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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 53 Part 1

The girl who was going to have the blind date with Lu Sicheng was called Su Luo.

She was the same age as Lu Sicheng and had just come back from abroad after
earning a master’s degree in finance.

When her mom told her about the blind date, she wasn’t happy about it either.
Especially when her mom couldn’t really give her a clear answer about who the
guy is. Her mom only told her that the guy was from the family of an important
business partner with her dad. This guy seemed to make a living by playing games
and sometimes worked for his family on the sideline. She was told that he was tall
and very handsome. The most important thing was that the two families were well matched.

So they were well matched.

Su Luo turned to ask her friend what exactly making a living by playing games meant.
Her friend thought about it then earnestly replied: “Doesn’t that mean he’s an otaku?”

Su Luo rolled her eyes and went online to check for herself. Then she found out that
there is a profession called professional esports player-----

Her future blind date was an esports player, which sounded rather trendy…...
Curious about this profession, she went online to search for pictures of professional
esports players. After she saw the pictures, she wasn’t feeling well at all: Didn’t they
said he’s tall and handsome? Why did all the ones she see look like internet addicted
teenagers who were either overweight or too skinny, with pimples all over their faces!

Knowing the blind date would be a disaster, she mindlessly put on light makeup and
went out of the door rolling her eyes. She deliberately wore a pair of high heels. She
was 172 cm tall. When a girl at her height was wearing high heels, she was either
trying to show off her height or to embarrass the man she was about to meet.

Su Luo’s intention was the latter.

She sat down at the coffee shop and looked at her watch, waiting for the chance she
could make a fuss about the man being late and then use it as an excuse to end the
blind date…...She got excited when she reached the last 15 seconds till their agreed
time, imagining that her freedom was already right at the corner------

14, 13, 12-----

At the 10th second, the door to the coffee shop opened.

At the 5th second mark, a tall figure stood before Su Luo casting a shadow over her…...
Stunned, she lifted her head to meet a pair of dark brown eyes. He seemed quite calm:
“Ms. Su?”

Su Luo: “......”

Su Luo: “You are……”

“Lu Sicheng. Someone asked me to see you home.” The man flatly said.

The man standing before her was tall, with wide shoulders, a straight nose, and a
handsome face. The mark of the car key in his hand was obviously the logo of Maserati.
The watch on his wrist…...She never knew that a constellation watch could look so good
on a man’s wrist.

Most importantly, the hair on the man in front of her was clean and neat. It was a total
contrast to the oily hairs from the esports players which Su Luo had seen on Weibo-----
This man was in a totally different category. She couldn’t believe that nowadays even
the internet would fool her? !

Why didn’t anyone tell her the name of her blind date so she could search for the right
person! !

Couldn’t the matchmaker be more devoted! ! !

What did he mean by seeing her home? She had just come from her home! ! !

Su Luo went through all the emotions in her heart but kept a calm face. She smiled and
said: “I see. But can you please wait for me for a while? I want to go the restroom first.”

Lu Sicheng pulled a chair out and sat down: “Go ahead.”

Su Luo gracefully stood up, turned around, and went into the restroom. She redid her
face as quickly as possible until she was satisfied with her look in the mirror. She
smiled to herself and sent a text message to her mom. It was a short one: Thanks mom.
I’m very satisfied.

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