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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 18 Part 2

The next day, when Lu Sicheng went downstairs after finally waking up, he saw Tong Yao sitting on the sofa cross legged. Her tightly furrowed brows could squish a fly. With a pen in her mouth, she seemed to hold deep grudge against the stack of paper on the coffee table based on the glare she was giving it-- --

It was probably the stream contract that Xiao Rui had brought to her.

Lu Sicheng walked straight pass the coffee table to the refrigerator, taking out a yogurt drink and gulping it down in two mouthfuls. After throwing the empty box into the trash, he coldly said, “Just sign it. What’s there to look at.”

Tong Yao seemed to just realize that someone had come down. She raised her head and looked at him in despair, “I lost the negotiation.”

Lu Sicheng: “Oh.”

Tong Yao: “That talk about girls needing to go to bed early didn’t work.”

Lu Sicheng lifted his head to glance at her, “What did Xiao Rui say?”

Tong Yao: “Rui Ge said that there are 22 hours before 10pm each day. The average time for a stream is only one and a half hour each day and you can squeeze out the time by farting one less time.”

“What a vulgar analogy.” Lu Sicheng commented. After pausing for a while, he asked again, “Then what?”

“I even agreed with him.” Tong Yao was desperate, “ Cheng Ge, am I too easily swayed?”

Lu Sicheng walked slowly over to Tong Yao and unexpectedly pinched her earlobe with his icy fingers from the drink-- --Tong Yao jumped away. Lu Sicheng had already retracted his hand and came to a conclusion, “You do have soft earlobes.  Hrm, very gullible indeed.”[1]

Tong Yao blushed, rubbing the remaining cool sensation away from her ear. She used her other hand to quickly sign the papers on the table. Afterwards, she threw away the pen, leaned back into sofa, and spoke in a serious tone, “Cheng Ge, though I admire you and I think you’re a nice person, it’s improper for a man and a woman to touch each other. A man and woman need to keep a safe distance away from each other. You can’t just touch me for no reason……”

The man picked up the sleeping cat who had occupied his seat once again and threw the cat onto the chair of its rightful owner. He raised his eyelids to glance at the owner of the cat-- --

She straightened her back, raising her chin slightly.

Lu Sicheng smiled briefly, “Oh.”

Tong Yao felt that something bad was going to happen-- --

Indeed, she heard him open his mouth the next second, “You don’t count as a woman, just a kindergartener.”

“What kindergartener!”

Tong Yao jumped up on the sofa-- --standing bare feet on the sofa-- --Now she was about the same height as Lu Sicheng. She felt quite powerful in the moment and looked like she was ready to rush over for a fight.

“I just started streaming.”

Lu Sicheng indifferently pointed to the camera and pretended to turn the camera around while he was talking.


Tong Yao instantly sat back down onto the sofa.

Then she lied down on the sofa.

-- --She performed the entire movement in one breath. It was so fast, it looked like she had just finished her military training.

After a long while, she peeked out behind the arm of the sofa. Using a low voice, she whispered, “You win.”

Lu Sicheng briefly smiled, then lazily clicked open the game to get his ranked matches for the day in. What Tong Yao, who was hiding inside the sofa afraid that he would turn the camera towards her, didn’t know was that the stream today was different. The bullet comments read as follows-- --

[Streaming! But no camera!]

[Are you going to use the camera today, Cheng Ge (#`n)]

[Turn on the camera, camera, camera~]

[Why don’t you turn on the camera!]

[No camera, no camera, then I don’t have anything]

[No camera and no voice either. My roommate wants to see Cheng Ge’s face and hear his voice before he dies!]


He didn’t turn on the camera.

He didn’t even turn on the microphone.

Tong Yao, who was oblivious to all this, turned into a mute for more than an hour until Little Fatty came over to ask her about the runes for a Mid champion. She turned on the game and gestured to show him without making a sound. Little Fatty was confused, “You can just tell me, I can understand.”

Tong Yao glanced at Lu Sicheng who was still focusing on his game and lowered her voice, “He’s streaming.”

Little Fatty: “The camera isn’t on. It seems that the microphone isn’t on either.”

Tong Yao: “What?”

Tong Yao: “..............................................”

Tong Yao: “LU SICHENG! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”

[1]: As you might have figured, in Chinese culture a soft ear is supposedly indicative of a gullible person.

Translated by Team DHH at

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