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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 27 Part 1

Lu Sicheng continued to walk towards the base, suddenly he noticed that the
girl on his back had stopped talking. He turned his head to check and found the
person who had put her chin on his shoulder was now in a peaceful, deep …….

Just like a dead pig.


He tried a few times to wake the person on his back without success. Lu Sicheng
paused and moved his face closer-- --till his nose almost touched her. He stopped
and stared at the face on his shoulder for a long time. She gave no reaction, a drop
of saliva was dripping from the corner of her mouth…….

Lu Sicheng: “……”

He really wanted to carry her back to the base and drop her into a trashcan. However,
he thought of something after he started to move again. Tomorrow ZGDX was scheduled
to go pick out their new summer uniforms early in the morning, which meant that everyone
was going to sleep earlier tonight.-- --He remembered that when he walked into the bar
earlier today, she was hanging off that woman like a koala refusing to let down.  It would
be so irritating if this stinky person grabbed him right after his shower and was getting
ready to go to bed.

As he thought about it, the man redirected his steps towards a pavilion in the community.
He bent over and put the person down from his back and patted her face, “Wake up, wake up.”

Tong Yao opened her eyes in a daze.

“How can you go back to base looking like this? You’ll set a bad example for everyone.
I’m going to buy you some medicine so you can sober up a bit. Stay here, don’t go anywhere.”

Tong Yao’s arms had already circled around the column in front of her. She nodded
vigorously and replied with an “oh.” Lu Sicheng patted her head and turned around about
to leave when he felt something grab the tail of his jacket-- --

Lu Sicheng turned back and saw the person behind staring him giggling, “What are you
staring at? You pulled mine before and almost made me fall. I have been wanting to try
this for a long time……”

Tong Yao slowly widened her eyes, with great expectation, “Are you going to fall?”

Lu Sicheng mercilessly dragged his jacket back, too lazy to deal with the drunk. He added
to make sure, “I’ll be back in 5 minutes.”

“It’s just better to have long legs. It’ll take me 10 minutes to walk to the gate of the
community!” Tong Yao kept giggling, “What if there’s a pervert around here?”

Without a pass, not even a mosquito could fly into the community. How could there be
any pervert? Especially at such a late hour…...Lu Sicheng checked his wrist watch, it
was almost 1 in the morning……

“You aren’t a pervert’s type.” Lu Sicheng answered.

Tong Yao: “Oh.” Then muttered, “That’s true.” As she was mumbling, she tightened her
grip on the column. “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I’m now Wei Sheng (*A man in
ancient times had planned to meet a woman under a bridge. The woman stood him up.  
Heavy rain began to fall and he held onto the bridge’s supports and drowned)......”

Lu Sicheng mockingly twitched his lips and amused that she could easily cite classic tales
while this drunk. He responded, “Then hold on tight, Wei Sheng.” Then, he turned to walk
towards the entrance of the community-- --

He walked at a swift pace.

It looked like he really planned to come back in 5 minutes.

What Lu Sicheng didn’t know was that it wouldn’t make any difference even if he could fly.
The person who referred to herself as “Wei Sheng” released her hold on the column soon
after he left. In a daze, she muttered, “I’m not drunk. What do I need sobering up medicine
for.” “I was discussing my dreams just now.” “I’m so awake, so awake.” She stood up, figuring
out the rough direction of the base, and started staggering towards the base-- --

The logo of ZGDX on the house was very obvious.

Though most of the houses looked the same in the community, Tong Yao could still easily
find the right house…...She took out the key to open the door while admiring her own wisdom.
She was going to shouted to everyone in base, “I’m back.” Yet, when she opened the door,
it was very quiet on the first floor of the base. The lights were dimmed in the living room;
there was no one talking, not even the familiar clicking sound of keyboards and mouses.

Tong Yao: “?”

Translated by Team DHH at

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