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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 47 Part 3

Tong Yao covered her eyes with her palm: “You made me lose face. Do you
know how to use Leblanc? QRWE, auto-attack, move, ignite, Q. See! The
damn guy is dead!”

“I was going to use that combo. He was dead even if you didn’t say anything.”

“Like hell you were going to do that.”

As they argued, Lu Sicheng poured a cup of water for himself and passed by
behind them, commenting: “so noisy.” He took off the windbreaker and placed
it on the back of the chair and sat down in his seat, putting his hands onto the
mouse and keyboard…...Tong Yao, from the corner of her eyes, saw a mass
of white characters floating by on Lu Sicheng’s computer screen. She was
stunned: “You still have your stream on?”

“To kill time.”

Lu Sicheng glanced at the screen and saw someone’s bullet comment “They
didn’t get back together, hahahahahahaha, that’s wonderful, hahahahaha.” He
snickered and took out a never before opened pack of cigarette and threw it
onto the desk, then leaned back------

“Someone said that there are two grade schoolers at ZGDX. He’s flattering you
two. At most, you are kindergarteners.”

As Lu Sicheng was leisurely reading the bullet comments aloud, Tong Yao was
instructing Lu Yue how to use Leblanc’s abilities to get the advantage over the
enemies…...Finally, Lu Yue killed the enemy’s ADC, his team won the team fight,
and pushed up to the enemy’s base and win the match…...Lu Yue sighed: “Don’t
you think that they should give me the MVP?”

“You think the system is blind, a MVP with a 2-12-11 Leblanc?” Tong Yao kicked
him: “Get up, don’t you have a computer of your own?”

Lu Yue slowly stood up. Tong Yao instantly used her bottom to shove him away
and sat down on her own seat…...Lu Yue staggered and rolled his eyes. After
steadying himself, he stretched and noticed the pack of cigarette on Lu Sicheng’s
desk. “You bought it, but not going to smoke?”

Lu Sicheng: “All of sudden, I don’t feel like smoking.”

Tong Yao: “He wasn’t going out to buy cigarettes in the first place.”

As she was speaking, she put down her mouse and with lightning speed, grasped
the piggy bank on Lu Sicheng’s desk and shook it up and down. A few cigarettes
poured out together with some coins.

“See.” Tong Yao put the piggy bank back: “He still has some.”

Lu Yue looked at Lu Sicheng.

Lu Sicheng was unmoved: “What’s wrong with taking a walk outside after being in
the base for so long? The fresh air outside is helpful for getting rid of my cold.”

Lu Yue: “Alright, I believe you.”

Lu Sicheng looked at Tong Yao: “The goal of our team this year is the competition
finals. No puppy love. No treason.”

Tong Yao: “Oh.”

Lu Sicheng turned his head back to look at his computer screen which had even
more bullet comments------


Lu Sicheng watched them for a while.

He clicked his mouse and dragged one of his fans into the ban list for a comment…...
something he seldom did.

Then he asked without much emotion: “Are you all having a good time? I’m
logging off.”

Three seconds later, the screens of all the followers of his stream turned black.

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