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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 18 Part 1

“ ‘Cheng Ge, let Smiling do a stream with the camera on. We’ll see her face sooner or later, there’s no need to hide.’-- --Hum, Comrade Smiling, come take a look. Don’t you think the bullet comment makes a lot of sense?”  Xiao Rui spoke to Tong Yao while looking at the Lu Sicheng’s stream on the spare computer next to Lu, supporting himself with one hand on the desk-- --

“You’re going to be on stage competing during the Summer season, people will see your face then anyway. Why hide!”

“I, I, I’ll wear a mask!”

“Oh, wear a mask. Ok, then what about the official photo for the Summer season competition? This summer we’re going to have new uniforms and everyone has to redo their pictures-- --You think the club will allow you to take the picture with the mask on? Are you playing professional esports or playing the urban legend Kuchisake-onna?”

Tong Yao twitched the corner of her lips and just as she was about to speak, Lu Sicheng slowly commented, “More like a female pervert than the Kuchisake-onna?”

“Oh.” Rui Ge squinted and got closer to the screen and began reading the bullet comments, “ ‘Female pervert, ahhhhh’, ‘Cheng Ge, you’re so mean’, ‘Cheng Ge, why are you so mean to my wife’-- --Eh, this is interesting. Comrade Smiling, you even have male fans.”

Lu Sicheng: “She won’t have any after they see her face.”

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ? !”

Xiao Rui looked at Tong Yao while pointing to the back of Lu Sicheng’s head, “You going to let him say that?”

Tong Yao: “What else can I do? Unplug his internet?”

Xiao Rui: “Start streaming as soon as possible to prove your charm. You were streaming on Yellow Fish before, right? Have you signed a contract with them?”

Tong Yao: “No.”

Xiao Rui: “Our team always streams on Panda, just join us. Anyway, all the official members of the club have to stream. I’ll get you the contract tomorrow…....”

Tong Yao: “? ? ? Wait, when did we talk about this?”

Xiao Rui: “Just now.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Xiao Rui said seriously. “It’s part of the job.”

“Oh.” The dedicated Tong Yao gave in after hearing what Xiao Rui said and agreed obediently, “Alright.”

Xiao Rui, satisfied with her answer, left the room after bending over to pick up Dabing who had just finished the yogurt drink and was rubbing against Lu Sicheng’s ankle…...Lu Sicheng continued clicking his mouse. Tong Yao, who sat crossed legged on the chair next to him, hadn’t gotten over the fact that she had to stream.

Lu Sicheng glanced at her, “Why didn’t you bargain just now?  It was a good chance. Maybe you could use your absurd argument that ‘girls need to be in bed early in order to get up early’ to persuade Rui Ge to reduce your monthly stream time by 10 hours.”

-- --According to the official rules by the creator of LoL, Riot Games, all active professional esports players can’t stream more than 45 hours a month. Usually the club will sign a contract with a streaming platform for their players. The players can stream any time during the month to fulfill the hours specified on the contract.

Tong Yao calculated with her fingers, “There’s not much difference between 45 and 35 hours.”

“No difference? Wait till you have to make up all the hours at the end of month.”

“? ? ?”

“It’s like when you procrastinate doing your kindergarten summer homework until the day before school starts, then you have to catch up like crazy.”

“What are you talking about?  Speak nicely.”

“This is a warning from your senpai. I’ll do this kind of charity only once in my lifetime.”


A charity that he would only do once in his lifetime?

It was very persuasive coming from Lu Sicheng.

Tong Yao was persuaded again.

She immediately got up from her chair. Lu Sicheng heard her move and turned his head to glance at the person getting up in a rush next to him, “What?”

“I’m going to look for Rui Ge.” With an appreciative expression, Tong Yao put on her slippers, “To negotiate.”

Tong Yao hurried away. Lu Sicheng smirked, turning back to focus on his game. After a while, he suddenly remembered something. He switched the screen to check the bullet comments, as expected, they were all like-- --

[Damn, why is our Cheng Ge so considerate? Is he high!!!∑(Дノ)ノ]

[He even instructed the new comer to bully Xiao Rui. Ahhhhhh, the world is changing.]

[Question: why is the water in the Huangpu River turning green? Answer: Because Li Junhe (Pope) is washing his hair upstream. Hehe.]

[Hubby, why are you so tender with other girls. QAQ I’m unhappy with you. I’m going to cancel my subscription.]

[I feel sorry for Little Fatty, he never received such a gift from Cheng Ge for two years. Cheng Ge’s only being gentle to this girl.]

[Sorry for Little Fatty 1]

[Sorry for Little Fatty 2]

[Sorry for Little Fatty 10086]

[Why doesn’t anyone feel sorry for Li Junhe?]

[I can’t even feel sorry for myself.]

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “I’ll stop streaming if you guys keep talking nonsense.”

After he spoke, it was like someone had removed the ability for anyone to write bullet comments. All the comments stopped.

He glanced at the quiet screen as if there was no audience at all, then returned to play his game. He looked completely calm, as if nothing had happened.


Translated by Team DHH at

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