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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 26 Part 2

Lu Sicheng, resting his chin on one hand, was deep in thought with his eyes cast
down. Xiao Rui, meanwhile, was still mumbling behind him-- --

“Anyway, I still can’t understand why Ah Tai’s strategy of ‘using your specialized
champion to defeat you’ works so well with all you professional players? …...It worked
on Niu god before, and the same to Tong Yao today.  Wouldn’t it make more sense that
it would be even more upsetting if someone defeated you while you were using your
specialized champion?”

“Is it that difficult to understand?”

Lu Sicheng played around with the mouse-- --

“It’s because when you play a champion well, it means that you not only know about
the champion’s abilities and capabilities well, it also includes your understanding of
the whole game. Therefore, once you’re defeated……”

“What happens then?”

“Let me put it this way, suppose you’re always good at English growing up, superior
than all the people around you, even the English teachers. You’re always in all the
school activities and speech contests, even becoming a legend in English studies in
the whole city-- --Until one day, you’re invited to attend a national English summer
camp and discovered that everyone in the camp is at least as good as you. There are
occasions that you can’t even understand what some of them are saying. Just as you
are feeling overwhelmed, they turn around to laugh at you: How did you even qualify to
be in this summer camp?”


“What are you going to do?”


“By contrast, if it’s a group of people speaking different languages attending a gathering
and there’s one person who speaks German well who can communicate with others much
better than you, how would you feel? You probably would just think: This person speaks
great German and it’s none of my business. It’s just because English isn’t as popular as
German here.”

“Uhm, if you put it that way……”

“Therefore, Leblanc to that shorty is probably - --”

Before he could finish, Xiao Rui’s cell phone began to ring. Lu Sicheng gestured that he
could go and answer his phone. Xiao Rui answered the phone and walked away-- --

After 5 minutes, he came back.

The team manager kicked the team captain’s chair. “Are you free?”

Lu Sicheng replied with a poker face, “I’m very busy. I have to fight 300 rounds with all
those retards on Tieba……”

Xiao Rui: “Why did you change your id?”

Lu Sicheng: “Last one got banned.”

Xiao Rui: “......What did you post to get banned. Ahh, nevermind, comrade captain, I
just received a phone call. It was from the Mid of the team next door to inform us that
our team’s Mid is dead drunk and it’s impossible for him and his girlfriend to get her
back-- --They can’t even drag her away from the bar-- --They need someone to help
them now……”

“What does it mean by dead drunk?”

“She’s drunk. Your Chinese is terrible!”

“Are they at a bar?”


“Does that bar not want to do business anymore?” Lu Sicheng got up to pick up his
jacket. “They even sold liquor to an underaged person.”

Xiao Rui shrugged and quickly told him the name of the bar. It was close to their base.
It was a decent place where many esports clubs nearby would go there for gatherings
or celebration parties. It was within walking distance from the ZGDX and YQCB bases-- --

Lu Sicheng didn’t drive but walked over there.

…...Actually, the main reason was because he was afraid that she would throw up in
his car. Since it was impossible to reason with a drunk or throw her into the Huangpu
River-- --Lu Sicheng figured that he didn’t want to have this kind of hassle drive him


While Lu Sicheng was on his way to the bar, ZGDX’s Mid was happily sitting inside
the bar without knowing that the king of hell of their team was on his way over. She
was holding a glass with amber colored liquid inside in one hand and playing her cell
phone on the other hand-- --

The light from the cell phone screen reflected on her red face. She slightly squinted,
looking at those sneering postings on the Tieba while sipping the drink in her hand……

When the amber liquid was gone once more, she put the glass down with the other 5
identically shaped glasses in front of her and raised her hand with her neck stretched
out, “Bartender, give me another iced tea!”

“What iced tea! It’s Long Island Iced Tea, you country bumpkin!” The girl, who was tall
and pretty, sitting next to her nervously pushed Tong Yao’s raised arm down while trying
to cover Tong Yao’s mouth at the same time. “I’ll go to the supermarket to buy iced tea
if you want to drink it. I’ll buy a whole case! If one case isn’t enough, I’ll buy two. Just
keep your mouth shut!”

“I won’t”

“You’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk. How can iced tea make me drunk.” Tong Yao giggled and turned to hold
her girlfriend’s face with both her hands. She burped, her breath heavy with alcohol.
“Iced tea makes me feel blessed, iced tea makes me happy.”

Translated by Team DHH at

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