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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 38 Part 5

Which champion would Lu Sicheng choose?

Ashe? Kog’Maw? Or Ezreal?

Tong Yao slightly turned her head aslant to look at the man who was deep
in thought. Suddenly she heard his voice in a drawl through the headphones:
“Take Jinx for me.”

Everyone: “......”

Ming god: “Well, with the enemy lineup, wouldn’t Jinx be a little weak dealing
damage in the late game?”

Jinx was the champion for early and mid game, she had long arms and was
very useful in team fights of the early game-- --However, due to recent updates,
Jinx was rarely seen in formal competitions.

Lu Sicheng: “What late game? I said we’ll do a quick game. This match has
no late game.”

All his teammates fell silent.

Tong Yao commented: “Bossy Captain Lu. Best wishes, Captain Lu.”

Little Fatty, with an expression of: You’re the boss, whatever you say, locked
Jinx for Lu Sicheng.  The ban and pick phase had ended and the players began
their match-- --

“The other side picked champions for the late game, we’ve chosen all for the
early game. Aw, comrade teammates, you’re all quite full of yourselves.” Old
Cat sighed.

“I have a headache.” Lu Sicheng said: “Let’s finish the match quickly so I can
go back to sleep.”

Tong Yao: “I second.”

Old Cat: “Little sister, what’s wrong with you again?”

Tong Yao: “I have a stomachache. I want to go to the bathroom.”

Everyone: “........................................................”

Little Fatty: “I think you want to be on the best quotes montage.”

Tong Yao was stunned then screamed: I’ve forgot those exist!

Old Cat: “To the staff backstage, did you hear it? The best material is here; it
happened right at the beginning of the summer competition before we even
reached the 30 second mark.”

Tong Yao: “Don’t, don’t, don’t. To the staff backstage, please show me some
mercy. Please cut this section out, I’m bowing to you! ! ! ! !”

Lu Sicheng adjusted the volume of his earphones: “Don’t shout. Be careful you
don’t poop in your pants if you’re this excited.”

Little Fatty: “We have one sick person, one who wants to go to the bathroom.
Teammates, can we still play a good game for the opening of this season?”

Tong Yao: “......................I’m not playing, let Lu Yue do it. I want to go home.”

Lu Sicheng: “It’s too late. You’ve already come aboard.”

Tong Yao: “......”

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