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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 27 Part 2

Holding the door knob, Tong Yao stayed in position after opening the
door in confusion. She lowered her head to check the key in her hand,
wondering whether she had opened some other house’s door……

Right at the moment, she saw one of the computers lined near the wall
suddenly lit up-- --

That was Lu Sicheng’s computer.

The light from the computer screen shone on a person knelt in front of the
computer-- --He had black hair with a streak of green hair near the top of his
right ear which was riddled with silver earrings and studs. The man looked at
the computer screen while biting the nail of his left thumb. As he heard the sound
of the door opening, he turned around, without any expression, to cast a glance
at the dumbfounded girl at the door……

When Tong Yao had a clear view of the man’ face, cold sweat instantly dripped
down along her back-- --She felt dizzy, stuttered while looking at the handsome
face which was staring at her, “Cheng, Cheng Ge, didn’t you go buy something,
how can you be ahead of me……”

To come back to the base?

That couldn’t be right. She saw him walking towards the other direction. How could
he make such a big circle and come back to sit in front of the computer at base?

As Tong Yao’s brain was trying to process it, the man suddenly smiled. He stopped
biting his thumb and curled up his lips to show his white teeth……

The key in Tong Yao’s hand dropped onto the floor.

Her slightly reddish face turned pale at once. She backed out of the doorway then
ran away as fast as she could!


Lu Sicheng was just at this time returning with the medicine. From a distance, he
saw a figure sprinting towards him as if running a 100 meter race……

Her face was as pale as a piece of paper under the street light.

Lu Sicheng was stunned to see her like this. He raised his voice, frowning, “Why
are you coming this way? Did you really meet a pervert-- --”

Before he could finish his sentence, the person had already reached him and jumped
up onto him-- --Lu Sicheng took multiple steps back, dropping the medicine onto the
ground. With both of his hands to support the bottom of the person who had suddenly
jumped into his arms, he asked in confusion, “What are you doing?”

The person who was hanging onto him was gasping for air. She shivered, tightened
the arms she was holding onto the man’s neck, then raised her head to look straight
into his eyes and earnestly said, “Cheng Ge.”

Lu Sicheng: “?”

Tong Yao: “I saw a ghost.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “I saw a ghost at base. He looks exactly as you.”

Tong Yao: “I’m scared.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “Get off of me. You insane drunk.”

Translated by Team DHH at

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