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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 48 Part 2

On Saturday, the day before the competition, ZGDX arranged for a skirmish
with the team next door. Though ZGDX won the skirmish, it wasn’t as easy
as the last time. The overall coordination of the team next door had greatly
improved, especially the improvement in their jungler and their roaming
support. During the early game, Tong Yao witnessed at least 4 or 5 times
when the enemy support passed through mid lane.

The team next door, YQCB, had improved quite a lot.

After the skirmish, Tong Yao was never going to take the 11  other teams
lightly. Who knew what each team had turned out to be after recruiting new
players and adopting new strategies------

The match against King was scheduled at 1pm, Sunday. Tong Yao rose
early in the morning and was flipping through her notes in the living room.
She had recorded all the habits of the players on King. Ming god passed
behind her with his breakfast in hand and raised both eyebrows: “You took
these notes?”

“Yeah.” Tong Yao didn’t even looked up from her notebook: “Know yourself
and know your enemy and you’ll never be defeated.”

“Very well. You’re working hard.” Ming god patted her head as praise.
“Usually, it’s the responsibility of the data analyst and the coach. But since
the competition has just started and that team is new to the major league,
Xiao Rui told us not to bother……”

“We can’t look down upon them just because it’s a new team.”

“En.” Ming god smiled: “It’s not that we’re looking down on them. It’s just
that we have much more stronger teams to deal with. Just analyzing the
reformed YQCB has taken up a lot of our time.”

Tong Yao slightly raised her head to look back at Ming god. There were
black circles under his eyes and a cup of black coffee in his hand as part
of his breakfast…...The players had gone to bed early after the skirmish
last night, but Ming god probably had stayed up very late collecting and
analyzing all the data.

During their conversation, Lu Sicheng and Lu Yue came downstairs.
Lu Yue sniffed and went straight to Ming god and took his coffee away.
Amid Ming god’s complaints, Lu Sicheng came by and pulled Tong Yao’s
notebook away------

Tong Yao: “Hey!”

Lu Sicheng read out: “If get to level 3 first, the probability of ADC comes
up to farm is .8537%......Uhm, where did you get this number?”

“Why did you take my notebook without asking? What if it’s a teenage
girl’s diary? !” Tong Yao stood up on the sofa and grabbed the notebook
back: “I came up with the number after I watched dozens of competition

“You watched dozens of competition videos.” Lu Sicheng repeated.

Tong Yao raised her chin: “That’s right!”

Lu Sicheng became quiet for a moment, then asked: “......You don’t have
anything better to do?”

Tong Yao put her hands on her waist: “How can you be so overconfident?
Be careful, watch out for a surprise today!”

Lu Sicheng rubbed his ears and said: “Oh. Why do you have to be so loud.”
He then walked into the kitchen to get something to eat…...When he turned
around, he saw Tong Yao was still standing on the sofa with bare feet and
staring at him. He came back and looked at Tong Yao who was now at the
same height as he: “Your stomach isn’t hurting anymore?”

“Uhm? What?” Tong Yao didn’t get what he meant.

“Don’t nag about going to the bathroom again when we’re playing.” Lu Sicheng
stuffed the warm milk into Tong Yao’s hand: “Drink it. Then get off the sofa.
Why are you standing so tall for?”

Then he turned around to pack his equipment into his backpack.

Tong Yao stood on the sofa, milk in hand, for a while, then sat down with
crossed legs and gulped down the milk. She put down the cup and walked
behind Lu Sicheng: “No one has menstrual pains for 4 or 5 days. Otherwise,
no one could survive it.”

“Oh.” Lu Sicheng didn’t even turn his head back: “Put on your shoes.
The floor is cold.”

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