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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 44 Part 4

Tong Yao read the bullet comments and made some modest yet insincere
replies. From the corner of her eyes she noticed the mocking smile on the
lips of the man next to her was getting wider and wider. She took a deep
breath and logged onto the game and began waiting in queue-- --

She got into a match in no time.

Tong Yao, with her higher rank, had the right to ban a champion first. As
she was pondering which champion she should ban first, she saw Lu Sicheng
click open his friend list while holding a coffee mug with the other hand. He
took a look…...then turned his head to give Tong Yao a meaningful look and
slowly said: “Ah Tai is on the team opposite of you.”

Tong Yao’s hand jerked and banned a champion which was hardly used by
any player.

Her teammates sent a “?” on the public channel. Tong Yao hurriedly apologized
saying that her finger slipped and had banned the wrong champion.

Lu Sicheng: “There’s really no comparison to your psychological makeup.”

Tong Yao: “......”

After the game started, Tong Yao chose Ekko as her champion. The opposite
side chose Fizz and kept suppressing her ability to farm. In less than 5 minutes,
Fizz had 15 more minions than Ekko. Tong Yao was struggling… was then that
she stopped paying attention to her other teammates and all the bullet comments,
concentrating only on playing her game. When she was finally about to reach level 6,
Fizz had already reached 6 and cast his ultimate on Ekko. Ekko’s health rapidly
dropped, Tong Yao moved Ekko around, ready to run-- --

“One more minion, you’ll be level 6 and get your ultimate. Your jungler is also on his way.
You can still fight, what’s there to panic about?”

She heard the clam voice of the man next to her. Tong Yao hastily killed one minion and
in an instant reached level 6. She used her ability to stun Fizz, then slashed him a couple
times. Before the stun was over, she quickly cast her ultimate while keeping her distance.
Her jungler arrived at the same moment and they easily killed Fizz!

As the game was playing the kill notification and sound effect, Tong Yao was standing at
the foot of her turret, somewhat stupefied. She let out a long breath only after she saw a
string of bullet comments saying “66666666666”[1] “The hand speed of someone being
single for 20 years” “Wife, you’re great. 66666.” She picked up the cup at front of her,
wanting to sip some black sugar water to calm her nerves, and discovered that her hand
was shaking.

…...It was just a ranked game.

Lu Sicheng was now leaning on the back of Tong Yao’s chair. He noticed her tremors
and used his calm but authoritative voice to give her a lecture, like a father to a daughter:
“What’s the matter.  Do you only know how to run away when pressured by the enemy?
Why aren’t you checking your teammates’ position and your own stats? A Silver level
player. Has Ah Tai eaten a person in front of your face or what? Why are you so scared
of him……”

Tong Yao: “You, shut up. Don’t push me.”

Hearing Tong Yao talk back to Cheng Ge this way, the “6”s on the bullet comments
increased rapidly.

Lu Sicheng paused.

Then he flatly said after long moment of silence: “I have to say that I miss the way
you were shivering and couldn’t utter a word while on the bed.”

Then he left.

Tong Yao choked and spat the sugar water in her mouth back into the cup.

The “66666” on the bullet comment was now replaced by “? ? ? ?”-- --

The question marks were so packed on the screen that Tong Yao couldn’t even see
her own cursor.

[1]: Chinese internet slang. 6 sounds exactly like "溜" liu, which means "good/skillful
at doing something."

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