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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 26 Part 3

“....................uhm, what nonsense have you seen on Tieba again.”

“Words from [I am your grandfather].”

“? ? ?” Jinyang was totally confused. She grabbed the cell phone out of Tong
Yao’s hand to take a look. Then she stuffed the cell phone under her bottom
while muttering, “Who would use this kind of id.” In the meantime, she had to
use one hand to keep shorty’s body straight. “Haven’t I told you not to look at
this nonsense online? Why didn’t you listen to me? Uhm? Tong Yao, open your
eyes and look at me. I’m so angry at all of you internet addicts-- --”

“......I’m not one of them.” Ai Jia refuted in a small voice behind his girlfriend.

“Why are you so weak?” Jinyang wasn’t influenced by the person behind her,
“It’s just one loss at a skirmish. How can anyone keep winning? Acting like this
just because you lost one skirmish…....”

“I don’t care what those people have said. They can’t ever defeat me!” Tong Yao
raised her head, her eyes looked especially bright for a brief moment, but very

Tong Yao grinned, “What I cared the most is that Leblanc to me is a kind-- --Yi,

Jinyang: “......”

“What she cared is that she was defeated by her own Champion! No wonder
she’ll have doubts about her life.” Ai Jia said, “I know the feeling!”

“What do you know.” Jinyang rolled her eyes. “Haven’t you been defeated everyday,
or maybe it’s simply that you don’t have a champion that you’re good at? Look at my
poor Tong Yao-- --”

Tong Yao had slipped out of her own chair and was sitting on Jinyang’s lap. Tong Yao
held Jin Yang’s neck and rubbed against it. “Mom, my baby teeth are gone……”


Jinyang was going crazy.

Fortunately, the door of the bar opened just then. A tall figure showed up at the door.
He greeted the owner of the bar, then looked around and finally fixed his eyes at one
table in the corner-- --

He saw his team’s Mid sitting on top of a pretty woman whom he didn’t know. Compared
with the delicate makeup on that lady, Tong Yao truly looked like an elementary school kid.

Lu Sicheng walked over, surprised the two sober people at the table. Ai Jia jumped up,
“Cheng Ge, we didn’t expect that you’d come.”

Jinyang also wanted to be polite and shake hands with Lu Sicheng, but Tong Yao, without
moving a bit, was keeping her down. She could only nod to her idol, then patted the face
of the person in her arms, “Hey, are you there? My friend, someone’s here to get you?”

It looked like Tong Yao had fallen asleep.

She opened her eyes in a daze, trying hard to make out the shape of the person in front
of her. She raised her head to tell her girl friend, “I’m drunk.”

Jinyang: “?”

Tong Yao: “I’m having illusions. I saw our captain. Yixixi, he’s staring at me with a black
face as if he’s going to throw me into the Huangpu River.”

Jinyang: “Really? Then tomorrow I’ll go downstream to fish out your body.”

Tong Yao grinned ear to ear.

Lu Sicheng knelt down in front of the two girls. He seriously checked the girl who was
showing all her white teeth and asked Ai Jia behind him, “How did she get drunk like this?”

“She’s in a bad mood, Jinyang’s afraid that she would get online again to see those nasty
comments, so she invited her out.” Ai Jia was obviously nervous, scratching his head.
“After dinner, we were only planning to go have a drink and chat. But then she had too
many drinks……”

“I drank iced teas.” Tong Yao stopped grinning, correcting him with a serious look.

“Keep your mouth shut.” Lu Sicheng lightly said.

Tong Yao was in shock.

And it successfully stopped her from talking anymore.

However, only a few seconds later, she suddenly let go of Jinyang’s neck and gradually
leaned toward Lu Sicheng…...Just as she was about to fall, Lu Sicheng stretched out one
hand to keep her from falling. Then Tong Yao reached out to pinch the man’s face-- --

Ai Jia and Jinyang all subconsciously held their breaths.

Tong Yao pulled on that slightly cold face, trying to stretch it outward. She was smiling all
the while, “Why are you still so mean even in dreams?”

Lu Sicheng brushed out the hand that was pinching his face and told Ai Jia behind him,
“I’m taking this lunatic back.” Ai Jia was grateful and, under the instruction of Lu Sicheng,
he and Jinyang helped Tong Yao onto Lu Sicheng’s back-- --

“Be careful. Don’t fall down.” Jinyang patted the bottom of her friend to warn her not to
move randomly.

“It’s like Cheng Ge’s wearing a small backpack, where can she fall……” Ai Jia turned
around to see his girlfriend was trying to follow after Lu Sicheng out of concern. He grabbed
her. “What are you doing now?”

“See Tong Yao back.” Jinyang felt it was a silly question.

“Isn’t Cheng Ge here?”

“Just let them be together by themselves?”

“You don’t trust Cheng Ge’s character.”

“I’m concerned with Tong Yao’s character.”


While the two were talking, Lu Sicheng had already walked out of the bar with the burden
on his back-- --He was still walking quite fast as if the weight on his back was nothing to him……

Soon, they walked onto the busy street. People on the street couldn’t help turning their
heads wondering what was going on with a stone faced handsome young man carrying a
girl on his back. Until-- --

Translated by Team DHH at

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