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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 38 Part 4

Tong Yao bent over slightly to check the man sitting right next to Little Fatty.
He was leaning in the chair with a cup of coffee in hand. His eyes were fixed
on the computer screen, looking quite at ease and casual……

-- --Compared to Tong Yao whose heart was jumping up and down like a

A veteran player was truly different.

Tong Yao puffed her cheeks and forced herself to calm down. She used her
slightly cold fingers to punch in her game id and sign in-- --

After logging on, the sound que informed her that the ban & pick phase had
begun for the opening match!


The person who came up on stage to help ZGDX’s ban & pick was Ming god.
It was also a chance for him to show his face to make his fans happy…...Ming
god, with a clipboard in hand, walked behind Tong Yao. Tong Yao heard his
voice in the earphones: “Tong Yao, first ban Come Good Luck’s Maokai. It’ll be
a headache if he plays that champion.”

Tong Yao then realized that she was the first to ban a champion for her team.
She replied with an “oh” and quickly looked for Maokai, then banned it.

After she banned a champion, it was their opponent’s turn to ban another
champion. The opponent banned Tong Yao’s Leblanc without a second’s notice.
Through Ming God’s earphones, Tong Yao could faintly hear the uproar in the
audience. The commentators were quickly explaining something…...but the
soundproof earphones prevented her from clearly hearing anything.

After that, there were more discussion about the lineups, then ZGDX banned
“Ryze” and “Sivir”; CK banned “Karma” and “Vladimir”-- --

Altogether, they had banned 6 champions and out of the 6, four of them were
mid champions!

Tong Yao twitched her lips: “What the hell, it’s impossible to play if you don’t
have a deep champion pool.”

Ming god burst into laughter behind her: “I’ll pass your wisdom to the guy who’s
watching the drinking fountain backstage,”

Her teammates all made fun of her in the voice channel and everyone seemed
more relaxed now. Lu Sicheng seldom spoke during the whole process, only
having a few comments when they were discussing which champion to pick…...
The opponent had picked Twitch for their adc, Butterfly. Twitch was a bipedal rat
champion which wouldn’t be very active at lane in the early game but later on
would develop into a powerful champion in team fights in the late game-- --

Usually, adcs had less influence in the early game, therefore, it was quite smart
for the opponent to choose it!

However, Old Cat happily muttered “Don’t blame me then since you’ve chosen
the rat” and chose the top champion Rumble whilst whistling. Rumble could, to
some extent, suppress Twitch’s potential in team fights. Old Cat’s choice should
make the other side think hard what to choose next……

Everyone was saying that the match had actually started at the ban & pick phase.

When CK finished choosing their champions, Tong Yao and her teammates could
vaguely tell that CK’s strategy was to try to develop in the early game and drag it
on into the late game- --Tong Yao had picked Twisted Fate as her champion and
the only one left was Lu Sicheng, who had yet to pick his champion……

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