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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 44 Part 3

“Ming god, do you have the video of King’s final match at the spring tournament?”

“Yes, I do. You want to see it?”

“Yes, I want to watch Ramen.”

“Oh, ok.” Ming god took a look at the instant noodles he was eating: “I’ll send it
over to you in a little while.”

Tong Yao sat back down on her chair. Lu Sicheng happened to pass by behind her
and heard her conversation with Ming god. He snidely remarked: “It’s better to use
your time to count your stream hours rather than the days till your match against that
newly promoted team-- --It’s almost the end of the month. It’s the time that everyone
else is streaming like there’s no tomorrow. Why are you the only one who has such
an easy time?”

“What if they are a newly promoted team? You looking down upon a newly
promoted team?”

“At least I won’t count on my fingers to see when the match against them will be.”


Tong Yao puffed up her cheeks and refused to continue bickering-- --After she woke
up this morning, she felt somewhat uneasy between her and Lu Sicheng. Probably
because she had laid on the same bed with him last night……

It seemed that she had lost her equal footing with him since last night. She was
annoyed by that feeling.

Tong Yao looked around at the other teammates at the base. Everyone, except Lu
Sicheng who was used to receiving deducted pay, was desperately trying to make
up stream time for this month-- --

No wonder Little Fatty was very polite when he played ranked games.

Old K and Old Cat also played duos so harmoniously today.

Tong Yao: “.......I shouldn’t have too many hours to fill. I didn’t sign the contract from
the beginning of the month, Rui Ge said I will have discounted hours for this month.”

As she was mumbling, she opened her notebook on her computer and casually
counted her stream hours for this month. Then she pulled out her cell phone to
calculate-- --After finishing the calculation, she stopped mumbling and fixed her
eyes on the number 42 on her cell phone.

She recalculated it once again.

The number was still 42.

Lu Sicheng, sitting next to her, sipped some coffee and spoke with his still hoarse
voice, though his eyes never left his computer screen: “Are you done counting?
Welcome to hell.”

Tong Yao: “.........................................................”

It was May 27th today.

There were only 5 days left till the end of the month.

In other words, before June, Tong Yao had to stream at least 8 hours a day
everyday to avoid getting a pay deduction……

Moreover, what would others think if she got pay deduction the very first month
working as a professional player?

Tong Yao sighed deeply and reluctantly turned on the stream. She was planning
to stream while playing ranked games…...Within ten minutes, her stream room
became lively. Many fans who knew her situation even more clearly than herself
started to send comments-- --

[It’s the end of the month.]

[I was just figuring out when you were going to give in…….]

[hhhhhhhh so annoying. The whole ZGDX team is streaming. Which one should I
watch? It’s not enough just having two computers!]

[Wife, I miss you so much, ahahahahah!]

[It was a good game when you beat CK at the opening match. I saw many skillful
maneuvers from you.]

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