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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 53 Part 2


Lu Sicheng, using one arm to support his jaw, leisurely chatted with his team’s mid
on WeChat. He could imagine her sitting crossed legged on the sofa back at base,
discussing the data with Ming god about the opposing team this weekend while
leaning over to the side to chat on the phone with him about which store had the
best snacks. The corner of his lips tilted up……

He flattened the curve at the corner of his lips when he smelled the faint fragrance
of perfume.

Lu Sicheng looked up and saw the woman in front of him seemed to have more
exquisite makeup on her face than earlier…..She applied mascara, fresh eyeliner,
a much redder lipstick, and a thin layer of blush.

So she had gone to touch up her makeup.

Lu Sicheng put away his phone: “Fifteen minutes. You have any problems with your
digestive system?”

The woman’s smile stiffened, then broke a smile again: “You men don’t know anything.
I was just going to touch up my makeup, not to use the bathroom.”

“Oh.” Lu Sicheng stretched his legs then popped himself up from the seat: “Let’s go.”

He turned to go to the counter to pay for Su Luo with no intention to linger any longer.
Watching his back, Su Luo startled by the sudden movement, but quickly caught up
with him.

Lu Sicheng’s height was a perfect match with Su Luo’s. Even with her high heels,
Lu Sicheng was still a half head taller than her…...After they walked out of the coffee
shop, Lu Sicheng circled around her, positioning himself between her and the road.
Su Luo noticed his thoughtfulness, her lips curved up: “I heard that you’re an Esports
professional player.”


“You’re different than I had thought. I thought all the professional players were a bunch
of teengers addicted to the internet. I didn’t expect there was someone like you.” Su Luo
said: “To tell the truth, I wasn’t willing to come at first when my family asked me to come.”

When he heard what she just said, he, with both his hands in his pockets, finally turned to
take a look at her. “Oh, really?”

“En. But now I feel like it’s not so bad.” Su Luo smiled and said.

Lu Sicheng snickered but didn’t say anything.

They walked towards the parking lot. On their way, they passed by a store selling takoyaki.
As Su Luo was twisting her brain to come up with a topic to carry a conversation with him,
Lu Sicheng suddenly stopped and turned to look at the busy small store. “Do you want some?”

Su Luo blinked and turned to take a look. She happened to see a young girl who was stuffing
a large takoyaki into her wide opened mouth. The dark colored sauce smearing over her
mouth…...Su Luo paused and shook her head: “I’m not used to eating these kind of snacks.
Too greasy and I heard that------”

Before she could finish her sentence, the man next to her had already gone ahead to go to
the storefront and efficiently ordered a large order with extra seaweed to go…...The towering
man standing in the middle of a crowd of young girls seemed quite out of place. But the man
didn’t seem to feel anything wrong with it; he was at ease standing there waiting for his order.

Su Luo stood behind him, attracting some envious gazes. She straightened her back.

When the man got his order and turned to go back to her side, she smiled and asked:
“You like these kinds of food?”

“I’m taking it back.” Lu Sicheng slowly said: “To feed a pet.”

“......Your dog is well fed.”

“It’s for the rabbit.”

“Can rabbit eat such greasy foods?”

“She’s a trash can, eats everything.”

They continued to talk as they walked. The rain suddenly began to fall-----Su Luo cried out
and lifted her bag over her head to shield herself. She hurried under the roof of a store. She
was wearing a sleeveless dress; it would be shivering cold if the dress got wet from the rain.

Su Luo muttered about being cold and wiped off the water on her arms with napkins. The man
next to her took off his jacket and handed it to her-----Su Luo was surprised, but draped it over
herself amid all the jealous looks from the surrounding young girls.

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