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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 26 Part 4

“Flip-flop, flip-flop.” The person on the man’s back suddenly woke up, using her
slim arms to choke on the man’s throat. “Hey, hey! My flip-flop dropped!”

The man almost ran out of breath. He stopped to look at the side of the road-- --
He had to admit that for a second he really wanted to throw the person on his back
off. But after a few seconds, he bent down to pick up the flip-flop and kept it in his hand.

He continued to move forward-- --

“Where’s my flip-flop?” The one who was holding onto his neck stretched out her
own neck and asked.

“In my hand.”

“I want to wear it.”

“There’s no need, you aren’t walking anyways…...Don’t move, or I’ll throw you to
the ground.”

He continued to move forward-- --

“Lu Sicheng.”


“Are my boobs soft?”


“Just kidding, I don’t have boobs. It’s the paddings. Yixixixixi.”


They had gone past the noisy street and back to their community. He was almost
there, continuously moving forward-- --


“En?” Tong Yao put her chin on the man’s shoulder and turned sideways to look at
the man’s face from the side.

“You know, there’s winning and there’s losing in esports. Isn’t it just a normal thing?”

“......I know that.” The girl curled her eyes and smiled. “Isn’t that what I have told you

“Then you should know that whatever people say online won’t prevent you from being
a good esports player?”

“En.” The girl’s chin was still on the man’s shoulder. She sniffled and yawned. “I know
that. So I don’t care about their trash talk.”

Lu Sicheng stopped talking.

They had walked back inside the community where the base was. It was dark except
for the street lamps which were some distance apart…...Occasionally, lights lit up from
one of the houses or sounds from a TV could be overheard-- --Tong Yao quietly listened
to the insects chirping with her eyes closed; from the other ear, she could hear the man’s

After a long while, she suddenly spoke-- --

“Cheng Ge, I didn’t cry because of the loss, or those nasty comments, or even my pride.”


“I’m disgusted with myself for holding back my teammates.”


“I’m anxious, feel bad about myself and blame myself. Do I really know how to play the
game? Do I really qualify to play professionally? Do I really know Leblanc?”

Lu Sicheng felt the person on the back had pushed down heavily with her head on his
shoulder. She paused, then used a very, very light voice to say, “Leblanc to me is like
a religion.”


“But now my religion has crumbled, what should I do?”

Maybe they were closer to the lawn or the man’s breathing had becoming lighter, the
noise from the insects became much louder and almost overpowered the girl’s voice…...
The man stopped next to a lamp post but remained silent.

The girl’s arms were still tightly hugging the man’s neck, like a drowning person holding
onto the last piece of floating lumber-- --

After a long while, “How about we establish a new religion with the determination to win?”

“......” The girl was taken back for a while then she chuckled sneeringly, “How can that
be easy?”

The man walked out of the area which was lit by the streetlight, so the girl on his shoulder
missed the smile on the corners of his lips which was hidden under the darkness-- --

“How would you know if you don’t try?”

“I know it without even trying it.”

“It’s very easy, I’ll teach you.”

“......You’re kidding. You’re so strong and have never suffered this kind of humiliation.
You wouldn’t know how to teach me.”


“Why did you stop talking again?”

“Because what you just said seems to make sense.”


Translated by Team DHH at

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