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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 19 Part 6

Tong Yao started to feel uneasy as she logged onto the game and the stream app.
Her best friend, Jinyang, sent her a message to let her know that she was also in
the chat. She asked Tong Yao to make her a moderator so she could ban anyone
who said Tong Yao was ugly-- --

[I’m only afraid that I can’t block them in time, don’t blame me then.]

Tong Yao replied, “Damn you, beat it.” she held her breath as she turned on the camera,
a small camera showed up on the lower right corner of the screen.  Following that, with
the anticipation of thousands of people, a short haired, little chubby, round eyes girl
appeared on the screen……The background was the base of the LoL division of the
ZGDX club. The Support, Little Fatty, of ZGDX calmly passed by behind her with a
popsicle in his mouth-- --

Tong Yao was nervous to death as she pulled up the microphone, “Hi, good
evening, everyone.”

The bullet comments abruptly paused.

Then, the comments went crazy!

[Ahhhhhhhhh, my wife, shit! ! ! !]

[Nice voice.]

[Damn, little sister looks as pretty as I’ve imagined!]

[That day I said she’s a young girl just by seeing her hands and you guys didn’t
believe me!]


[......You really are a woman. The world has gone upside down.]

Tong Yao briefly glanced at the bullet comments; there were all kinds comments on
the screen, praises, curses, and even ads. After a while, she became too scared to
watch them, just like an ostrich. Ignoring the comments that were goading her to speak,
she hurriedly turned to the game, “Let’s play a game, play a game. Starting from this
month, I’ll stream every month. If you want to support me, please subscribe to me……”

Just as the words left her mouth, she watched the number of subscribers shoot up.

Tong Yao’s heart almost jumped out of her chest. With a slightly blushed face, she wave
to the camera with a smile with her slightly sweaty palm and said, “Thanks.” Then she
logged in-- --When the familiar game screen showed up, she finally cooled down, entered
the game with ease, and queued up for a ranked game……

Once she started playing, she would be too focused to notice the bullet comments anymore.

In any case, if the bullet comment assistant wasn’t turned on, she wouldn’t see it in the
game. If she couldn’t see it, then it didn’t exist. Hahahahahaha! ! ! !

Tong Yao smirked at her genius. Then, she saw the depressed man next to her suddenly
move a bit. He clicked open a certain web page, the bright light reflected on his handsome
face. He unexpectedly started to talk, “-- -- ‘My goodness, they’ve found a school kid to play
a game!’ ”


Tong Yao abruptly twisted her neck to look to her right. Yet, the person sitting to her right
was unaffected by her ferocious glare.

“-- -- ‘Take Leblanc, I want to see you play Leblanc……’ ”

“-- -- ‘ZGDX is hiring child labor, I’m going to report you.’ ”

“-- -- ‘Smiling, your hands are so pretty!’ ”

“-- -- ‘Tong Yao, it looks like that you’re only 5 feet tall.’ ”

“-- -- ‘My god, I love you. It’s cute to watch a school kid playing professionally.’ ”


“This guy said that his wife isn’t Aragaki Yui anymore, it’s Smiling now.” Lu Sicheng turned
his head to look at Tong Yao and slowly said, “My personal opinion is that this fan of yours
needs to see the eye doctor…...and if the brain doctor isn’t busy, he should go see him at the
same time.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao: “What are you fucking doing? !”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to amuse me?”

Lu Sicheng pointed at the screen of his computer-- --

“I’ve found it.”

Translated by Team DHH at

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