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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 38 Part 3

Tong Yao looked down, focused on playing with her own fingers. The host
of the event made quite a speech but Tong Yao didn’t catch a word. As she
was nervously blanking out, the person next to her, Little Fatty, suddenly
pushed her: “What are you standing here for, get going!”

Tong Yao abruptly came back to reality and noticed that all the other teams
had left the stage. There was only ZGDX and CK left on the stage, getting
ready to start playing the opening match-- --Old Cat and Old K had already
walked over to sit down in front of the computers; on CK’s side, Jiang Yang
was looking at them……

The opening ceremony had ended and the opening match was about to begin.

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao: “Little Fatty, to tell you the truth, I’m so nervous that I feel like throwing
up my lunch.”

Little Fatty: “You sure are nervous. We were in a rush, we didn’t have any lunch.
You’re throwing up nothing?”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng stood behind Little Fatty. He seemed to have overheard the exchange
between Tong Yao and Little Fatty and lowered his eyes to glance over Tong Yao.
Then he mockingly twitched the corner of his lips-- --Because his nose and eyes
were all reddish, he didn’t look as mean as he usually would.

Tong Yao gave him a look and sat down on the chair assigned to her-- --During a
professional competition, the sitting arrangement of the players were usually fixed.
It was arranged from right to left following the positions of the players in the game,
top, jungler, mid, support, and adc. Tong Yao didn’t know whether there was any
scientific reason for this kind of arrangement. It was probably more for the convenience
of communicating between coordinating positions……

Tong Yao was sitting right between Little Fatty and Old K.

The players were in their positions.

The host left the stage.

The commentators were in position.

Commentator A: [We are about to witness the first opening match of the 2016
League of Legends Professional Competition! Xiao B, it’s not just our audience
but we, the commentators, are also looking forward to this bloody opening battle!]

Commentator B: [It’s true. There are simply too many hot topics about the two
teams at this summer competition-- --Whether ZGDX can avenge their defeat in
the spring season? Whether CK can continue with their winning streak? Ahh, what
everyone is anticipating the most is the new mid who has just joined ZGDX and she
is a girl. A girl playing professionally, have you ever seen it?]

Tong Yao: “......”

No one had seen it, no one.

Don’t mention me, don’t mention me.

Damn, Tong Yao felt that a lot of people had started looking at her direction again.
She was thinking: who has a mirror? Is my makeup still intact? Has anyone commented
on the bullet comments that my face is big? My hair isn’t greasy? My face looks alright?

While sitting behind the computer, she had just felt somewhat relieved because the
computer blocked her view of the audience. Now she got nervous again hearing the
commentators talking about her. She took a deep breath and swiftly put on the
earphones which were soundproof. The voices of the two commentators disappeared
and she heard the hoarse voice of Lu Sicheng in the earphones: “I’ll say it again.
Make it a quick game today.”

Tong Yao: “......”

That hoarse and cold voice made Tong Yao feel at home.

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