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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 45 Part 1

“I wasn’t…...I didn’t…...He couldn’t possibly-- --Ahhhhhhhhh!” Tong Yao
pounded the desk: “Any more question marks and I’ll stop streaming! How
can there be anything between Lu Sicheng and me-- --Right, right, right, the
one with the id ‘Lu Sicheng’s little wife’, I promise you that he’s still your hubby.
I didn’t pollute him, but whether he’s still a virgin, that I don’t know. Ask him
yourself, if you dare. Anyway, I didn’t do anything to him…...How could I rape
him? My legs are even shorter than his arms, how do I force myself on him?......
Ride on him? Damn, I’ll give you a ton of detergen for you to soak yourself in
and wait ten thousand years to see whether you can speak like a human being!”

Tong Yao kept responding to the bullet comments about the possibility of her
forcing herself onto Lu Sicheng-- --

Lu Sicheng listened for a while sitting next to her and announced: “I’ll start
streaming.” He logged on to the stream website.

Then Tong Yao watched the number of people in her stream room quickly drop
down to half. She breathed out a sigh of relief and mercilessly kicked Lu Sicheng
under the desk…...Lu Sicheng, using one arm to support his chin, lazily turned
his head to give her a glance then turned back to check his own screen. The
screen was full of question marks and heartbreaking questions from his fangirls.
He paused for a second before speaking-- --

“Yesterday, I had a cold and she’s having her period so we came back after the
match without going to the event. After we were back at base, she collapsed on
the bed. I had to take care of her. Without a mid, we can’t play on Sunday-- --Lu
Yue isn’t as good as her.”

Lu Yue: “Hey?”

Lu Sicheng: “Did I say that she was shivering on my bed?”

Then, the whole world quieted down.

[Cheng Ge, you always want to make some waves.]

[Cheng Ge, be gentle, she has a stomach ache and wants a hug!]

[I almost thought that my hubby slept with my wife.]

[QAQ. I almost threw away my lunch. Now I feel like I can still take a few bites.]


[Little Zongzimao: So, Cheng Ge, do you have a girlfriend or not? You aren’t
getting younger and only play games with a poker face everyday as if you don’t
like other human beings. Isn’t your family concerned about this?]

Lu Sicheng took a look: “Is this id ‘Little Zongzimao’ your friend?”

Tong Yao looked at the id of the moderator for her stream room: “How do you

Lu Sicheng: “In this world, only you would say that I don’t like other human
beings. It’s too similar.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “Shorty, don’t spread rumors. Who will be responsible if I can’t find
a wife in the future?”

The bullet comments covered the screen again: “I’ll be responsible” “I jump up
with my hand in the air, asking to be responsible” “Me, me, me, me, me, me, me,
me, me, me.”  Tong Yao had already started her new match and bought her items.
She said without taking her eyes off the screen: “Be quite.”

She was acting as a qualified internet addicted teenage girl.

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