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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 28 Part 1

The person Lu Sicheng held in his arms shook her head like a rattle drum,
“I won’t! There’s a ghost at the base!”

Lu Sicheng repeated, “Get off me.”

Tong Yao: “I won’t.”

Lu Sicheng bit his rear molars, “I’m going to let go now. Why does a short
person with a flat chest weigh so much, you’re as heavy as a dead pig…...
One, Two-- --”

The girl screamed and tightened her hold on his neck, “You wouldn’t!”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

While walking back with his team’s mid shivering in his arms, the captain of
the ZGDX team silently swore in his heart: the so called “Mrs. Lu” in the future
would either be a fairy who didn’t drink at all or he, Lu Sicheng, would just
become a quiet, asexual person-- --If it turned out to be the latter, then the
culprit would be the one who was hanging onto his neck constantly murmuring
“I saw a ghost, I’m scared.”

“Tong Yao.”


The girl in his arms turned her head, the tips of her hair tickled his neck-- --It
would be quite interesting if not for the fact that the girl was widening her
intoxicated eyes trying to focus…....Lu Sicheng impatiently twitched his lips.
“Promise me that you don’t deny everything you’ve done today after you sober
up tomorrow.”

“What will happen if I admit everything?”

“Then I can have peace and quiet for a month.” Lu Sicheng was at the door of
the base which was ajar, as the girl had left it when she ran away in a panic. Lu
Sicheng kicked the door open. “That’s the reason why I didn’t throw you into the
fountain we just passed by.”

As he was speaking, Lu Sicheng used one of his hands to turn on the light on
the first floor of the base-- --

When the light came on, it shone on the man who was bent down looking into
the refrigerator in sight from the open door. The man turned to looked and was
eye to eye with the person at the doorway who looked almost exactly like him.
The man paused.


The man in front of the refrigerator curled his lips upwards, showing a cynical
smile, took out a yogurt drink, then used the back of his hand to shut the
refrigerator door-- --

There was the sound of a light thud.

“I was just wondering…..Is this noisy shorty your girlfriend?”

Lu Sicheng: “......”


Ten minutes later, Tong Yao watched everyone at the base walk out of their
rooms, yawning and rubbing their eyes grumpily.  When they realized who the
the people downstairs were, all of them suddenly became expressionless.

Little Fatty, Old K, Old Cat, then Ming god, Xiao Rui, team leader, and coach Hou
all came down to sit on the couches one by one. The empty living room suddenly
became busy and crowded.

But it was eerily quiet. No one was talking. Only Xiao Rui bent over to sniff near
Tong Yao. “How much did you drink?”

Tong Yao replied without much expression, “I only drank iced tea, alright? I’m
not drunk.”

As Tong Yao spoke, she raised her eyes to look at the two men sitting across from
her-- --One man turned to face the left with black hair; there wasn’t any extra
accessories except an expensive watch. He used one of his hands to support his
head and the other hand to play with his cell phone. The other man turned to face
the right, also with black hair except the side facing everyone was dyed green. Silver
rings crowded around his ear and his feet was bare.  He sipped his yogurt drink in
great spirits.

The side views of the two men were almost identical.

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao: “......So, you aren’t a ghost.”

The green haired men raised his head from his yogurt drink. “Have you ever seen
such a handsome ghost like me?”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “Lu Yue.”

He called the man’s name in a stern voice -- --Usually, when Lu Sicheng spoke in
such a tone to  anyone, that person would instantly tucked his tail and give in-- --
But this person called “Lu Yue” didn’t seem to care too much. He only …… seemed
to tone it down somewhat.

Tong Yao: “......You two look really alike, ha?”

Lu Sicheng raised his eyes to glanced at Tong Yao, silently saying “keep your mouth
shut if you don’t have anything good to say.” It was Lu Yue who started laughing.
“Certainly. We came from the same parents.”

This man looked very much like Lu Sicheng when he wasn’t laughing. But when he
was laughing, it gave quite an evil appearance and totally different from Lu Sicheng…...
This person who was earnestly drinking the yogurt drink was Lu Sicheng’s younger
brother, Lu Yue. He was the same age as Tong Yao. He used to play professional
esports just like his glorious older brother. His id: ZGDX Lu.

His position: Mid

-- --He was that “Lu” whom no one wanted to talk about and was disgusted by
everyone when they did talk about him.

“I thought the whole world knew that Cheng Ge has a useless younger brother.”
Little Fatty rubbed his chin. “Didn’t you check his id on Baidu? Just from a glance
at Baidu Baike, you should know his relationship to Cheng Ge……”

Tong Yao wanted to say something. Lu Sicheng cast a look at her and got up to
go to her computer. He clicked the mouse to check her search history. Indeed,
she had searched “Lu”, however all her questions were-- --

[ZGDX, Lu, who is he?]

[ZGDX, Lu, how good is he?]

[ZGDX, Lu, what matches have he played?]

[ZGDX, Lu, what’s his champion pool?]

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “Shorty, which dynasty did you time travel from? Why do you pretend
to be a modern era person playing video games?”

Tong Yao: “What? What? What’s wrong?”

Lu Sicheng: “Is this how you check something on Baidu? Why did you check his
champion pool?”

The girl who was stretching her neck out to refute Lu Sicheng suddenly blushed.
She meekly cast a look at “Lu” as if her secret was revealed and lowered her voice
to mutter, “Occupational habit, what’s wrong with that.”

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