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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 35 Part 1

Half an hour later, the door to Lu Sicheng’s room was kicked open as he
was lying in bed playing a game. He lifted his eyelids watching his team’s
mid walk inside with her hands on her waist-- --

“So, you saw everything.”

The person standing in front of him was blocking the light. His hands paused
from the game and took a look the person in front of his bed. Then he cast his
eyes down to continue with his game-- --completely ignoring her. After a long
while, as Tong Yao starting to suspect whether he was deaf, the man briefly
spoke: “I’m not blind.”

Tong Yao felt her face starting to burn: “The prints are very small!”

“Oh, but I saw them.”

Tong Yao could hear the fighting sound in his game. In her head, she used an
AK47 and head shot the man in front of her numerous times-- --

“Delete that nickname.”

“You didn’t knock when you came in.”

“Delete that nickname.”

“What nickname?”

“Delete that nickname.”

“I don’t know what are you talking about?”

“Delete that nickname.”

“Remember what you said when I asked you to delete your Weibo post before?
-- --No.”

Lu Sicheng flipped to the side, facing Tong Yao with his back. Tong Yao gasped
and pounced on him to shake his body: “That was so long ago, how can you hold
that grudge for so long? Besides, you shut the door on my face first. How can you
be this vengeful!”

Annoyed by the constant shaking, Lu Sicheng threw his handheld on the pillow
and turned around to sit up a little. He used one hand to support his head with a
spurious smile: “You have good memory, too.”

Tong Yao stared at his devilish expression for quite a long time, for a brief moment
she almost felt that he had been possessed by Lu Yue’s spirit…...After their staring
match had gone on for some time, Tong Yao sat down crossed legged on the floor
right next to Lu Sicheng’s bed, trying to reason with him: “That nickname is too weird.
What if someone else see my underwear again in the future…...Then, they connect
the dots with that nickname, what do you think people will think?”

“......” Lu Sicheng stopped smiling. He glanced over the girl, who was resting her chin
on the bed and quite earnestly trying to reason with him, and said flatly: “You’re thinking
of showing that outfit to someone again?”

Tong Yao: “......”

He did make some sense.

But, now was not the time to mull over that problem.

Tong Yao: “I certainly don’t plan to do that again. But I feel quite uneasy with a name
like that on your cell phone.”

Lu Sicheng: “What are you uneasy about?”

Tong Yao: “Don’t you feel that using the underwear print of your teammate as her
WeChat name seems…...something a pervert does?”


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