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Chapter 102 - If I Don't Kill You, I Am Not A Man


Yang Chen and Chu Heng’s grudge had existed for a long time, it was already a well known matter in the Pure Yang Palace. Only currently, everyone was in support of Yang Chen and there was almost nobody in support of Chu Heng. After all, colluding with outsiders to attack a fellow disciple was a crime which no sect, even the devil sect, would permit.

Therefore, Yang Chen going to look for Chu Heng to settle his grudges, was nothing strange. The Palace Master had already said that, after the sect executed it’s punishment, the grudge between Yang Chen and Chu Heng was their personal matter. Currently, as the Law Enforcement Hall could not find Chu Heng’s whereabouts, nobody could say anything about Yang Chen going to look for him by himself.

Gao Yue had wanted to say something, but after looking at Wang Yong’s expression, she didn’t open her mouth and only kept looking at Yang Chen with a complicated expression. Her gaze contained traces of worry for Yang Chen.

After the private discussion with Wang Yong and Gao Yue was over, Yang Chen had managed to gain a big supporter for Gao Yue and himself. If Wang Yong was able to break through to the Da Cheng stage, not only would the overall strength of the Pure Yang Palace increase, but so would his and Gao Yue’s status.

Wang Yong and Gao Yue both knew the importance of this matter, therefore, regarding the matter of the Heaven Seizing Pill, both had agreed to keep their mouths shut, not to reveal even a single word of it to other people, even the other disciples of Wang Yong would not be told about this matter. The one who closely hides his wealth will always be king. If other people knew, then it was very possible that the Pure Yang Palace would divide into factions.

Whatever the case, Chu Heng was a middle foundation stage expert, and he had been at the foundation stage for many years. After going to the Desolate Valley, who could know how much had he developed in these years? Even the foundation stage disciples with that JieDan stage disciple hadn’t been able to capture him, so it was obvious how difficult to deal with he had become.

Chu Heng’s disappearance was not at all because he was killed by demonic beasts, though saying that would lose them face. Actually he had escaped without any trace, even under the combined assault of four experts of the Law Enforcement Hall. Although he hadn’t injured anyone, it could still be considered as a tight slap in the face of the Law Enforcement Hall or even the entire Pure Yang Palace. The four experts of the Law Enforcement Hall had surprisingly not been able to catch a person who had betrayed the sect, this really was a fact which lost them face.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was the Palace Master or the Law Enforcement Hall’s Master, Meng Xian, both did not say much about this matter. Only Du Qian secretly gave some information to Yang Chen, but also without giving him a lot of details. He did not tell him about the situation at that time and neither did he tell him about the identity of the four disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall, just the conclusion that Chu Heng had escaped, which had been asserted as having gone missing to the public.

Naturally Yang Chen would not let Chu Heng, a mortal enemy slip off that easily. Although Chu Heng was not at the Pure Yang Palace and was also not likely to attack Yang Chen, Yang Chen knew that some people, including Chu Heng’s master were dissatisfied about the punishment of the sect. If these people colluded with Chu Heng, then maybe it would cause trouble for Yang Chen.

Even if there were no troubles in the future, just the past actions of Chu Heng were enough for Yang Chen to hunt and kill him. In this life, Yang Chen would not be as good natured as his previous life. Anyone who gave him respect, he would respect them back, but if they wanted to kill him, then he had to kill them in return.

Wang Yong and Gao Yue were both not against his decisions, so naturally other people would also not be against it. If anyone went against him at this time, he was simply embarrassing himself in front of the entire Pure Yang Palace. Besides, other than Wang Yong and Gao Yue, Yang Chen basically hadn’t informed anyone else about this matter.

This matter had already caused a great humiliation for the Pure Yang Palace, the foundation stage disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall had all been recalled from their training and even the JieDan stage elders had set out, trying to find Chu Heng’s whereabouts in all directions.

Yang Chen would also go out to kill Chu Heng under the pretense of erasing the sect’s humiliation. Since Chu Heng had gone missing from the Desolate Valley, Yang Chen’s first stop would naturally be the Desolate Valley.

Nobody knew that, apart from killing Chu Heng, Yang Chen also had another motive in going to the Desolate Valley. The Desolate Valley was a famous place for training through fights, other than having several fierce demonic beasts, it also had another feature: the earth attributed Spirit Power was very thick within the Desolate Valley, so only earth attributed cultivators and wood attributed cultivators would go there, as, among the five phases, only wood could subdue earth. Chu Heng was water attributed, so he was firmly subdued by the earth attributed Spirit Power. When he was sent here, this was precisely to serve as the penal sentence.

But Yang Chen knew the reason why the Desolate Valley was like this. There was a vein of fifth earth True Qi. If this fifth earth True Qi could be refined using fifth earth True Qi secrets, then that would be the best fifth earth cultivation method and also the ideal for the fifth earth attributed cultivation method of the great Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets.

By some lucky coincidence, Yang Chen had obtained a copy of fifth earth True Qi secrets from the immortals in the Heavenly Court. For cultivating the fifth earth True Qi secrets, one had to have a cultivation of at least the foundation stage, and also had to have a suitable fifth earth True Qi. Currently Yang Chen had reached the foundation stage in all attributes and also had the proper cultivating circumstances.

Among the Great Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, Yang Chen already had a copy of the first wood True Qi secrets, second wood True Qi secrets, third fire True Qi secrets, fifth earth True Qi secrets, seventh metal True Qi secrets and tenth water True Qi secrets, he still hadn’t obtained fourth fire, sixth earth, eighth metal and ninth water.

Collecting all ten scriptures of the Great Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets was a goal in Yang Chen’s new life in the mortal world. Although he did not know where the last four pieces were, he knew of some sect who had these types of cultivation methods. What Yang Chen wanted to do was precisely to get his hands on these, one by one, according to the difficulty.

With regards to this, the fifth earth True Qi at the Desolate Valley was the type most easily obtainable for Yang Chen, so it was naturally the first priority for him at the moment. Other people only thought he had gone to hunt Chu Heng, so nobody doubted him.

Naturally, even though he had to go, he would not leave immediately. He had only recently reached the foundation stage, so Yang Chen had to consolidate it. In addition to that, the last few layers refining of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets had only been refined using the fire attribute, this time he had to refine his magic weapons all the way through once again.

Currently Yang Chen had reached the foundation stage in all of the five phases in yin and yang, so he began cultivating in those high level cultivation methods which he had found in the Hidden Pavilion. By the time Yang Chen had replaced the remaining six low level cultivation methods with the higher grade cultivation method, one month had already passed.

Only after completing all of this did Yang Chen begin the refining of the Profound Spirit Furnace and the Sword Box in the form of the XianTai stage’s immortal blade. After reaching the foundation stage, everything had been different from the qi layer, even the quality of the spirit power in his body had changed. After he had refined the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets to four layers and six layers of the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets, the five phases Spirit Power finally attained equilibrium again.

This time, after he came out of the room where he was engaged in closed door training, he directly ran into his master, Gao Yue. Gao Yue was in high spirit this time, there was an unprecedented type of confidence on her face, perhaps this was the result of Yang Chen’s previous arrangements.

“This is the qiankun pouch your Great Master has refined for you, check it once!”

Gao Yue sensed that Yang Chen was going to come out of the seclusion, so she had intentionally come over to wait for him. Seeing him, she threw a belt shaped object towards him while smiling.

Wang Yong had spent much thought on the qiankun pouch he refined for Yang Chen. Because of his last qiankun pouch, Yang Chen had even been hunted by a group of people and Wang Yong didn’t want this kind of thing to happen to his grand disciple again.

Along with the qiankun pouch which Wang Yong had made for someone, Wang Yong also used the more than twenty qiankun pouches Yang Chen had given him and spared no efforts or materials, altering their bag shaped style and refining them to a belt.

Apart from serving as a qiankun pouch, the bag was also a good defensive magic tool. On the belt, Wang Yong had engraved three types of spell formations: One was a defensive spell formation, another one was an illusionary spell formation and one was a concealing spell formation, which could be used to cover up tracks. After buckling up the belt, there was a place to put in Spirit Stones; as long as a piece of Spirit Stone was placed there, it would be used to provide the Spirit Power for these three types of spell formations and, apart from the defensive spell formation, the other two spell formations would activate according to Yang Chen’s will.

The opening of the qiankun pouch was also at a place where Yang Chen could access it conveniently. As long as he wanted to, he could put in and take out things without much trouble. As for the space, compared to the qiankun pouch Yang Chen had at the start, it had at least ten times more space, even compared to Wang Yong’s qiankun pouch, it was not inferior in any aspect.

The thing that gave Yang Chen a nice surprise was that this qiankun pouch could be used as a defensive magic tool, so only after it had been refined by Yang Chen himself, it could be fully used. In addition to that, it had to refined by using a special technique so that, even if someone took this qiankun pouch away, he would not be able to seize anything within the qiankun pouch. Only if the cultivation of the enemy was higher than Wang Yong’s current cultivation by a whole realm, in other words he had to be at least at the Da Cheng stage, would he be able to cut open this prohibiting formation.

But Yang Chen had the Achievement Ring and all of his important things could be placed within it, so he did not need to get anxious about the things inside of his qiankun pouch, but this qiankun pouch was the best excuse for him, so that from now on he did not need to explain to anyone how his things could be concealed so well.

This qiankun pouch could also be used as a magic tool, so it could still be upgraded after Yang Chen refined it. Currently Yang Chen had the Profound Spirit Furnace for concocting pills and for attacking he had the XianTai Stage’s immortal blade-shaped Sword Box, he only lacked a good magic tool for self protection and this belt had appeared just in time, like getting charcoal in snowy weather. It could also be seen that Wang Yong had spent much thought about Yang Chen and only then decided on this, so Yang Chen was very grateful towards his great master’s kind intentions.

“You are going to hunt the traitor, so I should have also gone with you, to look after you and assist you.”

Gao Yue had still adopted the face of a master and said this to Yang Chen with a serious face.

“But your Great Master has said that your path is different from ours, maybe excessive consideration can restrict you from many things. The most suitable thing this time is that you go alone. Master will not go with you, so do your best.”

Gao Yue had warned Yang Chen repeatedly, which made Yang Chen sense that he had already gotten very close to his master at the moment, perhaps it was because they shared a huge secret.

Only, when Gao Yue was speaking, she was acting a little dodgy, as if trying to hide something. Yang Chen, who knew everything about Gao Yue immediately sensed this abnormality.

“Master, what is the problem with me going?”

Yang Chen asked while creasing his brows, his eyes fixated on Gao Yue’s eyes, waiting for her reply.

Gao Yue grew restless under Yang Chen’s fixed gaze and became uncomfortable and clenching her teeth she said:

“This time, the four disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall who were chasing Chu Heng were seriously injured by him in the Desolate Valley. The Palace Master has strictly commanded that this news cannot be leaked, but Chu Heng had already spread it.”

Glancing again at Yang Chen, she once again dodged his gaze.

“He also said some offensive words about you.”

“This disciple is all ears!”

After hearing Gao Yue’s words, Yang Chen was not that restless anymore, originally he had been getting anxious, but this kind of thing was not much of an issue. As for Chu Heng, injuring the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall was already a capital offense, Yang Chen would not bother much about a person who was doomed to die.

“Chu Heng has claimed that the Pure Yang Palace had not evicted him from the sect, but rather that he had been the one to rebel from the sect.”

Since Gao Yue had already begun to speak, she did not hide anything anymore. In any case, what she knew, Yang Chen also had to know, as hearing it from her mouth is far better that hearing it from the mouths of others.

“Saying that we had taken an executioner as a disciple and have already entered the devil path, he is ashamed to associate with us, therefore he has rebelled from the sect.”

“What about this is so offensive?”

Yang Chen smiled. If that was the extent of claims he had made, then not just Yang Chen, he would even be a joke to the entire Pure Yang Palace.

“He has also said that the four disciples who were trying to subdue him had been injured by just one person, himself, saying that malpractices have become far too frequent in the whole Pure Yang Palace and it was nowhere as good as it’s made out to be.”

Gao Yue shook her head and continued:

“And he also said that you have done some odd jobs for pill concocting masters, but surprisingly dare to claim the credits for other people’s achievements, falsely claiming that the Heaven Seizing Pill had been refined by you, while really you are just a crafty flatterer who showed his colors given the opportunity. The whole Pure Yang Palace has supposedly been deceived by you, and he kept on cursing you as a nasty character.”

“Chu Heng is a disciple who betrayed the sect, what kind of pleasant words could he possibly say? This is not bad enough to worry master, is it?”

Yang Chen once again smiled hearing this. Not to mention Chu Heng, even young children could curse like this. Rather than bothering with this, it would be better to think about where to find him, so that he could chop off his head.

“He also boasted that as long as the disciples chasing him did not die, they should behead us two despicable and shameless master and disciple colluding to commit such fraud in front of everyone under the heavens.”

Seeing Yang Chen’s calmness, Gao Yue’s intonation also became gentle, even using the words as shameless and despicable to describe herself, she still had a joking tone.

“Even I taking you as a disciple, was also my ploy to gain a false reputation of being your master.”

“Chu Heng dared to say that master is despicable and shameless?”

Against the expectations of Gao Yue, Yang Chen, who had been tranquil, making her think why she had been worried about Chu Heng’s words again, became furious at this moment, his eyes had stretched to the size of a copper bell and gnashing his teeth, he spat out these words:

“He had the impertinence to insult master!”


Yang Chen mad fury had exploded out this moment. His master was the cause of his fury, regardless of how offensive the words Chu Heng said about him were, Yang Chen wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But Chu Heng had gone too far daring, to insult Yang Chen’s master, intolerable!

The Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets began to move crazily, following Yang Chen’s anger. The ten types of Spirit Power which had been calm originally, had turned into ten big dragons all of a sudden, circulating within his meridians. His eyes turned blood red and with that, a frightening killing intent, which could devour people, suddenly also appeared and passed away in a flash, being suppressed by Yang Chen.

“Chu Heng!”

Yang Chen’s loud voice filled with anger could be heard in almost the entire Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

“If I don’t kill you, then I vow that I am not a man!”

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