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Chapter 101 - The Sect's Arrangements


Gao Yue was also regretfully awakened by Wang Yong’s happy voice, but she had also benefitted. Just the events of this pill tribulation had allowed her to become more knowledgeable, thanks to being able to directly observe the three calamities. This had given her many benefits regarding her tribulations in the future.

Currently Wang Yong did not know how to describe this grand disciple of his. As soon as they met with him, he had given such a pleasant surprise to the Palace Master and the elders. Penglai Divine Wood, a Third Grade Divine Wood Foundation Stage Pill, being a Third Grade Pill Concocting Master, and now also the Heaven Seizing Pill and these pill tribulations.

He must have surely gotten the Penglai Divine Wood from Elder Wu, after all Yang Chen was just a foundation stage disciple, how else would he be able to obtain it? Elder Wu had been so generous to give him the Heaven Seizing Pill, so obviously he would not think much about giving him a small piece of Penglai Divine Wood, but that little branch of Penglai Divine Wood was very important for the Pure Yang Palace. If they were able to breed it, after several hundred or thousand years, the Pure Yang Palace would be able to produce many treasures.

“Yang Chen, how do you plan to handle this Heaven Seizing Pill?”

After settling his heart and mind, Wang Yong realized that Yang Chen surely had some kind of intention when he took out this Heaven Seizing Pill, otherwise he definitely would not have informed him so easily, so he directly asked, without waiting for Yang Chen to start talking. This made him appear very impatient; the Heaven Seizing Pill had already created a huge upheaval in his heart, which he was not able to cope up with.

“Great Master, although this Heaven Seizing Pill is not perfect, it can still increase the chances of ascending by seventy percent.”

Yang Chen softly muttered to himself and after organizing his excuses, he opened his mouth again:

“This Heaven Seizing Pill is of no use to both me and master for some time, so disciple wants to give it as a present to Great Master.”

“Give it as a present to me?”

Although Wang Yong had somewhat guessed that this would happen, but when Yang Chen really spoke out these words, Wang Yong was still greatly excited. This was the Heaven Seizing Pill, a powerful pill which even had to face tribulation after it had been refined; giving it as a present to him? This was not a dream, right?

“Great Master has already been at the YuanYing stage for a long time, as long as you go steady and strike hard, with the impression of the pill tribulation, you can surely enter the Da Cheng stage within the next hundred years. Then at the time of ascension, it will increase your chances to seventy percent.”

As if it had accidently slipped off Yang Chen’s mouth, he immediately retracted it:

“Disciple is showing his filial respect, Great Master should not care about it too much.”

Although it seemed as if Yang Chen had said these words unintentionally, for the listener it was as if he had realized something. Yang Chen’s words had struck hard, which immediately made Wang Yong realize his mentality was somewhat fickle and impatient. Regardless of the reason, Wang Yong had wanted to rush towards the Da Cheng stage, but this kind of impatient attitude was the biggest reason for his Heart’s Devil.

After realizing the problem with his mental state, it was seemingly not difficult for a YuanYing stage master such as Wang Yong to combat it. Simply speaking, it all looked quite trivial: he just had to adjust his mental condition, that’s all, but this was not so easy to accomplish. The stronger an expert was, the harder it was to free himself after this kind of thing had been drilled into him.

But Yang Chen had given him the Heaven Seizing Pill, that meant that, as long as Wang Yong was able to reach the Da Cheng stage, he would have a chance of at least seventy percent to ascend. Hearing Yang Chen’s words, together with the experience of the pill tribulation, this opportunity allowed him to attain a confidence of at least ninety percent. Even for the Yin Fire tribulation, when he reached the Da Cheng stage from the YuanYing stage, he was at least eighty percent sure that he would be successful.

Since he already had this kind of confidence, there was no need for Wang Yong to impatiently adopt some risky method, he could loosen the restrictions on his mind and cultivate step by step, that meant to move steadily, in accordance with Yang Chen’s words, then not only would the Da Cheng stage be achievable, even ascending was just around the corner.

“Good, good child!”

Wang Yong suddenly sighed, after praising Yang Chen once, he started to laugh heartily.

“I used to think that I will always be stranded at the upper YuanYing stage, but your words have given me the hope to ascend, good! Good!”

This allowed him to let go of his Heart’s Devil and have a sudden feeling of refreshment. Wang Yong exposed a rare, careless smile.

Naturally Yang Chen had realized the problem that Wang Yong had in his previous life, but the future tragedy of Wang Yong could have only been averted with the help of the Heaven Seizing Pill. Using a pill in exchange for getting an expert on his side in the future, that was a matter of great value for Yang Chen, even better was that this expert was also Yang Chen’s great master.

Naturally, Yang Chen also had selfish motives in this, as the cultivation of Wang Yong increased, it would also mean that his status within the sect would also increase. And as the status of Wang Yong increased, other people would not dare to criticize Yang Chen and Gao Yue, so Yang Chen would build a protective net around Gao Yue across the entire Pure Yang Palace from top to bottom, so that in this life she would not have to worry about anything.

“This Heaven Seizing Pill, you can also use it in the future, then why do you want to give it to this old man?”

After laughing, Wang Yong suddenly asked with a probing tone; he very much wanted to know what Yang Chen was thinking at this moment.

“Great Master, you must excuse me for being disrespectful!”

Yang Chen was also laughing gently towards Wang Yong. Just as he had finished speaking, he was immediately berated by Gao Yue:

“Yang Chen, you should not be rude towards your Great Master!”

“Speak, just talking is no harm!”

Wang Yong gestured with his hand, dismissing Gao Yue’s beration. He was very cheerful right now and basically did not mind these words of Yang Chen in the least, Yang Chen had told him so much, he instead wanted to know even more, so what did he mean by speaking rudely.

“This Heaven Seizing Pill is not a perfect Heaven Seizing Pill, at best it has a seventy percent efficacy.”

Yang Chen said fearlessly and immediately started laughing:

“Great Master’s cultivation is very profound, naturally you will not care about a Heaven Seizing Pill with a seventy percent efficacy. When master reaches the Da Cheng stage, I will refine a perfect Heaven Seizing Pill for master, if that time Great Master has not yet ascended, then you will certainly go green with envy!”

When Wang Yong and Gao Yue heard what he said, they became speechless and glanced at each other. Only these two people seemed to realize that Yang Chen really knew how to refine the Heaven Seizing Pill and as soon as his cultivation increased enough, maybe he could refine a perfect Heaven Seizing Pill. But these people did not know that, if Yang Chen really wanted to, then he would set his mind on even higher grade pills compared to the Heaven Seizing Pill.


Wang Yong praised him again, but immediately afterwards he sighed.

“Originally I had planned to give some pointers to you, but I had never expected that I would actually be guided by you. Fine, this old man will become thick skinned and accept your Heaven Seizing Pill.”

While speaking, he received that jade box into his qiankun pouch, but he wasn’t very formal.


Gao Yue found this somewhat inappropriate, so she raised a small accusation against Wang Yong:

“So you have accepted the respect shown by my disciple, but did not say anything which would benefit your grand disciple”

Then she had also begun to ask for benefits for Yang Chen.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

Wang Yong rejoiced endlessly.

“You really are very protective of your newly received disciple. Fine, this great master will also not be stingy. This qiankun pouch contains things which might be to your fancy, choose what you want!”

Wang Yong directly placed his qiankun pouch in front of Yang Chen and Gao Yue, allowing them to choose. In Wang Yong’s eyes, although the things in the qiankun pouch were precious, they were not more precious than him ascending to the spiritual world. In any case they weren’t outsiders, they were his disciple and grand disciple, so it would be best if he allowed them to choose.

Gao Yue shouted in joy and directly grabbed Wang Yong’s qiankun pouch and began to flip it upside down to look at the objects inside, with her face full of smiles and still laughing she said:

“I have wanted some things from master long ago, but master was always very stingy, finally I have the opportunity!”

In front of Wang Yong, Gao Yue was acting as if she was still that charming little disciple which Wang Yong was fond of.

Yang Chen, who was standing not too far had a smile on his face, foolishly looking at Gao Yue’s smile. That kind of happy laugh which came from the inside, after finding something which she had searched for, for a long time, made Yang Chen think that all that he had done was really worth it. As long as he could keep this smile on his master’s face, he was willing to pay any price.

After Gao Yue had picked up several mouth watering items, she threw the qiankun pouch towards Yang Chen.

“Yang Chen, quickly pick, your great master is not very generous!”

Wang Yong was laughing heartily on one side, without feeling the slightest amount of anger at these words of Gao Yue. When Yang Chen took the qiankun pouch, Wang Yuan’s gaze also shifted towards him, apparently he wanted to see whether or not Yang Chen had enough knowledge and what kind of item he would choose?

Only, the things which Gao Yue had picked had made Yang Chen dumbfounded. All of them were related to the fire attribute, making Yang Chen suddenly want to remind Gao Yue:

‘Master, you have an Acquired Full Water Spirit Root, what do you want to do by picking up these fire attributed objects!’

Despite cursing her silently, Yang Chen did not show any courtesy towards the qiankun pouch given to him. Releasing his Spiritual Awareness to search it, he immediately found a qiankun pouch inside, which had moreover been refined by some expert. The mark of Pure Yang Palace was still on top of it and it was multiple times better than the one Wang Yuan had given him.

Although he did not know for whom it had been prepared, since Yang Chen had looked at it, then it was out of Wan Yong’s control. Taking out that one qiankun pouch, Yang Chen said, full of smiles:

“This qiankun pouch is many times better than the one I am carrying, Great Master, I will be troubling you!”

Seeing that Yang Chen had picked up that qiankun pouch, Wang Yong was also hesitant, but he immediately remembered that Yang Chen’s qiankun pouch was being treated as evidence and that he was still using the qiankun pouch of someone he had killed, which was of very poor quality. Finally, with good intentions, Wang Yong stretched out his hand.

“Bring me those qiankun pouches you have obtained from the people you have killed, I will properly refine them for you, so that nobody can steal my sect’s Real Pure Yang Fire from the qiankun pouch.”

Hearing Wang Yong’s words, Yang Chen was happy beyond measure. A Qiankun Pouch was something which everyone had, but everyone’s qiankun pouches were distinct. After being refined by a master, it would just not be the same thing as being given by their respective sect. Leaving aside the amount of the space where objects were held, even the degree of robustness would increase.

If, during the refining, some powerful materials were also added, the grade of the qiankun pouch would increase even more. Naturally, if it was refined with a heavenly grade magic tool, then maybe it could be made into a high grade object, comparable to the Yang Mountain Medicine Garden and if it was fused with immortal grade items, then maybe it would be even more extraordinary.

When two qiankun pouches were fused, the result would have at least the space of the two earlier qiankun pouches added together. That’s why Wang Yong had asked him to bring the qiankun pouches of all the people he had killed. But when Yang Chen took out more than twenty qiankun pouches in succession, even Wang Yong was dumbfounded. Especially because there still were imprints of Greatest Heaven Sect and Tian Quan Sect on top of the qiankun pouches, which astonished him even more.

“Are you cultivating or are you actually a killer?”

Gao Yue could not help but wrinkle her brows. Although she knew that Yang Chen had previously killed many people, she hadn’t anticipated that it would be this many.

“Killing too many people can be harmful to your dao heart, do you know this?”

“When you killed this many people, did any other people know about it?”

Actually Wang Yong was quite open minded, he knew that cultivation and killing people had nothing directly conflicting with each other. Wang Yong had only picked some qiankun pouches with a mark while asking, but he feared that Yang Chen would bring some trouble.

“At the time when I killed these people, nobody knew, but these people have come to find me, so whether or not anyone else knew is difficult to say.”

Frankly speaking, Yang Chen did not have any hatred with these people, they were incited by others to come and look for Yang Chen, so at least those who had incited them knew, but they didn’t have any definite proof.

“That’s good, kill when you need to kill, but when someone asks, pretend that you do not know.”

Wang Yuan reached out his hand to receive all of those qiankun pouches and afterwards he placed all of them in one place.

“I will return in a few days to help you refine it, so I will give it to you in a few days time!”

“I understand, Great Master, I completely understand everything!”

Yang Chen smiled happily and continued to probe the things within Wang Yong’s qiankun pouch without even lifting his head.

There were a few types of high grade material, a few other materials which could strengthen the fire attributed flying swords and there was also a jade slip, on which everything Wang Yuan had learned about Tool Refining had been recorded, but it was also flipped over by Yang Chen.

“There are still some good things left?”

Gao Yue saw this and directly extended her hand.

“Yang Chen, after paying respects to your master, you still haven’t given any gifts to your master, this is precisely when you show your respects to your master.”

After saying this, she seemingly thought of something, which reddened her face, then she again added a line:

“This Second Fierce Yang Courtyard does not count, it is not for me alone.”

Yang Chen looked at Wang Yuan and then again at Gao Yue; he had no other choice but to carefully read the contents of the jade slip once and then he had no option than to give it to Gao Yue, while mumbling to himself:

“And they say disciples fight over things!”

“It is counted as you giving respects to your master, and won’t your master pass it on to you again, in the future?”

Gao Yue directly snatched the jade slip, and with a face full of smiles she examined it, while lecturing Yang Chen, so that he would not feel dissatisfied.

Wang Yong sitting at the side, looked at Gao Yue bullying Yang Chen happily, but he only smiled and did not say anything. His own disciple and grand disciple had already allowed him to have no worries, so in the future he had to speak for them to ensure that they would not get pushed around. Now there was nothing which they feared people would find out, so Wang Yuan began to remove the layers of his restrictions one by one.

“Yang Chen, what have you planned after reaching the foundation stage?”

After Yang Chen had finished choosing what he needed, Gao Yue asked with concern:

“Have you planned to cultivate within the sect or go out to train?”

“This disciple plans to go out!”

Yang Chen quickly replied.

“I have heard that the sect betraying disciple, Chu Heng, had already gone missing in the desolate valley and the people of the Law Enforcement Hall could not find him, so this disciple wants to personally go to settle his grudges!”

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