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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 35 Part 3

That night Tong Yao had nightmares all night about a rabbit and a carrot.
In the dream she had become a rabbit and was constantly chased by a
furry rabbit. In the end, the rabbit began to rub it’s fluffy face against her.
All the white hair almost suffocated her.

“Damn you rabbit, don’t be so perverted!”

In the dream, Tong Yao struggled to push the rabbit away. As she was
pushing the rabbit’s face away from her, the face of the rabbit changed
into the face of her captain, with a calm face and indifference in his eyes-- --

[Even if I’m a pervert, I won’t do anything to you. You think I don’t have
any sense of taste? Are you crazy or am I an idiot?]

Tong Yao: “......”

The voice was in stereo surround sound-- --

It was so frightening that it woke her from the dream.

She opened her eyes, it was overcast outside the window. It was already
9 o’clock in the morning but the sun didn’t seem to have any intention of
showing its face……It was almost June, the raining season in Shanghai.

It felt a little chilly in the central aired room. Tong Yao touched the arm
which was outside the blanket and felt the goosebumps. She reached
out to push the cat away from her pillow, which was sitting on her face,
its tail practically stuffed into her nose. She sat up and grabbed her bath
towel: “Dabing, next time if you dare sit on my face while I’m sleeping,
you’ll have to sleep outside.”

The cat gracefully jumped onto the floor and turned around to glance at
Tong Yao: “Miao.”

…...The cat seemed to understand that she was only venting out her anger.

Tong Yao took her time to shower, dress, and put on lotion. By the time
she went downstairs, it was almost noon time. Most of her teammates
were up and doing their daily training-- --Since the summer season was
approaching fast, the club was more strict on regulating the team’s daily
routine. Some of the matches during the summer competition would be
in the early afternoon and the club wanted to make sure the team would
be functional at that time of the day.

When Tong Yao went downstairs, Lu Sicheng was about to leave the house
with cell phone in hand-- --

The man was wearing a long sleeved sweater over a white shirt and loose
fitting shorts. With his earphones on, he looked like a student from the
neighboring Physical Education University when he bent down to put on
his sneakers……

Though, it was highly unlikely that a college student would wear a pair of
sneakers costing 5 digits figures.

Tong Yao stopped half way down the stairs, leaned against the railing,
and asked her captain: “Cheng Ge, where are you going?”

His earphones were probably not on. He paused, raised his chin to took a
look at her, then pulled off the earphones and said: “The AD next door got
lost in the mall. I’m going to pick him up.”

The AD next door?

…...It was that Pope.

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ? What does that have anything to do with you?”

Lu Sicheng answered with a blank face: “Their team’s translator has gone
home for an emergency and the only one in his WeChat that speaks Korean
is me.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng put the earphones back on.

Tong Yao: “A foreigner just came here and goes out shopping on his own.
What’s wrong with him?”

Lu Sicheng: “The Support next door, that’s their captain Liangsheng, went
with him but got separated halfway.”

Tong Yao: “Oh.”

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