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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 53 Part 3

“Wait here, I’ll go get the car.”

Lu Sicheng turned to walk away, his tall figure soon disappeared in the curtain of rain…...
About ten minutes later, a royal blue Maserati stopped at the curb side in the pouring rain.


“Ahhh, I want to have a car in this rainy day too!”

“Shut up. You’re too poor to say that. Why do I date a loser like you.”

A couple behind her began bickering. Su Luo, with a smile, rushed into the rain with the
man’s jacket over her head.

She was very pleased with this blind date.

She pulled open the door on the passenger side and sat in, complaining about the weather.
She wiped off the rain drops on her and her bag with the tissues in the car. The whole time
the driver didn’t say a word, he hadn’t started the car either. The takeout bag was on the

“It’s too bad that it started to rain so heavily. I didn’t even have the chance to have a good
conversation with you.” Su Luo finished drying herself, buckled the seat belt and pretended
to ask in a casual manner: “Do you still have time this weekend?”

“I have competition.”

“......Oh.” Su Luo blinked. “Then I’ll go watch you compete? I’ve never watched this kind
of competition before. It should be quite interesting?”

“Ms. Su.”


“You’re very nice, but I don’t think we’re a good match. You said earlier that you weren’t
too interested in this blind date either. I think it’s what it’s meant to be.” Lu Sicheng
switched on the wiper. “Where do you live? I’ll take you home.”

Su Luo: “......”


Half an hour later, Lu Sicheng was back at the base talking to Tong Yao.

“It took only an hour and a half for you to meet your blind date plus travel time. And you’re
blaming the weather for the reason your blind date failed?”

Leaning against the dinner table, Tong Yao was bending over to pick up the still steaming
takoyaki in the take out box with a fork while laughing at the man next to her…...She stuffed
the whole ball into her mouth, puffing her cheeks. The man stood next to her, drying his hair
with a towel, gave her a glance: “Why can’t I?”

Tong Yao: “It must because you didn’t get her little hunting goddess meatballs. That’s why
it failed.”

Lu Sicheng: “That store isn’t called hunting goddess.”

Tong Yao: “It’s the nickname I gave it.”

Lu Sicheng: “......Any normal woman with delicate makeup wouldn’t accept the offer to eat
this kind of food right on the street.”

Tong Yao raised her hand: “I would.”

Lu Sicheng glanced over her short leg which was bent backwards resting on the edge of the
chair. “Nevermind the delicate makeup, but other than that where do you look like a woman?”

As he spoke, he pulled out a napkin and slap it onto Tong Yao’s mouth-----That piece of
napkin stuck perfectly to the sauce at the corners of her lips: “Wipe your mouth. You look
like you just ate shit.”

Tong Yao dropped the fork, wiped her mouth, then asked further: “Then, are you going to
meet her again?”

“My mom doesn’t give up that easily.” Lu Sicheng said: “But the result should be the same
no matter how many times we meet.”

“The word, should, is full of uncertainty.”

Lu Sicheng had walked over to his own computer, turned it on, and dropped off the car key
on his desk. He turned when he heard Tong Yao’s reply and stared at the person glued to
the dinner table: “What assurance do you want me to give you?”

Tong Yao looked up in confusion at him..

“......Nevermind.” Lu Sicheng said in disgust: “Keep eating. All you know is stuffing your face.”

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