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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 20 Part 1

Lu Sicheng: “You’re live streaming, be more civilized. A kid shouldn’t use

Tong Yao: “......Little Fatty uses it every day.”

Lu Sicheng: “He’s beyond help.”

Little Fatty: “Hey!”

Tong Yao: “Then don’t read the bullet comments. It’ll distract me.”

Lu Sicheng: “No way.”

While Lu Sicheng was amused by the situation, Tong Yao wanted to die.

-- --Just imagine, when you were focused on playing the game and someone
was nagging right next to you. He wasn’t just nagging by himself, he was reading
comments word for word written by thousands of other people……

[Little sister’s champion pool is so deep, she can use anyone well.]-- --That’s
because you haven’t seen her using Yasuo.

[Smiling, you look so cute, why do you play so fiercely?]-- --Haven’t you heard
‘In me the tiger sniffs the rose.’?[1]

[I heard you guys skirmishes with YQCB today? What was the result>]-- --The
VPN went down, saving them from humiliation.

[Ahhhhhhh, Smiling, ahhhhhhh. You really are good looking, so cute!”-- --Too
many ‘ah’s, do you need to go to the bathroom to cool down?

[Smiling, switch to another chair. You look so short in this chair.]-- --She’s even
shorter when she stands up.

[Who’s reading the bullet comments?]-- --Me.

[Cheng Ge, you have the time to read bullet comments, you won’t die if you
stream yourself.]-- --I’m busy. Can’t you see how many bullet comments there are?
You want me to stream two days in a row? I’ll die.

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng turned his head to look at Tong Yao’s black and white screen (*After a
champion died in LoL, the screen will turn monochrome.) and said with a poker face,
“Our team didn’t buy you a color monitor?”

Tong Yao, facing the monochrome image of her champion’s corpse lying on the
ground, had the urge to stand and swing the keyboard into that handsome face-- --

At this point, Tong Yao had already dropped some 200 points down to Master.
She felt like she had been cursed; ever since she came to ZGDX, her points were
dropping like an anvil for various strange reasons……

“What’s so fun conversing with the bullet comments?”

“It’s fun.”

“When do you plan to stop?”

“When I’m tired.”


Thus, two hours later, Lu Sicheng was far from being tired of it, but Tong Yao was
already tired-- --if being fed up with it all counted as being tired.

She wiped her face to look at her nexus which had been mercilessly battered and
her pitiful stats. While the man next to her read out in an emotionless voice, “What
a pity, you’re losing the whole night”, Tong Yao quit the game. She looked at the time,
it was 10:30pm. The viewer count had exceeded 1,500,000, which included her fans,
Lu Sicheng’s fans, and many spectators……

There were still a lot of bullet comments.

Aside from discussions about the game she just played, most of the comments
were about the relationship between her and Lu Sicheng. One of the viewers who
had quite the imagination even lashed out at her being a spoiled girl who would let
Lu Sicheng read the bullet comments to her while she was playing the game. What
a big favor-- --

…...What a big favor.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the man next to her wouldn’t let her curse, she really
wanted to say something to this viewer.

“Did I ask him to read the bullet comments? If anyone who can buy him a mute pill,
I’ll donate one dollar. Haven’t you seen the result of games?  It’s all in the red! That’s
the result of having someone reading the bullet comments……” Tong Yao used some
more civil language to rebuke the comment. Then she waved to the camera, “That’s it
for today. I’m going to sleep-- --”

[1]:  The line is from the poem ‘In Me, Past , Present, Future Meet’, by English poet
Siegfried Sassoon.

Translated by Team DHH at

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