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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 19 Part 5

Tong Yao also rolled her eyes and walked away. Though her first skirmish
ended on such a strange note, it didn’t hinder her from showing off to
Jinyang with a text message: [Friend, your ex has become a rag as I used
him to wipe the floor.]

The other side immediately replied with her approval: [Friend, I know, this
loser is telling me in tears right now…..I feel that our friendship has
strengthened! Go, esports Mulan!]

Tong Yao held the cell phone with a silly smile on her face.

It was a drastic contrast to the black faced Lu Sicheng.


That night.

Tong Yao’s euphoria didn’t last long.

She soon discovered that the VPN outage from earlier in the day had put Lu
Sicheng in a bad mood the whole day. The atmosphere in the base remained
oppressed to the point that nobody dared to breathe too deeply.

-- --It was particularly quiet at the normally bustling base. Even the talkative
Little Fatty was curled up in his chair, watching his harem anime with his earphones
on…...Tong Yao glanced at Lu Sicheng who was sitting at his own seat watching the
news. It looked like he had lost any interest in playing games. The listless Tong Yao
sat down at her seat with Dabing in her arms, “Mr. Captain, is there any way to
amuse you?”

The cat struggled out of her arms, then squeezed hard as a pond loach trying to get
into Lu Sicheng’s arms. Surprisingly, Lu Sicheng didn’t reject Dabing, he even stroked
the cat’s furry head-- --Tong Yao’s lower jaw almost dropped to the floor: Damn, he’s
really depressed now. He’s even stroking the cat!

While Tong Yao was dumbfounded by the scene, manager Xiao Rui moved over, “Tong
Yao, tonight…..oh, my goodness, what are you doing, Cheng Ge?”

Another person who was shocked by Lu Sicheng’s unusual behaviour.

“Stroking the cat.” Lu Sicheng answered with no expression on his face, “Do you want
to touch it?”

Xiao Rui, “......sure.”

Lu Sicheng: “You can’t.”

Xiao Rui: “Tong Yao, do a stream tonight, with the camera on.”

Tong Yao, caught in the crossfire, was taken back, “He torments you, why are you
tormenting me?”

Xiao Rui: “This is a food chain. Nature is always cruel like this.”

Tong Yao: “......”

The order from the manager was the order from the boss. Tong Yao, as a paid employee,
couldn’t fuss over her own issues anymore. She excused herself to go upstairs to put on
some light makeup and comb her hair. She came back down with the beauty camera she
bought last night and started to set up……

After she managed to set up and adjust the beauty camera, the official Weibo had already
sent out the news that she was going to stream tonight. Tong Yao logged onto her new
streaming channel on Panda and discovered that there were already about 20,000 to 30,000
people inside. Usually, the stream platform would blow up the number of online viewers, so
the system actually showed that there were 300,000 viewers-- --

She instantly reached the top of the list!

[Waiting for the steam!]

[Don’t expect a full house!]

[It’s coming!  Jackpot!  The biggest jackpot yet!]

[It’s time to see whether the little sister is actually a man, like me!]

[The most mysterious person in history is about to show her face. How should I pretend that
I don’t mind that she actually looks ugly. Anxiously waiting! ! ! !”

[Stream, stream, where’s the stream you promised-- --]

[When’s the stream start?]

Bullet comments flew across the screen.

“Ahhhhh, so many people……”

Translated by Team DHH at

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