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Chapter 100 - The Great Master Can Also Give Pointers

18 Jun 2016

Together with that original qiankun pouch, the Palace Master delivered the Real Pure Yang Flame to Yang Chen. After Yang Chen had respectfully accepted it, the Palace Master waved his hand and immediately a divine light entered Yang Chen’s spirit sea, this was a chant used for opening the seals on the Real Pure Yang Fire.

“Foundation Stage, Third Grade Pill Concocting Master, Yang Chen, I will await the day when you refine the Real Pure Yang Fire!”

The Palace Master wasn’t pretending even a little while saying these words, he was indeed sincerely expecting this outcome.

“But you can only keep this for at most three hundred years. Once this time is over, it will automatically return to the secret pavilion of my Pure Yang Palace, so you must hurry up.”

“This disciple will surely try to do his best and not disappoint the Palace Master and the elders!”

Yang Chen immediately expressed his gratitude and determination, but in his mind he was thinking that it was really fortunate that he had taken out the branch of Penglai Divine Wood. If it hadn’t been for that, it would still take countless years before he could gain access to the Real Pure Yang Fire.

In other words, only the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace could open the secret pavilion of the Pure Yang Pavilion and take out the flame from within. Apparently the Palace Master was quite confident in Yang Chen, he had even imparted him the technique to control it. It had to be known that, without this technique, even Elder Wu would likely not be able to open those seals.

After he had been bestowed with this reward and all of the doubts had been cleared, the Palace Master, who had just obtained the Penglai Divine Wood, didn’t stay much longer in the room and immediately went to look for a place to research that one minor Penglai Divine Wood branch together with the other elders. If this was successful, maybe the Pure Yang Palace would also have a few more divine items, aside from the Real Pure Yang Fire.

Wang Yong stayed behind as everyone else turned to leave, but when the Palace Master turned around to ask him for a reason, he just waved his hand to decline:

“This old man is fire attributed and this Penglai Divine Wood has no connection with me, I still want to give some pointers to my disciple’s disciple.”

These words were reasonable, so nobody said anything and allowed Wang Yong to remain behind.

Gao Yue, together with Yang Chen, were still respectfully waiting on one side and only after everyone had entirely disappeared without leaving no trace did Wang Yong slap the table and complain to Yang Chen:

“Youngster, why didn’t you look at me for advice, how could you pick the Real Pure Yang Fire?”

“This disciple just wants to test whether this disciple has the karmic luck or not!”

Confronting his own great master, Yang Chen didn’t dared to be impudent and answered the question with an extremely respectful attitude.

“Karmic luck?”

Wang Yong was startled but didn’t immediately refute Yang Chen, evidently he had recalled Yang Chen’s deeds in these past few years and apparently Yang Chen really had a heaven defying fortune, otherwise how was it possible that, as soon as he paid his respects to his master, he could immediately find a spirit vein which was clearly not inferior to the master spirit vein of the Pure Yang Palace? Moreover he had also ascended to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, and he had the strength to refine a Heaven Seizing Pill when he was at the qi layer, how could the person who achieved all this not be blessed by great fortune?

“Fine! Experimenting a bit is also good!”

After thinking about this clearly, Wang Yong nodded, not questioning him again.

“That dark flame crystal is now an opportunity lost forever, if worst comes to worst, when your cultivation has increased some more, refine a few high grade elixirs and exchange them for it. But unfortunately, regarding the matter of pill concoction, this old man and Yue’er will not be of much help to you.”

Even Wang Yong had no option other than admitting defeat against the achievements of this grand disciple with regards to pill concoction. After all, while Wang Yong was also a fire attributed cultivator the same as Gao Yue, he mostly concentrated on fights and on refining tools, but he was not so proficient in the field of concocting pills. Yang Chen had refined a third grade foundation stage pill at a very young age with just a cultivation of the foundation stage, which naturally proved that he had an innate talent with regards to this. Maybe Yang Chen really had a chance with regards to this Real Pure Yang Fire.

In his previous life Yang Chen did not have a lot of contact with Wang Yong, after Yang Chen had formally become Gao Yue’s disciple, Wang Yong had already begun his seclusion to attack the bottleneck for reaching the Da Cheng stage, and by the time when the Pure Yang Palace had met with an accident, Wang Yong had been unable to break through. In the end, to save his grand disciple, he had perished while taking down an enemy YuanYing stage expert with him, it was indeed very unfortunate.

After Yang Chen’s rebirth, he would not allow this kind of tragedy to happen again. Although Wang Yong hadn’t said much, his intentions for Yang Chen’s safety were very clear. Yang Chen could naturally sense this kind of care. But Yang Chen also knew that Wang Yong still cared for Gao Yue more, after all Wang Yong and Yang Chen did not have a lot of contact with each other, Yang Chen was more of a package-deal with his master.

But for Yang Chen, that Wang Yong was safeguarding Gao Yue, was the best possible outcome. Hearing Wang Yong’s words, Yang Chen immediately began to talk:

“Many thanks, great master, for your care, this grand disciple will strive harder and will absolutely not fail to meet great master’s expectations!”

After thinking about this, Yang Chen’s faith in Wang Yong increased even more. He had already initiated his plans at the Pure Yang Palace and now, being under the watch of his great master, some matters could naturally be solved very easily now.

“Great Master, this disciple requests you to place restrictive formations on the surroundings; grand disciple does not want other people to hear the following words.”

Yang Chen said very sincerely to Wang Yong. His facial expression was extremely serious, even Gao Yue hadn’t seen such seriousness in Yang Chen’s face before.

Wang Yong was startled and wrinkled his brows, but he didn’t say anything, so with a wave of his hand, he placed a restrictive formation and said:

“Good, I have already placed a restrictive formation, now if you have something to say, speak freely.”

“This is not enough, Great Master!”

Yang Chen resolutely shook his head, not even caring about giving face to Wang Yong.

“This matter is of the greatest importance, Great Master, I must request you to place at least nine layers of restrictions!”

“Yang Chen!”

Gao Yue immediately berated him loudly, Wang Yong was Gao Yue’s master, but Yang Chen unexpectedly didn’t even feel relieved with him.

Yang Chen’s words also made Wang Yong curious, what kind of secret was it that required nine layers of restrictions to ensure that it didn’t leak? He attentively looked in Yang Chen’s eyes for a good moment and the majestic pressure of a YuanYing stage elder also began to lightly push on Yang Chen, but Yang Chen acted as if he hadn’t sensed anything and stubbornly shook his head.

“Not enough, great master!”


Wang Yong was also affected by Yang Chen’s seriousness. With a great wave of his hand, ten layers of restrictions immediately sealed the room used for official business, where the three of them were. After everything had been arranged properly, Wang Yong sat down and fixed his gaze on Yang Chen.

“Very well, now even the Palace Master cannot know about the contents of the our conversation without alarming me, you wanted to say anything, speak!”

Yang Chen didn’t say anything, instead he took out the jade box containing the Heaven Seizing Pill which Elder Wu had given him from his Achievement RIng and placed it in front of Wang Yong.

“What is this?”

Wang Yong fearfully asked. There were sealing talismans and spell formations on the box, which were made by a Da Cheng stage expert. They could even make this YuanYing stage expert sense fear and trepidation, what kind of object was forbidden like this? This kind of sealing was comparable with the seals on the Real Pure Yang Fire.

“Great Master, this box has nine layers altogether and every layer also has strong restricting seals.”

Yang Chen said, pointing towards the jade box.

“These are the seals made by Elder Wu himself, inside of these seals is precisely the Heaven Seizing Pill!”

“Heaven Seizing Pill?”

Not only Wang Yong, even Gao Yue standing on the side cried out in fear simultaneously. Even Wang Yong, who was a YuanYing stage elder, whose mental state would not change even if Mt. Tai collapsed in front of his eyes, couldn’t help but cry out with surprise and asked Yang Chen in a questioning tone, with his voice trembling:

“Could it be that this is the Heaven Seizing Pill refined for Elder Wu? Or is it that you actually refined two pills?”

Wang Yong had lost his self control. If even a Da Cheng stage expert like Elder Wu, who was going to ascend very soon, lost his colour upon seeing a Heaven Seizing Pill then what about a trifling YuanYing stage elder?

The first thought in Wang Yong’s mind was precisely that Yang Chen had refined more than one Heaven Seizing Pill, otherwise, after Elder Wu used one pill, where did the extra Heaven Seizing Pill come from?

Ga Yue had already been in shock for quite a while, such a powerful object made Gao Yue simply unable to believe what she was seeing and what she was hearing. No wonder Yang Chen had treated the matter with such consideration! If Gao Yue had known this, let alone nine layers, she would have asked to put up eighteen layers of restrictions! The excessive shock made Gao Yue lose the ability to speak and left her rooted to the ground, flabbergasted and not even able to move.

It seemed that Yang Chen was already prepared for this kind of situation, as he immediately moved towards Gao Yue with a big step and placed both of his hands on his master’s shoulders and slowly supported her to sit down on a chair, separated from Wang Yong by a table on which there was precisely the jade box.

Wang Yong didn’t care in the slightest bit that the master and disciple were sitting on equal footing, both of his eyes had already been fixed on that Heaven Seizing Pill, which had captured his gaze for a long time, so that he was not even able to shift it.

After these two people had been stunned for the time it takes an incense stick to burn, Yang Chen coughed softly, making both of them recover from their shock.

“Have two Heaven Seizing Pills been refined or not, tell me.”

After becoming clear headed, Wang Yong impatiently asked Yang Chen.

“Yang Chen, tell me whether that is the case!”

“Great master, a thing like the Heaven Seizing Pill, how is it possible that two of them had come out?”

Yang Chen bitterly smiled, seeing no alternative he explained:

“If I could refine two of these in the first try, then wouldn’t this Heaven Seizing Pill be very ordinary?”

“Then this is the only pill?”

Fear was visible on Wang Yong’s face, not even daring to accept this clearly obvious fact.

“This is precisely that one pill we had refined for Elder Wu.”

Yang Chen nodded his head, and he had also spoken very clearly this time, distinctly and with confidence, ensuring that both Wang Yong and Gao Yue clearly understand this fact.

“Then why do you have this pill?”

Hearing Yang Chen’s definite reply, Wang Yong and Gao Yue first reaction was not to beaming with smiles on obtaining this, instead it was as if they had provoked a huge misfortune, their voices were trembling just like in the beginning.

“Elder Wu already had no more use for this kind of pill, so he gifted it to me.”

Yang Chen’s gentle tone was like it contained a magic to make people meditate, naturally the content of the sentence was even better, making both Gao Yue and Wang Yong, whose hearts had been hanging in their throats calm down slowly.

“Goodness gracious!”

In spite of the fact that Gao Yue’s appearance was as if she was paralyzed while sitting on the chair, she softly spoke:

“You almost scared me to death!”

Wang Yong, sitting in front of Gao Yue, was apparently in a much better position compared to Gao Yue. His head was full of beads of sweat, which had only now dared to drop down to the ground, Wang Yong himself hadn’t sensed that his heavy breathing would make it impossible to believe for anyone this was the breath of a YuanYing stage expert.

Hu… Hu…

Only after taking several deep breaths was Wang Yong able to calm down. The first thing that he did not was not to question Yang Chen closely, but rather to immediately increase the number of layers of restrictive spells on top of the nine previously placed layers by as many as he could. Only after he felt exhausted did he stop raising the layers.

“Why did Elder Wu gifted it to you? Why didn’t he have any more use for it?”

After everything was set up properly, Wang Yong’s gaze, which had been fixed on the jade box moved to Yang Chen. Looking at his calm and composed grand disciple, he suddenly had a feeling that he could not see through him. A foundation stage expert who had refined the Heaven Seizing Pill which a Da Cheng stage expert could use at the time of ascension, all of this was similar to a dream.

“Because this Heaven Seizing Pill is not a perfect Heaven Seizing Pill!”

After saying these words, Yang Chen began to tell Gao Yue and Wang Yong about the events that had happened at the time of refining. Especially about the time when the Heaven Seizing Pill had been defeated by the wind tribulations, for which Elder Wu had substituted in its place. After experiencing the wind tribulation, he had become full of confidence towards ascending, which made both of them realize that this Heaven Seizing Pill was now no longer of much use to Elder Wu, so it was only right and proper that it was given to Yang Chen.

Naturally, Yang Chen hadn’t hid the matter about seizing the flame from He LianYun. Hearing that He LianYun, a YuanYing stage expert had surprisingly tried to make things difficult for Yang Chen, who was only at qi layer at that time, Wang Yong began to curse him nonstop, without showing the bearing of a YuanYing stage expert in the slightest, but much more like a village’s old man, deeply protective of his children.

Wang Yong and Gao Yue eagerly listened to the ups and downs during the process of refining. By the time when Yang Chen was telling them about the pill tribulations, Wang Yong was unable to wait to ask about the circumstances of the Yin Fire tribulations, due to his excitement.

“This disciple asks for forgiveness for being impudent!”

Yang Chen extended his right hand and stretched it to Wang Yong’s head, while extending his left hand towards Gao Yue.

Wang Yong was startled, but he soon understood: Yang Chen intended to push his own memories into Wang Yong’s Spiritual Awareness, allowing him to sense the event that had happened at that time. Immediately all kinds of wonderful, but strange images began to fill up his mind. Seeing Wang Yong like this, Gai Yue also followed his example and pressed her forehead to Yang Chen’s hand.

The images of the pill tribulation began to appear in the Spiritual Awareness of Wang Yong and Gao Yue. Fortunately, the transformation of Yang Chen’s Spirit Sea after he had reached the foundation stage allowed him to support this ability to allow them to see what he wanted them to see. This was originally a technique of the spiritual world, even people like Deng Yi could only manipulate their own Spirit Sea, but could not share it with others.

Wang Yong and Gao Yue had forgotten to care about these minor details in their excitement; they were completely immersed in the process of the pill tribulation. Lightning tribulation, Yin Fire tribulation, Wind tribulation. The descent of the Three Calamities had appeared within their Spiritual Awareness completely intact, as if this was happening in front of their eyes. Even the part where Elder Wu had resisted the Wind tribulation by himself wasn’t missed.

Yang Chen had removed his hand long ago, but these two people were still immersed within the pill tribulation, unable to free themselves. Yang Chen didn’t disturb them and calmly waited for both of them to become clear headed on their own.

After a long time, only Wang Yong had managed to awaken from that state, with a smile across his face, he said in loud voice:

“Oh so it was like this! This will save me at least a hundred years of useless work!”

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