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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 29 Part 2

Mario stopped jumping, the person who was controlling Mario turned her
head around-- --It was a pair of evasive, uneasy eyes under the mask. Tong
Yao pushed away the keyboard and stood up on the chair. She looked down
on Lu Sicheng’s face who was a bit shorter than her now. “Captain, did I do a
lot of improper things last night?”

“Improper?” Lu Sicheng couldn’t take his eyes away from the grinning Sun
Wukong mask. “Which one are you talking about? Yelling that you don’t have
any boobs but only pads?”


“Or mistaking my brother as a ghost that looked exactly like me?”


“Or crying while insisting that you’re strong and can’t be a substitute. You’ll
lose the whole world if you became a substitute. Then you started singing
‘Fireflies Fly’-- --I have a heartfelt suggestion, don’t ever sing again; you have
turned a children’s song into a soundtrack for a horror movie.”


“Or trying to force the dirty tissues into the hands of every teammates as a
going away gift. If anyone refused, you would hug the person while crying
and wouldn’t let go?”


“Or hugging your ugly cat and trying to lick its hair? In the end, you had its ear
in your mouth and wouldn’t let go, though there were 3 or 4 people trying to pry
open your mouth. You even bit them?” Lu Sicheng lifted his index finger of his
right hand, showing a red teeth mark on his skin. “Actually, Sun Wukong, the
reason I got up this early is to go to get a rabies shot.”


Threw away the cat in her arms, the person who was standing on the chair
covered her face and squatted down on the chair, shivering…...Lu Sicheng
sneered and turned around to go to the kitchen to pour a cup of water for
himself. He suddenly asked, “Have you taken the medicine?”

The one kneeling down on the chair raised her head, “What medicine?”

“To sober up. Wasn’t it right in front of your door?” Lu Sicheng put down the water
jug. “Did you think your lunatic behavior can be treated by medicine-- --”

“Don’t say anymore! Don’t! I’m wrong! I’m wrong!” The voice coming from behind
the mask sounded stuffy. “How do I know that drink had alcohol in it! Why does
anyone call it Long Island Iced Tea if it’s an alcoholic drink!”

“Because there’s no wife in Wife Cake; no squirrel in Squirrel Mandarin Fish; no
Lei Feng inside the Leifeng Pagoda.” Lu Sicheng lazily glanced over the person
who was sticking half of her head behind the chair, staring at him. “Therefore, the
Long Island Iced Tea isn’t tea. Dork.”

That half of the head quickly shrank back.

Lu Sicheng drank the water in his cup and went back to his desk to turn on the
computer to log onto the League of Legends. He turned to cast a look at the quiet
person who had curled up in her chair. The gamer chair, which was too narrow for
Little Fatty, could cover her whole body. She was wearing the slippers that they
went to buy in the market that day. The slippers and her white sleep gown totally
covered her ankles…...Only those two pale arms were exposed. She was holding
her knees. He could even see the scar left on her elbow probably from her naughty

Due to her posture, some of her half dried short hair had fallen on her pale arm.
The hair was a little fuzzy since it had been air dried. The contrast between black
and white was quite eye catching.

Lu Sicheng: “......”

“Hey.” The captain slightly frowned and lifted his foot to kick the chair next to him.
“Have you sobered up yet? Really, how can you come down still wearing your pajamas.
The investor is coming over to show us the samples for the summer uniforms soon.
Are you going to meet them like this?”

The person on the chair shook and slowly straightened up. She jumped down from
the chair and fluttered her skirt. Then she asked as if she just remembered something,
“Can I keep the mask on?”

“Why are you wearing it for?”

“I can’t show my face.”

“So you know what shame is. You didn’t act like it when you asked people in tears
to guard your dirty tissues last night-- --”

“Ahhhhh!” Tong Yao covered her ears with both of her hands. “I’m not listening, not
listening, not listening!”

The man sat in the chair using one hand to support his head and smiled behind her,
though one couldn’t tell it from his voice. “Get changed. The others will wake up soon.”

From the corner of his eye, he saw the skirt turned around, the feet in the slippers
stomped away, then the girl went up stairs, seemingly angry and helpless. The door
to her room slammed shut.

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