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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 29 Part 3

Another hour later, everyone had awoken and gathered downstairs eating
the pork porridge that the housekeeper had just finished cooking…...Then,
the innermost door on the second floor slowly opened, a face with the mask
of Sun Wukong stretched out from behind the door like a thief. She was wearing
a pair of denim shorts and an oversized shirt, hunching her back as she walked
out of her room-- --

“You up?”

The sudden greeting from the team manager downstairs surprised her. She
stopped and looked down, everyone was there, including Lu Yue…...Tong Yao
cautiously moved into the crowd, gracefully sat down, then bent her head down,
pretending she wasn’t there.

Xiao Rui touched her mask. “Smiling, what’s this now?”

The person with the mask on bent her head down even lower. Lu Sicheng,
who was next to her, explained for her, “Too ashamed to show her face.”

The one with the mask on raised her head, turned to cast a look at Lu Sicheng,
then turned to the young man with green hair and bare feet who was sitting not
too far from her. “Why are you still here?”

Her voice sounded muffled.

“Because you need a substitute.”

The young man was playing around with her computer, her mouse.

Tong Yao took a deep breath-- --

“I don’t need one.”

“Yes, you do.”

“No, I don’t.”

“You do.”

“I don’t need one.” Tong Yao stood up. “That’s my seat.”

“Oh yeah? See if it’ll respond if you call its name.”

Tong Yao rushed over to her own seat and began to drag him. Though the young
man was younger than Lu Sicheng, he had been graced by good genes from the
Lu family and towered over Tong Yao.  She looked like a chick standing in front
of him……

Said little chick was now pitter-pattering and clamoring, trying to drive the weasel
out of her own nest.

“You get up!”

“I won’t.”

“You get up!”

“I won’t.”

“Oh! Cheng Ge! Why are you licking my cat’s ear!”

The young man sitting on the chair instantly jumped up, grabbed his cell phone,
turned on the camera, and turned to look at the direction where Tong Yao’s shocked
face was looking. When he met his brother’s indifferent eye, he was quietly sipping
his porridge-- --The girl behind him bumped him off with her bottom and quickly sat
down on her own seat, grabbing the back of the chair with both hands……

The cat who was supposedly being licked by Lu Sicheng gracefully walked by the
feet of the fooled young man.

“A 19 years old is an adult already.” Lu Sicheng slowly spoke, “Why are the two of
you acting like retards?”

“She is the retarded one. What a stupid lie just for a lousy chair.”

“Stupid or not, at least you believed it. That makes you even stupider.” The person
who was holding onto her own chair said firmly, “The chair is mine now, whatever
you say.”

“Both of you, stop.” Lu Sicheng raised his eyelids to glance outside the window.
“The new uniforms are here.”

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