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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 35 Part 4

Tong Yao skipped down the stairs. Before the man was ready to walk out,
she grabbed the corner of his sweater. He turned his head around and saw
the girl behind her looking up at him with sincere concern on her face: “It’s
going to rain soon. Bring the umbrella.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “You’ll catch a cold if you get rained on.”

Lu Sicheng paused for a moment, glancing at his other teammates who
were concentrated on their games. Then he slightly bent over using a voice
that could only be heard by the two of them: “You know, I won’t delete that
nickname even if you kiss up to me like this.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao: “Damn it.”

He’d seen through her ploy; the concern on her face disappeared. She let
go of the man’s sweater and backed away, saying, “Well, goodbye.” Then
she went over to the refrigerator to get  cat food……The man watched her
kneeling in front of the refrigerator, searching. After a short while, he sneered
and turned around to leave.


Ten minutes after Lu Sicheng left, the wind was blustering outside.

Fifteen minutes after Lu Sicheng left, muffled thunders could be heard outside.

Seventeen minutes after Lu Sicheng left, it became stormy outside.

Watching big raindrops splashed on the window while leaning on the sofa,
Tong Yao lazily yawned and sarcastically remarked with a smile: “The weather
of Shanghai is really ever-changing. I sure hope Cheng Ge had taken the car.”

“He sent his car in for maintenance yesterday.” Xiao Rui happened to walk
by the living room.

Tong Yao squinted her eyes and the smile on her face widened-- --But a few
minutes later, she couldn’t smile anymore. Xiao Rui returned to the living room
with cell phone in hand. He looked around at all the people on the first floor: “
Cheng Ge called to say that he doesn’t have an umbrella with him. Can
someone bring him an umbrella? He’s right at the mall nearby.”

It was close to the end of the month, the time pay was calculated. Everyone was
working hard on their games to keep their rankings so as not to get any deductions-- --

Only the Mid of the team who had already reached Master was sitting on the
sofa playing with her cat.

She looked up and met the team manager’s eyes. She spoke without thinking:
“Are you sure? I’m very busy!”

“Busy with what? It’s you! Bring a few more umbrellas, the other two from next
door don’t have umbrellas as well.” Xiao Rui picked Tong Yao up from the sofa.
“When you first came here, didn’t Cheng Ge take his time to bring you to shop
for all your daily necessities? One has to be grateful……”

“......I’m a ungrateful person.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Get moving.”

Tong Yao had no choice but to go. She got dressed, combed her hair, looked
at the pouring rain outside, and sighed. With one hand to click open her own
umbrella, she carried another 3 umbrellas under her arm and said to the team
manager who was standing at the doorway with hands on his waist: “I’m going
now. It’ll probably take 20 minutes because I have short legs.  Tell them to find
a warm place to wait for me.”

“Go, go.”

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