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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 35 Part 2

Lu Sicheng paused.

Under the eager gaze of Tong Yao, Lu Sicheng curved up the corners of his
lips and slightly moved his body forward, towards the person who had her chin
on his bed-- --When they became especially close, he could feel that she was
now holding her breath, her pupils had shrunk slightly, and her fingers on the
bed quietly grasped the bedsheet…...just like a bristled feline.

Lu Sicheng reached out to touch her ear with his slender and slightly cold finger
tip. He watched her pale skin quickly turn red. His smile widened……

Tong Yao felt like her heart was going to burst through her ribs at that moment-- --

Lu Sicheng’s pupils were dark brown, like the color of chocolate.

The unfamiliar masculine smell was inches away.

At this point, they were really, really close to each other. It was so close that if
she just happened to move forward a little bit, she would have touched his curled
up lips……

-- --Tong Yao felt that she was standing at the edge of death.

Until, the man’s big hand changed directions. The hand next to her ear suddenly
covered her whole face, everything smelled like hand soap. Her head was lightly
pushed back-- --

“Even if I’m a pervert, I won’t do anything to you. You think I don’t have any sense
of taste? Are you crazy or am I an idiot?”

She heard the man’s cold voice.

Tong Yao: “.................................................”

Tong Yao froze at the position where she had been pushed back and fixed her
eyes on the ceiling for a short while…...till her face finally cooled down. She stiffly
lowered her neck to look at the man who had already turned to face her with his
back and continued with his game on his handheld. She silently got up from the
ground and stood behind him with her hands on her waist-- --

The man seemed oblivious to her glare.

After she had been glaring at his wide back up and down several times, he didn’t
even seem to care. Tong Yao finally couldn’t take it anymore. She raised her foot
to give his muscular waistline a vengeful kick with the words, “you win.” She turned
to leave Lu Sicheng’s room like a raging Godzilla with flames under her feet-- --

The door slammed shut with a loud thud.

It was so strong that the windows were shaking.

After the room quieted down, except for the sounds coming from the game, Lu
Sicheng put down his handheld and used his hand to rub that part of his waist
that just received the kick.

It didn’t really hurt.


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