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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 37 Part 3

Little Flower was a chubby guy with narrow eyes and without an ounce of hostility…..
Yet, he was, like Tong Yao, good at playing assassin champions. Leblanc was also
his favorite champion-- --In addition, he was good at Ahri and Fizz which Tong Yao
wasn’t particular good with. She only vaguely knew how to gain an advantage when
she faced them in lane……

In the very last match of the final spring tournament matches, Little Flower chose to
use Ahri-- --that was the only time that Ahri showed up in the whole spring tournament
and at such a critical moment in the final match! No one knew whether it was because
he didn’t take the substitute mid of ZGDX too seriously or he was simply over confident……

Tong Yao only remembered that his Ahri paired with Jiang Yang passed thru ZGDX’s
mid lane around the fifteen minute mark.  Then they started wandering around the map
and took away the advantage ZGDX’s two other lanes had gained-- --


Tong Yao cast down her eyes as she thought about that moment. She secretly swore
to herself that she mustn’t give Little Flower the same opportunity in the upcoming
match. Even if she was in a disadvantageous position, she would still tightly keep
Little Flower in mid lane……

A partnership between mid and jungler?

Don’t even think about it.

She searched for some videos of CK’s competitions-- --Since CK had a lot of fans,
she only needed to enter a couple keywords and whole bunch of videos of the team’s
most famous battles showed up……

As she was downloading these videos onto her iPad, she used her cell phone to
check various streams to kill time. She was surprised to find that Lu Sicheng hadn’t
gone to sleep but was still streaming at this hour. It was a stream without sound or
webcam. Many fans cried out in the stream room: “We want to see Cheng Ge, turn
on the camera before we die.”-- --

Sometimes this kind of begging would work when Lu Sicheng was in a good mood
and willing to humor his fans.

Yet, his obsession with his idol image… was a matter of principle.

Tong Yao put down her cell phone and went to take a look. Lu Sicheng had two
boxes of Kleenexes and a huge trash can right next to him.  The trash can was filled
with used tissue papers.

Tong Yao was speechless as she looked down the railing, then turned around to go
back to her room. She sent a WeChat message to Lu Sicheng: [Go take some medicine.]
She added after a while: [Are you sure taking medicine will affect your game even more
than when you have to spare a hand to blow your nose?]

Tong Yao went back to the stream after she sent her messages. She saw Lu Sicheng’s
champion suddenly stop killing minions for a few seconds, then it would slowly start
moving again. Tong Yao was wondering whether he was blowing his nose again, but a
line popped up on the bottom of her screen-- --

[fhdjwhdb2333: Why haven’t you gone to sleep?]

Tong Yao: “......”

He still had time to reply when playing the game?

[fhdjwhdb2333: You’re watching my stream while the real person is right in front of you.
What’s wrong with you?]

Tong Yao was shocked, put on her slippers to go downstairs and went right next to Lu
Sicheng: “How did you know that I was watching you stream?”

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