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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 37 Part 4

“Your name appears in chat when you enter and someone saw it.” Lu Sicheng
said in a hoarse voice and kicked the trash can next to his foot: “Since you’re
here, empty the trash can for me.”


Tong Yao picked up the trash can without saying anything and went away.

Little Fatty glanced at Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao as he was playing a game of his
own: “Why did she suddenly come down here?”

Lu Sicheng: “She’s a busy body, messaged me on WeChat to take cold medicine.”

Little Fatty: “It’s just upstairs and downstairs and you used WeChat. Are you two

Lu Sicheng thought about it and realized that he had just said the same thing to
Tong Yao. He didn’t respond to Little Fatty-- --Tong Yao came back with an empty
trash can. When she set it down, she could hear Lu Sicheng muttering something
akin to a thanks. She turned around to wash her hands, then came back to sit down
in front of her own computer, right next to Lu Sicheng.

Amid the sound of clicking mouses.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“Wait till I finish watching CK’s videos, then I’ll go sleep.”

“Little Flower is quite good.”

“Yeah, I can’t play Fizz well. At least I should know how to attack it.”

Tong Yao yawned and continued to watch the videos…...Lu Sicheng glanced at her
cell phone and noticed that she was still watching the stream on her phone. As he
was about to ask why would she watch the stream when she was right next to him,
he noticed through the corner of his eyes that the camera was on this stream.

…...She wasn’t watching his stream.

Lu Sicheng looked back and fixed his eyes on his own screen: “Whose stream are
you watching?”

Tong Yao raised her head and blinked: “Big Wang.”

Big Wang was that “Smile”-- --The previous adc of We team, the one who Tong Yao
swore that she would bring his name back to the world stage-- --

Smile was very good, had been the first adc of the world certified by the Riot.

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “The best adc is playing a game right in front of your eyes and you’re
watching, while sitting right next to him, some other adc’s stream?”

Tong Yao looked up in confusion and couldn’t quite figure it out-- --The best adc?
Who was that? Wasn’t it Big Wang?

After a few seconds, she finally got it!

Tong Yao: “......Ah, Cheng Ge. Even if you don’t have the camera or microphone
on, doesn’t mean you should be this shameless.”

Lu Sicheng pulled out a sheet of tissue paper. With one hand controlling his champion
to kill the enemy, receiving 300 gold, he said without taking his eyes off the computer
screen: “You, go back to sleep. Don’t watch streams in the middle of the night.”

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