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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 48 Part 1

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao, with cell phone in hand, looked up at the ceiling and mulled over
what her best friend wrote. She then concluded that it was just slander from
her friend and rolled her eyes at the phone. Afterwards, she placed her phone
down and continued to watch the video of King in the spring final match she
had downloaded on her ipad. She would pause the video from time to time
to jot down some notes on the habits from each player of King------

In addition to taking notes on the habits and behavior of King’s mid, she
would also note their jungler’s gank route…...In general, everything in the
jungle is set, therefore, each jungler had his own farming pattern. It would
be a great help in preventing her own teammates from being killed or prevent
their own jungle from being plundered if she knew the pattern in advance.

For example, King’s jungler, probably without knowing it himself, would
usually go up to mid to farm after he finished farming the first set of monster
camps. He would try to farm at mid, if he couldn’t, he would harass the
enemy’s mid a bit then went back-----

That was a player’s personal habit.

Tong Yao wrote down the pattern on her little notebook: farm in his own
jungle before reaching level 3, relies on crab to go up to level 4, then invade
enemy golem camp…...She thought for a while, then wrote “there should be
a counter gank here.” She threw away the pen and continued with the video……

The screen of her cell phone lit up again------

…...If there was pretense before, then now it’s the truth.

Tong Yao ended the private conversation with her girl friend.

Putting her cell phone away, Tong Yao returned to the video and diligently
watched it in its entirety. She yawned, shut down her ipad, then went under
the cover ready to sleep. But she picked up the notebook again and reviewed
all the new notes she had just taken down once more before switching off the
light to go sleep.

------She was planning to go over King’s positioning, habits, and patterns in
her head once more after she closed her eyes. But she kept hearing Jinyang’s
voice instead, telling her: “You really think Lu Sicheng is doing all this just for
the performance of the team”......

Tong Yao: “......”

A man found all sorts of excuses trying to stop her from getting back with
another man?

……………...It was a lie that she hadn’t thought about other possibilities.

In fact, there was a moment she had pictured in her head that Lu Sicheng
had confessed and proposed and they were ready to go down the aisle.
She imagined her father handing her hand into that pretty lean hand, with
a white glove on, of the man------

She was wearing a pure white wedding gown.

He was wearing a sharp black tuxedo.

The church bells rang, mixed with well wishes from friends and relatives……

Tong Yao: “.......................”

She lifted the blanket to cover her face------

Well, it wasn’t against the law to let her imagination run wild. She rolled
her eyes again.

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