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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 37 Part 2

Tong Yao glared at Lu Yue and tried to retrieve her phone from Xiao Rui.
Xiao Rui raised his arm high, out of Tong Yao’s reach: “Wait till we get back,
you can ask Ming god about this information if you want to see them. He’ll
have all the competition videos of each team for analyzing their styles,
techniques, and strategies-- --Ming god has already started collecting this
information as soon as the result of the drawing was announced.”

Tong Yao was surprised to hear that and her eyes brightened up: “Ming
god is cool!”

Xiao Rui began to gloat: “Isn’t he. Don’t go on Baidu! You think Baidu
knows everything!”

“Isn’t that the job of a data analyst? Can you two stop acting like idiots.”

It was the hoarse voice of the captain who was sitting between Tong Yao
and Xiao Rui. He moved a bit as he was speaking and reached to grab
Tong Yao’s phone from Xiao Rui’s hand. He threw the phone back to Tong Yao
-- --Tong Yao juggled to catch the phone. After a while, she carefully turned to
look at the man next to her: “Cheng Ge, are you really not going to take cold


“You’re losing your voice. How can you give out instructions the day after

“I’ll be fine the day after tomorrow…...achoo.”

Tong Yao turned back to sit straight in her own seat with a look on her face
which said “I don’t see you getting any better soon.” Little Fatty muttered that
he didn’t want to get sick and opened the window-- --About an hour later they
came back to the ZGDX base. It was already 11 o’clock in the night. Tong Yao
comforted the lonely Dabing who had stayed at the base all alone, then asked
from Ming god all the information about the other teams in their group and CK.
She went upstairs back to her room.

After she washed up, she lied on her bed reading all the information. Since
they would play against CK the day after tomorrow, she chose to read about
CK first-- --

The top of CK, Come Good Luck, was once teammates with Liangsheng next
door. They were once referred to as the kings of the junior league. After they
played together for a year, Come Good Luck was lucky enough to be recruited
by one of the top professional teams, CK. Liangsheng got into the secondary team,
YQCB…...Come Good Luck was now the main top for team CK. He was good at
using tank type champions-- --Maokai, Trundle, and Gnar. Especially Gnar, he
could use one palm to hurt 3 or 4 people, people referred it as buddha’s palm.

CK’s adc, Butterfly, was good looking as the name suggested. He was a little short
but that didn’t stop him from having a large fangirl base. He was cute in person,
but when he played, he was rather aggressive and was ranked as one of the top
adc. He was good at playing the warrior goddess, Ashe and Kog’Maw.

CK’s support, Old Wang, had partnered with Butterfly for two years. They were
quite experienced and basically could take down any other bot partners except
Lu Sicheng and Little Fatty. He had a large champion pool; it seemed that he
could use any champion, but he was best at Thresh.

CK’s jungler, Jian Yang,......blablabla, Tong Yao ignored it. (And rolled her eyes.)

CK’s mid, Little Flower.

Tong Yao sat up on the bed and earnestly studied the information on hand-- --

This was the opponent she had to face head on the day after tomorrow.

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