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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 29 Part 4

Someone knocked on the door just as Lu Sicheng was speaking, he stood
up to open the door. Passing by Tong Yao on his way, he lifted the mask to
put on top of her head. Tong Yao squeaked, released her hold on the chair,
and covered her face. Her face was slightly red from being covered the whole
day. She turned to stare at Lu Yue, he replied with an evil smile.

The supplier was offering 3 different types of summer season uniforms this
year for ZGDX-- --One had the same colors, red and black, as the spring season
uniforms. The outfit was black with a bright red ZGDX logo that looked as if it had
been painted by Chinese brush. It was quite fashionable. The second one was in
a dirty yellow color which was disgusted and ignored by everyone.  The third one
was a brand new color combination, blue and white. The main color was blue with
a small ZGDX logo and there were logos of various sponsors on the sleeves and
chest in thin, dark blue characters……

Tong Yao, squatting on the chair, picked up the black and red one, looked it over,
then put it down; she took the blue and white one up to check and put it down again.
Obviously, she was having difficulty choosing-- --

The delivery guy watched the girl who was squatting on the chair with a Sun Wukong
mask on her head and carefully asked, “Are you Smiling?”

Tong Yao stopped checking the new uniforms, raised her head, and was about to say,
“Yes,” when Xiao Rui suddenly chipped in, “She’s the lunatic who came to our base late
last night and wouldn’t leave. Before you leave, please bring her with you and throw her
into the trash bin at the street corner.”

Tong Yao: “......”

After pondering over and over, Tong Yao reluctantly put down the blue and white one.
“I vote for the black and red one.”

Little Fatty: “I agree.”

Xiao Rui: “Our logo is blue and white and our uniform is black and red, somehow that
feels kind of awkward-- --I was thinking about it during the spring season. It’d be better
if we use blue and white for the summer season. The color matches the color of the
championship cup.”

Old Cat: “I also like blue and white better.”

Old K: “Those colors look cooler in the summer.”

Tong Yao: “Black and red won’t get dirty easily.”

Little Fatty: “Right, right. I feel weird for a man to wear white……”

Tong Yao: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

The overly consistent insistence of the team’s Mid and Support confused Xiao Rui. He
turned to look at the two who were holding the black and red uniform and wouldn’t let go.

“What’s wrong with you two?”

Tong Yao and Little Fatty looked at each other, while Lu Sicheng suddenly said,
“Because white makes you look fatter.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Little Fatty: “......”

In the end, they decided on the blue and white one because one of the persons who
thought she was fat could go on a diet and the other who was fat beyond help would
look fat no matter what color he was wearing.

After they decided on the summer uniform, Tong Yao pulled her mask back on her face.
And she was willing to drag her chair wherever she went, even into the bathroom.

That night, when everyone sat down for dinner, Lu Sicheng couldn’t stop himself from
asking the girl who was sitting on her own chair, “When do you plan to stop your craziness?”

Tong Yao, who had pushed the mask up a little bit so she could eat, stopped eating
when she heard the question. She turned her head to ask the young man who was
sitting on the same row as her, “When are you leaving?”

“When I’m too old to hold a mouse.”  Lu Yue answered.

She turned her head back and glanced at her captain through the holes in the mask.
“When he’s too old to hold a mouse and stops thinking of being my substitute.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “I don’t want a substitute.”

Lu Yue: “Wait till you can defeat Ah Tai, then say it.”

The Sun Wukong sitting at the dinner table put down her chopsticks and lowered
her head.

“......” Lu Sicheng clanked his bowl, gave his brother a look, and said to him, “Don’t talk
while you’re eating. Get off the table if you aren’t eating.”

Translated by Team DHH at

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