunk was added to Yang Chen’s map again. At last, an image of the Spirit Power’s distribution across half of the Desolate Valley emerged in his mind. He had also obtained the position of half of the great spell, as long as he was able to obtain few more intact maps, he could figure out the complete location of the great spell.

The Sand Scorpion and the Meadow Viper both had the intention of following Yang Chen, but seeing these two formidable demon beasts following after him, all of a sudden a thought came to him: If he could put these two demon beasts under Pure Yang Palace’s influence, then wouldn’t the strength of the Pure Yang Palace increase greatly once again?

The only problems were whether the Pure Yang Palace would accept the two demons beasts or not, and if the two demon beasts were willing to enter the Pure Yang Palace.

Yang Chen decided to think about this problem later, currently Yang Chen’s main concern was the great Spell Formation which had been arranged several hundred years ago by the Greatest Heaven Sect; as well as the Earth Attributed True Qi gathered by it, this task could not be given to anyone else. Then there was also the person who had humiliated the Pure Yang Palace: Chu Heng, who absolutely had to die.

After obtaining the support of the Sand Scorpion and the Meadow Viper, Yang Chen did not have to worry about his safety in the Desolate Valley. At this moment, a small Sand Scorpion was sitting on one shoulder and a small Meadow Viper was coiled around the other shoulder, this would absolutely not raise anyone’s eyebrows. Once in a while, the Sand Scorpion released a violent breath, but it faded away very quickly, it seemed very unstable.

Yang Chen did not know what kind of deal the Sand Scorpion and Meadow VIper had reached, but the Meadow Viper had taught its secret to hide its breath to the Sand Scorpion. But since it was the first time for the Sand Scorpion to learn and practice it, it was unable to control its breath properly, which led to the current situation.

One month had already passed when they appeared from the territory of the Sand Scorpion, which had become very small. Nobody among those cultivators who came to the Desolate Valley to train knew that the two formidable and violent demon beasts had both already left their respective dens. Next, Yang Chen chose another direction of the Desolate Valley to travel to.

As for ‘training through battle’, the Desolate Valley also had many JieDan stage demon beasts apart from the YuanYing stage demon beasts like the Meadow Viper and the Sand Scorpion. The current direction in which Yang Chen was moving was a little more crowded by cultivators, there also weren’t any YuanYing stage demon beasts in this direction, just few JieDan stage demon beast.

Seeing the two YuanYing stage demon beasts helping him, the JieDan beasts did not dare to raise any conditions and obediently told him the things they knew about. But Yang Chen hadn’t been unreasonable towards them and provided each demon beast with a thousand year ginseng, so that they also didn’t have to return empty handed. But these JieDan stage beasts had gone wild with joy after obtaining these benefits.

Yang Chen was very certain that using his identity as a ‘demon beast’, together with these kind of benefits, they would at least not obstruct him when he is going to accomplish his job, maybe they could even provide some assistance. But those cultivators who had come here to battle would be the ones to suffer most hardships, if these demon beasts ate the thousand year Ginseng, their strength would reach at least the upper JieDan stage, so the level of the battles would also increase.

Yang Chen had already completed three fourths of the Desolate Valley’s map within one month. Currently Yang Chen’s objective was precisely the remaining fourth.

This region had the highest number of cultivators and the lowest amount of demon beasts. The most powerful demon beasts were at the initial jieDan stage, majority were at foundation stage and also the number of the foundation stage cultivators maximum here.

Since there were many cultivators, naturally there would be many towns for replenishment. During the journey, Yang Chen met many cultivators, including loose cultivators and disciples of every sect. When they met with Yang Chen they saw the mark on the qiankun pouch hanging on his waist, after which all of the cultivators noticed that he was a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace.

After the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall of the Pure Yang Palace had met with that accident here, it had become a matter of ridicule. For more than one year no people of the Pure Yang Palace had come there, so when they saw Yang Che, they were all astonished.

“What business has that disciple of the Pure Yang Palace to come here? Haven’t they already lost enough face?”

There were always some people who enjoyed chaos, as well as people who wished to prove their existence by stepping on other people. When Yang Chen entered the small village, he was immediately met with this kind of ridicule.

Hearing the tone of the speaker, the people in the surroundings started laughing wildly. Everyone had been tired due to their battles while training, so when a person like Yang Chen, whom everyone was ridiculing, came over, everyone became happy. Who cared whether Yang Chen had the entire Pure Yang Palace at this back? Everyone was laughing without any restraint, but the people who were laughing most loudly was precisely a group of disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Confronting the ridicule of these people, Yang Chen only smiled, but did not say anything. These people were not worth getting angry over. Although the Greatest Heaven Sect were very happy right now, when the great spell prepared by the elders of their sect, which took several hundred years to be laid, would be used by Yang Chen to obtain the earth attributed True Qi which they had gathered for so many years, would they still be laughing like this? Even for those people who were jeering at the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen had a method, which was to get rid of Chu Heng, which would be like a tight slap on the faces of these laughing people.

The Sand Scorpion and the Meadow Viper also heard the laughter, but they did not know the circumstances, they only knew that these people laughing at Yang Chen were not friendly. With the strength of the two demon beasts, they could raze this entire town to ground within few moments, but they were forcefully stopped by Yang Chen.

“The world of humans is not as simple as the world of demon beasts, you both can look and observe as much as you want, but you must not casually expose your status, otherwise you will not be able to go anywhere and will be locked in the desolate valley.”

Yang Chen could only use this reason to make them aware of the rules of the human world.

Yang Chen had underestimated the wisdom of these two demon beasts. They used to sit on Yang Chen’s body and only used Spiritual Awareness to communicate never opening their mouths, but they carefully observed the people in the surroundings, so that they could make preparations to integrate with the human race. Any YuanYing stage expert should never be underestimated.

The territories of the demon beasts in this region were not very big and were actually small territories they shared. Moreover many low level demon beasts were killed frequently, their territories would change frequently, but on the because of that, the natural resources available for cultivators were not very good there.

But as for Yang Chen, who already had a map of the distribution in eighty percent of the Desolate Valley, it was not very difficult for him to get a map of the remaining region by walking on foot. The two demon beasts also took favours from the low level demon beasts from time to time, so Yang Chen very quickly had a complete map of the Spirit Power distribution.

After obtaining the complete diagram of the Spirit Power distribution, the great spell arranged by the Greatest Heaven Sect was laid bare before him. By calculating the flow of Spirit Power, Yang Chen was able to find the location where the fifth earth True Qi was being accumulated. If possible, Yang Chen wanted to go there immediately and collect it.

But how could the great spell, which had taken several hundred years to arrange, be left unguarded at this critical moment? There would surely be some great expert guarding the core of the great spell, and that core was precisely the location where the earth attributed True Qi was gathered, so it would be guarded even more strictly.

“I want to know what is the situation there.”

At last, Yan Chen made his first request to the Meadow Viper:

“You can conceal your breath, and your body has also become a lot smaller, can you infiltrate that region and find out the situation inside?”

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