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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 19 Part 1

[Lu Sicheng is totally different from what people say about him. There’s no way
that you’re ever going to our wedding, not ever.]

[A unbelievable male chauvinist.]

[He laughed at me about hiding the water on the top shelf in the supermarket.
Other people do that? Right?]

[He also laughed at me when I couldn’t reach the floor button in the elevator. I
simply had too many things in my hands at the time! And I simply forgot to put
the stuff on the floor that time. He sneered when I tried to explain! What’s there
to laugh about!]

[Bad mouth, sharp tongue, likes to fool people-- --Yesterday, he pretended to be
streaming-- --though he was indeed streaming, he didn’t turn on the microphone!
I played mute for an hour because of it. What’s even more annoying is that he also
lowered his voice to talk to me as if he was afraid the microphone would catch it!
Dammit, he didn’t even turn on the microphone ahhhhhh!]

[Little Fatty, Old Cat, and Old K are very nice people though.]

[The team manager is even nicer to Dabing than I am. He even bought a cat leash
online so he can take Dabing to fight other cats in the community.]

[Lu Sicheng pinched my earlobe and said that I have a soft ear. Tsk.]

[I’m so stressed everyday and the club even wants me to stream. I’m so nervous. Do
I need to put on makeup for streams, do I? Should I buy a beauty camera? Lu Sicheng
will laugh at me if I buy one. He will probably  tell all the fans that I have the beauty
camera while I’m streaming, ahhh. Screw it, I should still buy it-- --]

[I bought it.]

[Gee, yep, I suddenly feel uneasy. It definitely sounds like something Lu Sicheng would
do, announce to the world that I use a beauty camera.]

Sitting on her bed, Tong Yao, in pajamas, was chatting online with her best girlfriend-- --
She speedily sent out one message after another. She didn’t realize that her messages
had already occupied the whole screen. After sending out the last message denouncing
Lu Sicheng’s last offenses, she frowned slightly, looked up at the ceiling, and started to
muse whether she had forgotten anything important: there must be more than that……

It took a long while.

Finally, Jinyang responded. Tong Yao hurried to check her message. Jinyang’s response
to her long list of complaints was short and to the point, there were only four words plus a
punctuation mark-- --

[You are in love.]

Tong Yao: “...................”

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ? ? ?”

Tong Yao was so shocked that, with a shake of her hand, she threw her cell phone away-- --

The phone made a loud noise when it crashed onto the floor. Dabing who was lying on bed,
 about to fall asleep, jumped into the air. The ajar room door was pushed open from the outside.
The man who she had mentioned over and over in her chat pushed the door open and coldly
asked, “What happened?”

Tong Yao asked in shock as she was picking up Dabing, “Why didn’t you knock on the door!”

Lu Sicheng: “Why didn’t you close the door?”

Tong Yao: “I forgot!”

Lu Sicheng: “I’m too lazy to knock.”

Tong Yao: “......”

The man took peek inside and realized what the noise was about when he saw the cell phone
on the floor. He muttered, “I thought you fell from the bed.” He walked in, picked up the phone
for Tong Yao. A message came in on her phone right at this moment, he lazily glanced at the
screen and paused before he spoke again, “ ‘You care about him, you silly kid.’ I agree with the
silly kid part, but who do you care about?”


Tong Yao threw down the cat, jumping forward to grab the phone from his hand, then rushed to
the bed sitting under the blanket, alarmed-- --

It only took her three seconds.

Lu Sicheng was in the same position as he was three seconds ago, dumbfounded. He looked
at his empty hand, “Are you going crazy?”

“Why did you peek at my WeChat!”

“It popped up by itself.”

“Do you have eyes under your chin! How could you see it if you didn’t lower your head? !”

Tong Yao sat cuddled inside the blanket, showing only her puffed cheeks and a pair of rounded
eyes. Somehow, it reminded Lu Sicheng of squirrels. He sarcastically curled up the corner of his
lips, “No need to thank me.”

He turned around, ready to leave.

Translated by Team DHH at

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